Avoid the gray area

Save the speed for races and speedwork days

My training lately has had far more quality miles in it than what I have done in the past. I'm adjusting to this change, though, and I look at that as progress. If you break down my week, you'll see that I am either running a particular prescribed pace--usually tempo or marathonish pace--or I'm going easy. What am I not doing? Running in … [Read more...]

One run at a time

Facing my fears

I have a confession to make: my marathon training schedule intimidates me. Since hiring on Jeff Gaudette as my coach and following his schedule, I am doing more speedwork in a week (volume wise) than I have ever done. I'm also doing run combinations that I've never tried before. For instance, last week I did an eight-miler on Friday that … [Read more...]

Let’s get this party started

I'll be using my CIM base as a starting point for Lower Potomac

Happy new year, everyone! ┬áToday marks one month since my last marathon, which means one month of easy, unscheduled runs. I promised myself after CIM that I would use this month to run when I felt like it, run as far as I wanted, and run as easy as I wanted. I also promised myself that I'd take the full month to really determine what I … [Read more...]

Who moved my speed?


As much as I am enjoying my training and racing right now, I do have one little complaint. I'm allowed that, no? Here it is: I can't seem to get up to speed this year. It has been really frustrating to me, I'll admit. And humbling. And confounding. I've been back from injury since last November. It would seem that nine months is enough … [Read more...]

So far, so OK, with glycogen depletion runs

As I told you here, I am experimenting with glycogen depletion on my long runs. Why? Well, as Laura explained here, the theory goes that when you fuel during your long runs, you deprive your body of the ability to tap into fat stores for energy. And even the leanest of the lean have lots of fat stores from which to draw energy. Glycogen, … [Read more...]