From heel strike to mid-foot strike and back again?

heel strike

Like many runners, I jumped on the natural running bandwagon a few years back. And I am still a believer in less shoe, aiming to land under your center of gravity, and landing quietly with a high cadence. But I think when I changed my form I put the focus on changing from heel striking to mid foot striking, and then got lazy and didn't do … [Read more...]

What’s the state of minimalism today?

If you've been running for more than a year, you surely know that minimalism was all the rage a few years back. Today? Not so much. In fact, the pendulum seems to have swung pretty far back the other way if you take a good look around. Hokas are everywhere. Brooks has a new "maximalist" shoe coming out called the Transcend. And even Altra … [Read more...]

Challenge conventional wisdom

I just started reading Waterlogged, by Dr. Timothy Noakes, a fascinating look at how the conventional wisdom of endurance sports has for many decades had the hydration concept all wrong. Noakes, whose credentials are longer than my arm, makes a very strong case for dialing back on how much we drink during training and racing, even with … [Read more...]

The shoe store model is broken

You all know that I am a proponent of natural running. I try not to get preachy on you about it because I know that for some people, traditional shoes and the gait they create works. But sometimes, I get really frustrated with traditional shoe stores and their old school thinking on the need for correction via shoes. This is all … [Read more...]

Altra Zero Drop Intuition 1.5 (review)

Runner's World half marathon

I am admittedly a bit of a hoarder when it comes to minimalist shoes. I've tried most of them now, from the New Balance Minimalist (both road and trail versions), to the Merrell barefoot line, to Skora, and everything in between. Some have worked for me, some have not. When I spent my weekend in Bethlehem, PA, for the Runner's World half … [Read more...]

Skora Running shoe review

minimalist running

It's no secret that I'm, ahem, a bit of an Imelda when it comes to natural running shoes. You name the brand and I've probably tried it (note--it's good to be a blogger!). The latest shoe I was fortunate enough to try is the Form, by Skora Running. I like what Skora is doing with running shoes. Their philosophy:¬†At SKORA, we look at … [Read more...]

How/why I found my mid-foot

The change in form has worked wonders for me

As you know, yesterday I was gushing about how I've left my heel striking days behind me. I get quite a few inquiries about why and how I went about this, so I thought I'd share. (Pull up a chair). Some background--I've been running for about 15 years, beginning as a triathlete. Like everyone else who started running around that time, … [Read more...]