A new running coach?

Should she be my coach?

Well, I've pulled the trigger--after a ridiculously large amount of debate (you'd have thought I was buying a new house or something) I have decided to go ahead and do some marathon specific work for Richmond. I talked things over with running coach Jeff Gaudette, who I used last marathon training cycle, and he convinced me that it was … [Read more...]

Marathons are cranky SOBs

The race may have been rotten, but the support was spectacular.

Where to start with this post? How about the long and short of it? My marathon on Saturday was awful. Again. I am a broken record and I am sick to death of this tune. In spite of perfect training, perfect weather and a perfect course, my body did what it has done all too many times now, and that's shut me down before I even got … [Read more...]

Garmin and I have made peace

You know I have a bad history with my Garmin--just not a big fan. But with this last training cycle, I had so many miles of marathon pace and tempo that there was really no way to avoid it. I had to suck it up and slap that thing on my wrist. How did it go? I still don't love it, but it served its purpose for those tempo/MP miles. I've … [Read more...]

Cross training? Whatever do you mean?

I really had the best of intentions. This marathon training cycle would be different. I'd keep up with the swimming and cycling fitness I acquired last summer training for two triathlons. What better way to start next summer's triathlon training than to maintain a base in my other sports, after all? But good intentions are never … [Read more...]

Hardest week (ever?): done!

Working a swim meet was part two of a long Saturday.

Holy cow was last week a tough week of running! But I am really, really happy with how it all went down, feeling more confident in my goal marathon pace than I ever have. Tuesday was a speed day-- six 90-second hill repeats (that makes for a loooong hill), followed by four miles tempo. I was beat at the end of this one, and when I told … [Read more...]

One run at a time

Facing my fears

I have a confession to make: my marathon training schedule intimidates me. Since hiring on Jeff Gaudette as my coach and following his schedule, I am doing more speedwork in a week (volume wise) than I have ever done. I'm also doing run combinations that I've never tried before. For instance, last week I did an eight-miler on Friday that … [Read more...]

Off to a good start

From a couple years back...the Ravens seed was sown early!

Week one of marathon training is done. And it was good, albeit challenging. I know lots of people out there routinely turn marathons around one after the other, but I do not. This December to early March turnaround is completely new to me and requires that I jump right back into mileage buildup. So this week's training included tempos … [Read more...]

Final long run

Altra Zero Drop shoes

Anyone else find the last long run before a marathon kind of bittersweet? Don't get me wrong--I am always ready for it and ready to embrace the taper. But it's also kind of hard to let go after a long training cycle. I find the long run--the cornerstone of most marathon programs--to be my favorite part of the training. What's … [Read more...]

It can turn on a dime

track workout

Running can be a fickle friend. A week ago Saturday, I had a terrible 22-miler. My legs felt bad from the start and then when I attempted a few miles at marathon pace? It was a complete struggle. I finished off the final miles shuffling like I was at the end of a marathon. Ugh. A run like that can be so discouraging, leaving you … [Read more...]

Time to tri again

The last time I raced this triathlon, my middle schooler looked like this

Tomorrow is my second (and final!!) triathlon this season. I'm excited to do it, and to have it behind me. Like I said here, running is where my heart is. I've enjoyed the crosstraining, and will continue some of it, but look forward to more concentrated run training for the remainder of 2012. The race is in Dewey Beach, Delaware, and … [Read more...]

Glycogen depletion run update

I've done four long runs now in a glycogen depleted state and I'm starting to feel encouraged about how they are going. Here's an update: Suffice it to say, I'm happy that I have gone down this path. Will it all be worth it? I won't know until marathon day (Dec. 2) but I'm glad I've given it a try. Anyone else tried glycogen … [Read more...]

So far, so OK, with glycogen depletion runs

As I told you here, I am experimenting with glycogen depletion on my long runs. Why? Well, as Laura explained here, the theory goes that when you fuel during your long runs, you deprive your body of the ability to tap into fat stores for energy. And even the leanest of the lean have lots of fat stores from which to draw energy. Glycogen, … [Read more...]

The final push

Not possible that this is the last week of marathon training before taper

I can't even begin to believe that this is the last big mileage week before Boston. How did I get here already? It really feels like I just returned to running, although it has been four months now. It's surreal that I have just about made it through an entire marathon training cycle. Friday we all found out that numbers and … [Read more...]