The art of the recovery run (and a winner)

When I first started running, I'd always end my week with my long run, then take the next day off. This worked fine, but a few years back I started experimenting with a shorter, very easy run the day after my long runs. This has been routine ever since because I find I get much more out of it than pure rest. Making a run into a good … [Read more...]

No breakfast in bed here

These guys made my day perfect

What I wanted for Mother's Day:  To start  the day with a 2,000-yd. swim. Then go to church. Then run an easy recovery run to my son's soccer game. I wore my Altra Zero Drop Delilahs (have you entered my giveaway for a pair?) and felt completely effortless--it was such a great run. To go on a family hike after the soccer … [Read more...]