The no plan running plan

Sometimes you have to walk away from the plan

Around 11 miles into Saturday's 18ish-mile run, one of my friends asked if I wanted to join her for some marathon pace miles. First I looked at her like she was on drugs. Then, I asked her what her definition of that was since I have none, considered the terrain we had ahead of us for the next few miles and then agreed. We'd been running … [Read more...]

Don’t get greedy (with your running)

Don't get greedy with your running

A few weeks back when I ran the Harper's Ferry Half, I spent a few minutes chatting with race director and friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Mark is one of the wisest runners I know and when he asked me how my running has been lately, and how my body has been holding up, I told him I'm feeling really solid. His response: "Great, now don't get … [Read more...]

Take it to the track workout

This all around track workout will have you running faster in no time.

I'm barely keeping up with social media these days--this May is going to be my undoing, I swear. But I am keeping up with my workouts and while my friends and I have done all our speed sessions on the road up until now, it looks like we'll be going back to the track next Tuesday. I've got a great workout queued up for us, one that works … [Read more...]

Make group running work for you

Running with a group can be a great addition to your fitness routine.

You all know that I've been running with my pack of ladies for some time--probably pushing a decade now. Prior to that, I did group track workouts and sometimes ran with the occasional friend or two on a long run, but otherwise, I ran solo. I still mix up my workouts so that some are with the group and others are on my own. I appreciate … [Read more...]

The week of running that somewhat was

My week of running in review.

I think two colds in one year's span is too many for anyone, don't you? I am down with my second one (the earlier being in December) and I'm finding it a little annoying. This one really snuck up on me--my biggest sign was utter exhaustion beginning Thursday, but not significant congestion, etc. I took Friday off, felt better, and went … [Read more...]

When low heart rate training gets tough

So…I alluded to this on Monday, but here's the deal: MAF training is getting a little tough for me right now. And I remember this happening last time through, too, although I seem to be struggling with it even more this time. You'd think MAF would be hardest at the very beginning, when you are at your slowest. It is tough, then, trust … [Read more...]

Track Week–Final Installment

running track

When we last met I had you running a fun set of 800s and quarters, and before that, a mile repeat session. Now it's time to work on some faster, top-end speed, something we all lose as we age. This workout is going to help you with those 5k and 10k races you run, and even the longer events on your schedule. Your legs will be burning by … [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid of a little dirt

trail running

When I wrote about my summer trail race, I noticed a pattern to many of the comments: people were afraid to try trail running for fear of getting hurt. I can understand having those fears, but I also want to allay them to some degree. In fact, I'd argue that trail running brings with it less chance for injury than road running. Yes, … [Read more...]

One day MAF hall pass

A 35k in the Blue Mountains of Australia

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have picked up on the fact that I am running a 25k trail race this weekend. And you might have wondered how I could keep my heart rate low during such an effort. The answer is, I can't. I've had this race on my radar for a couple of months, and recently decided that I really wanted to do it. I … [Read more...]

A crossfit/running marriage?

I was originally introduced to CrossFit at the shore and loved it

If you're into healthy living, then you undoubtedly know that there's a bit of a war going on between endurance athletes and CrossFit/HIIT athletes. And as I've mentioned before, this drives me crazy. Mostly my annoyance stems from the fact that anyone feels the need to judge others for the method of staying fit they choose. As long as … [Read more...]

How to stay off the DL

Compression wear is all good and well, but it won't be the thing that keeps you from getting injured.

I hesitate to write this post, because, of course, as soon as it goes out, I'll get injured! But a few knocks on wood and here we go. No runner wants to be injured. In fact, I'd say there are few things more miserable than an injured runner. I'm a pretty big believer that injuries don't just "happen," and that there are quite a few … [Read more...]


Sometimes the trail calls louder than the track

Last week Harold at A Veteran Runnah posted about how he was faced with a choice between hitting the track for speed or taking to the trails for a more leisurely run. After some debate, he went with the trails. He concluded that perhaps his focus on running was shifting from all about competition to something more along the lines of … [Read more...]