Holiday runs I love

Clockwise from top left: my favorite ornament; Celtic Solstice 2011?; Turkey Trot with my then much younger son; our annual cookie exchange run

I am NOT a big fan of the holidays, let's just put that out there. And I'm kind of annoyed that I am even posting something with the word holiday in it when we are a mere 12 days removed from Halloween. But the retailers are already shoving the season down our throats, so my mind has wandered there lately, thus this post.  I was thinking … [Read more...]

Holly jolly weekend of running

Capitol Area Runners

Saturday and Sunday's running events might have topped my list for fun runs this year. Saturday my friends and I headed up to Baltimore for the Celtic Solstice 5-miler. We didn't bother with our chips and simply ran the race at a nice comfortable pace. With a few miles thrown in before and after, we probably topped out around 10. … [Read more...]