Off to a good start

From a couple years back...the Ravens seed was sown early!

Week one of marathon training is done. And it was good, albeit challenging. I know lots of people out there routinely turn marathons around one after the other, but I do not. This December to early March turnaround is completely new to me and requires that I jump right back into mileage buildup. So this week's training included tempos … [Read more...]

A look inside the world of Mr. Zippy

A friend of ours once said that when he dies, my husband will have the word “Job” written on his headstone, because he needs the patience of Job to live with me. Ok, I’ll give him that.  So here it is, straight from Mr. Zippy’s mouth—a peek at what it’s like to live with me:In the Zippy household, because we have two kids and both … [Read more...]