Even kids have bad runs

Normally we're the happiest of running partners

Friday night I'm pretty sure I earned my parent of the year award. I took my daughter to a cross-country race that turned into more than a half hour of misery. Let's back up--I have run three 5ks with her now, all of which she has enjoyed and managed to do with nary of step of walking. I told her about this cross country series and we … [Read more...]

My mini me

Nothing beats a run with you kids

All of us who run probably secretly, or not so secretly, would love to see our kids (future kids) become runners someday. I of course would love nothing more than to run alongside my kids as they go through school and on into adulthood. But as much as we all love that idea, we know that we can't push those desires onto our children. My … [Read more...]

From womb to zoom

Post Turkey Trot last year

I guess it was always pre-destined that my kids would become runners (although time will tell if it sticks). I was lucky enough to run to the bitter end of both pregnancies, albeit running was much more like slogging at that point. We introduced my son to the baby jogger by about two months and it became a regular part of our routine. … [Read more...]

How far at what age?

Every once in a while you come across stories of kids running long-distance races. A friend recently passed along an article about a 9-yr. old boy who recently finished a 10-mile race in Syracuse. I know of a local girl who last year, at the age of 11 did a 1/2 marathon (she was about 15 seconds ahead of me, so yeah, I noticed her.) And … [Read more...]

How young is too young?

Last week when I ran my 1/2 marathon, there was an 11-year old girl just in front of me the whole 13.1 miles. I've seen this girl at races before--last year she placed 4th overall at a local 10k at the age of 10. She's fast...but she's also very young. Which brings me to the question--how young is too young for some of these distances?I … [Read more...]