Vacation training truths

Avalon, NJ

We went back to the Jersey shore last week (who's buying me my second home down there, btw?) and loved every minute of it. Well, except for when the kids were fighting, but anyhow...the truth of the matter is that when I travel, my workouts/eating/daily life are different. Yes, I keep workouts up while on vacation but things just aren't … [Read more...]

What’s your (exercise) type?

For some, it's indoor cardio equipment that works.

Yesterday at CrossFit, we did a set of jump roping and Olympic lifting. I was bored, to be honest, with the lifting part. But every time we got the jump roping section, I wanted to do more than what was prescribed (I didn't). Checking in with my running partner who was there with me, she had the same reaction. We compared the types of … [Read more...]

A crossfit/running marriage?

I was originally introduced to CrossFit at the shore and loved it

If you're into healthy living, then you undoubtedly know that there's a bit of a war going on between endurance athletes and CrossFit/HIIT athletes. And as I've mentioned before, this drives me crazy. Mostly my annoyance stems from the fact that anyone feels the need to judge others for the method of staying fit they choose. As long as … [Read more...]

Off to a good start

From a couple years back...the Ravens seed was sown early!

Week one of marathon training is done. And it was good, albeit challenging. I know lots of people out there routinely turn marathons around one after the other, but I do not. This December to early March turnaround is completely new to me and requires that I jump right back into mileage buildup. So this week's training included tempos … [Read more...]

HIIT/CrossFit vs. endurance athletes: Can’t we call a truce?

I've done Cross Fit, and yes, liked it!

Am I the only one who's noticed all the bashing going 'round lately? I'm not talking about Obama vs. Romney, either. I'm talking about the negative campaigns from one fitness camp to another. Neither party is guilt free here--both are voicing some strong opinions about the other. Both are espousing their superiority. And really, I think … [Read more...]

My big fat badass Tuesday

Crossfitting fun

We've been hanging at the Jersey shore the past few days (Avalon to be specific) and loving life. Whenever I go on vacation I keep my routine of getting up early for the most part and still get my workouts in. Tuesday I had the chance to get in a great day of mileage and training. Here's the summary (and by the way, the bike ride was 16 … [Read more...]