The hay is in the barn

Desperately channeling 50s and overcast!

Less than two weeks until my next marathon and I am now on the taper side of things. Not going crazy in the least, I might add, but rather enjoying some cut back in miles/pace. Truth be told, I came into last week feeling pretty tired and ready for the break. This training cycle has been anything but conventional for me, and I think that […]

Let’s get this party started

I'll be using my CIM base as a starting point for Lower Potomac

Happy new year, everyone! ¬†Today marks one month since my last marathon, which means one month of easy, unscheduled runs. I promised myself after CIM that I would use this month to run when I felt like it, run as far as I wanted, and run as easy as I wanted. I also promised myself that I’d take the full month to really determine what […]

Tell me about your 2012

Running review

It’s year’s end and if you’re like me, you’re taking stock of the year on many levels. Because this is a running blog, however, I want to hear about your year of running. I did something similar last year and it was a ton of fun, so let’s go for it again. I want you to answer the following questions about your 2012 year of […]

Must you hit a wall?

I’m writing this from my deathbed right now–my fatigue of last week turned into a raging head cold that has landed me in bed for much of the weekend. I guess the timing couldn’t be better, right? But still, I’d like to feel somewhat human and not worry that I’m on my way to bed sores. ; ¬†) All of this past week’s downtime has […]

What did work at CIM

Rainy run the day before, which was really the calm before the storm

A big thanks to all the kind comments, tweets and messages I received from you all regarding my cruddy day at CIM. I’m still not over the emotional sting, but the big virtual hugs I’ve received certainly help with the healing. One thing I wanted to touch on about that day is the rain factor. I’ve always run in the rain–that will never send me […]

Looks can be deceiving

Don’t judge a book by its cover. I could go on with these painful cliches, but the fact of the matter is, they’re true. How many times in life have you lined up next to someone at a race, looked him/her over and decided there’s no way he/she can beat you–and he/she does? How many times have you looked at a relationship, admired it for […]

Pacing is the bomb!

My pacing partner from last fall gave me the go ahead to  join the course run.

The miles are in the bank now for #CIM thanks to yesterday’s 22-miler, 16.3 of which consisted of pacing the 9:00-minute pace group through our running club’s Metric Marathon. And I have to say, I loved pacing! I was fortunate enough to be paired with a great, experienced pacer. So while I did have to pay attention to pace along with him, I let him […]

Runner’s World half–the race itself

Blonde Ponytail, MissZippy, Westford Mommy

Alrighty–so how to you top off an incredibly fantastic, run centric weekend? You run a race, of course! Many of the participants in the Runner’s World Half Marathon Festival went for what the magazine dubbed the hat trick: A 5k and 10k on Saturday, followed up by a half marathon on Sunday. Impressive, no? I was NOT among them, I assure you. Cool as the […]

Who moved my speed?


As much as I am enjoying my training and racing right now, I do have one little complaint. I’m allowed that, no? Here it is: I can’t seem to get up to speed this year. It has been really frustrating to me, I’ll admit. And humbling. And confounding. I’ve been back from injury since last November. It would seem that nine months is enough time […]

So far, so OK, with glycogen depletion runs

As I told you here, I am experimenting with glycogen depletion on my long runs. Why? Well, as Laura explained here, the theory goes that when you fuel during your long runs, you deprive your body of the ability to tap into fat stores for energy. And even the leanest of the lean have lots of fat stores from which to draw energy. Glycogen, on […]