How to stay off the DL

Compression wear is all good and well, but it won't be the thing that keeps you from getting injured.

I hesitate to write this post, because, of course, as soon as it goes out, I’ll get injured! But a few knocks on wood and here we go. No runner wants to be injured. In fact, I’d say there are few things more miserable than an injured runner. I’m a pretty big believer that injuries don’t just “happen,” and that there are quite a few […]

The magic behind the fix

The sock doc at work on my feet

You all know I made the trip to North Carolina last week to see Dr. Stephen Gangemi, aka the sock doc. Because I can’t completely (or at all) articulate how he worked his magic with my feet, I thought I’d let him take over. It’s fascinating stuff, but most importantly, it works! Here it is in his words: Hey there Zippy Gang. Amanda asked if […]

Pinch Me!

Easing my way back with the AlterG ‘Cause I think this running thing’s really happening. I started back this week on the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. Two runs down with no pain during or after. I went into this a bit unsure if this was the time to give it a go or not. My most recent set of MRIs looked pretty good, but I still […]

What If?

Before I get started with my post, a little housekeeping note. If you didn’t win my Pacific Health Labs giveaway (and 117 of you did not!), they are generously offering my readers a 20 percent discount on all orders through Feb. 15. Just go here and enter the code ZIPPY. Back to our regularly scheduled program…  If you had to put racing on hold for […]