Racing, I’ve missed you!

UCF 10-miler

If it’s possible for a race experience to be any better than yesterday, I’m not sure how. I ran the Victoria’s Gastro Pub 10-miler, benefitting the Ulman Cancer Fund. Everything about it was perfect. The weather was in the 40s, which I’m pretty sure is my sweet spot. The course was so beautiful, taking us through a couple of local farms with amazing vistas and […]

I’m racing this weekend!

A shot from the course

Well, let’s use that term “racing” loosely, shall we? Because I am not in any kind of race shape. But I am in decent aerobic running shape, to be sure, and this is a race I just couldn’t pass up. It’s the Ulman Cancer Fund/Victoria Gastro Pub 10-miler and it’s right down the road from me. It’s a bit of a cross-country affair, with lots […]

A clear race schedule (for now)

One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past when returning from injury is putting races on the calendar too soon. Not necessarily racing too soon, but scheduling them too soon. The result is that I then have pressure to obtain a certain mileage and/or pace when in reality, I should just be easing back into running. This time is different. I have nothing on […]

Lance Armstrong is coming to town

Ulman Cancer Fund

Let’s open a can of worms, shall we? Lance Armstrong is going to be racing here in my town this coming Sunday in the Half Full triathlon. For those of you who don’t know, the Half Full is a Rev3 event in the neighborhood of a 70.3 distance (more on that in a minute) that supports the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Now, we […]

Three times the fun (IronGirl)

The transition area from a local CTA event.

Like I said last week, I really do think triathlons are more fun than running races. That doesn’t mean I’m going back to them, other than the occasional sprint, because running is how I’d rather spend my training time, but I have so much fun at tris. An Iron Girl event, being all women, being incredibly supported by the crowds, and being the place where […]

Help me FIGHT

All this is up for grabs in my Team Fight raffle

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I’m doing two triathlons this season, one as part of Team Fight, which benefits the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. I’d support this organization no matter what, because it is a fantastic one, focusing on a demographic that is often left without the proper resources when faced with cancer. But I also have personal reasons for […]

Back to the future

If I have one piece of advice for a new endurance athlete, it’s never say never. If I had a dime for everyone I’ve ever heard say “I’ll never run a marathon” just after finishing their first 5k, or “I’ll never do an Ironman” after finishing up a sprint triathlon, just to see them turn around and do just that–you can finish the rest. I’ve […]

Virtual Run Across America is ON!

A few weeks back I told you about the Rev3/Ulman Cancer Fund Virtual Run Across America. Well, let’s make that a virtual and REAL run across America, ’cause several people are doing just that, right now. They are studs for a fantastic cause. From March 26 through April 16, they’re making their way from California to D.C. After I posted about this run, I had […]

The virtual run everyone should do

Picture 12737 (2)

This past week, I lost my brother-in-law Dale to cancer. He was only 44 years old, and was a husband, father to four kids, brother, son, friend–he was so much to so many people. His loss leaves a hole in my inlaws’ hearts that will never be repaired. Cancer sucks, plain and simple. I know I am not alone in having suffered loss to this […]

Giving back

Just wanted to put a plug in for another blog… The woman behind this blog, Heather, has come up with a fun idea for raising money for a great cause. Heather has put together a spectacular goodie basket full of stuff all runners love–stuff like Gu, running hats and a road ID gift card. It takes just $5 to enter the raffle, which will be […]