Erin Go Running

Love running and love St. Patrick's Day? Here is the green clothing and St. Patrick's Day racing lowdown.

The Napa Valley Marathon is finished, and while it was slow (3:55) I ran a nice, conservative race that allowed me to enjoy the entire thing. So for me, I'm putting this in the success column. I'll have details later this week, but for now, I want to enjoy my time here with friends. Plus, St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and … [Read more...]

What I did on winter break


Happy new year, friends! It feels like ages since I've blogged, read another blog, or even gave social media much thought beyond the occasional Instagram and Twitter posts. And it has been fabulous. I truly need these screen breaks a couple of times per year. I have limited time where my kids are free of schedules, so I don't want to miss … [Read more...]

Holiday runs I love

Clockwise from top left: my favorite ornament; Celtic Solstice 2011?; Turkey Trot with my then much younger son; our annual cookie exchange run

I am NOT a big fan of the holidays, let's just put that out there. And I'm kind of annoyed that I am even posting something with the word holiday in it when we are a mere 12 days removed from Halloween. But the retailers are already shoving the season down our throats, so my mind has wandered there lately, thus this post.  I was thinking … [Read more...]

Happy holidays!

holiday running

We never need an excuse to get together and run, but my running crew and I have done a bang up job of late making ones up. Our holiday themed runs have included the Celtic Solstice 5-miler, a night-time run through neighborhood lights (followed by a cookie exchange), a Christmas Eve morning run, and finally, a boxing day run (and brunch!) … [Read more...]

Any excuse will do!

Run first; drive second

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with family, friends, and of course, a run or two. I kicked off Christmas Eve with 13 beautiful (if not a bit fast for me) miles with my friends. If you haven't noticed, my friends and I can come up with a reason for a run (combined with food, of course) pretty much any time. We already … [Read more...]

CSN giveaway

By now, you're probably familiar with CSN Stores, where you can find everything but including the kitchen sink. From coffee tables to duvet covers, from treadmills to luggage, it's your go-to for one-stop shopping.With the holidays approaching (yes, I just used that phrase), having $45 to spend at CSN would come in handy, and that's just … [Read more...]