Character builder

Cleveland Metro Parks

Blogging? What is that? After a week off, I am rusty! But it’s been a good break–no blogging, no commenting on blogs, and very little interaction on my other platforms. I think in three years of writing this site, that’s the longest I’ve ever gone. But I’m back, batteries recharged and ready to dig into 2013. We spent part of our holiday break in the […]

What I’m loving right now

Love these dresses from SpunkWear

I don’t know why the change of seasons seems like a good time to wrap up what products I’ve been digging lately, but it does. And so with the advent of September and school, here are a couple of things that have been high on my “like” list of late: 1. SpunkWear dresses–I first saw these dresses at the Iron Girl half marathon expo here […]

Monday mix

From summer freedom to school

No big theme here today, just some scattered thoughts/happenings to share. And I do love bullet points, so here goes: I nailed my 18-mile glycogen depletion run on Saturday. I felt good all the way to the end, which was such a great feeling after my first couple of tough runs without fuel. Maybe my body is starting to adapt? At the same time, I […]

Trick of the (summer) trade

I’m seeing it all over the blogosphere right now–complaints about the heat and how it is affecting workouts. I feel your pain, trust me. In Maryland, we get heat and humidity like nobody’s business. I haven’t been to many parts of the country (barring the deep south) that can rival the muggy haze we get here in the summer. And no, it’s not a lot […]

Is it my legs or my head?

So, the Cleveland 1/2 marathon is this weekend. I told you a week or so ago that I felt like I had blown my Boston recovery. I felt like my legs were maybe coming around on a couple of runs last week. But yesterday, they felt like lead again. I don’t have any specific aches and pains. That’s not the way to describe it–it’s just […]

My 11 randoms

Couldn't do it without them

I’ve been tagged by three fabulous bloggers for the 11 random facts that are making the rounds. My friend Jason, my Ohio girl Holly, and Jersey girl Jen were all nice enough to think that I had 11 interesting, random facts to share. I”m not so sure, but thank you all anyhow! As you know, this tag comes with rules, but I’m going to be […]

My secret santa rocks!

The goods from Lindsay!

It’s theĀ  second year in a row that the lovely Jill has coordinated about a billion bloggers in a gift exchange, which is no easy task. And speaking for myself, for the second year in a row, I’ve had a fabulous secret santa who just nailed the perfect set of gifts! Yesterday, I received a a box full of goodies from Lindsay of Chasing the […]

Warm (mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Can this weather stick around for the entire winter? Please?

Ok, this picture is from yesterday. Semantics. It was the second to last day of November and I was dressed like this for my early a.m. run. In Maryland. LOVE. IT. Related Posts:I missed #snowpocalypse2014Post-run slugI did sign on for thisCharacter builderWhat I’m loving right now

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

I’m a bit annoyed at the fact that it’s almost April here in Maryland and I have to wear tights. Anyone else with me on this??? Related Posts:I’m ready…Character builderWhat I’m loving right nowMonday mixTrick of the (summer) trade

Sporty Girl winner

Just ran the numbers by for my Sporty Girl jewelry giveaway and number 11 (there were 169 entrants), Jane of Newbie2Running was the winner. She just so happens to be a fellow Marylander, which I think is pretty cool. Congrats Jane! Send me an email at More giveaways soon…I feel like my male audience has been neglected lately with two back-to-back jewelry giveaways. […]