A day in the life

A day in the life

  Really, I think my day is about as mundane as it gets. But it’s a mundane that makes me happy and that’s what matters. And since Jill and Angela have put together a big link up today called “A day in the life,” I thought I’d join in. So here’s a pretty typical picture of a day around these parts: The alarm rings at […]

Don’t overlook the cool down

Before you don these, get your cool down in.

For the 12 years that we’ve been parents, Mr. Zippy and I have always alternated who gets what early morning for workouts. It’s a system that has served us well and when it’s my day, my only requirement is that I am back home by 8:00 to allow him to get out the door to work. Tuesday I badly miscalculated how long my workout was […]

Running is supposed to be simple

I love running, if you haven’t noticed. And I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the sport. Not an ipod user, not a Garmin user, heck, I even like my shoes simple. I just want to be out there, period. Most of the time, running is pretty straightforward; one foot in front of the other. But then you get a little tweak […]

A bump in the road

All taped up and no where to go

Just when things were plugging along so beautifully, I have hit a little bump in the road. My Achilles started complaining to me on Thurs. afternoon, post run. When I tried to ride the bike trainer on Friday, it was pretty painful. So I did the smart thing (for once!) and got off after just 15 minutes. I went in to see my massage therapist […]

Holy hills, batman!

I finally got up the nerve to tackle some hill repeats with my friends this morning. And? Other than sucking wind and sounding like I was ready to keel over from an asthmatic attack, I’d say it went pretty well. I’ve been working to get one of my mid-week runs a bit longer, so today that run totaled out to about 9 1/2. We did […]

Acceptance (and a Lucy winner)

I know I’ve professed to you that one of the things I love about running is that it constantly teaches me lessons about life in general. Right now the lesson is acceptance. I’ve been back to running for nine full weeks now. My total mileage this week was somewhere around 33 miles, with a long run of 14. From where I was just three months […]