No more spring marathons!

I've talked before about how/why I prefer fall marathons to spring. But maybe like childbirth, the pain fades and I forget. At least I did until this week... I'm grumpy, folks, and it's because I have to run #allthemiles right now for a March 1 marathon. Like most of the country, it has been bitterly cold here this week. And we got two … [Read more...]

Running the marathon majors

Scenes from Paris, London and Berlin

What's a runner to do who's accomplished all her time goals and distance goals but still wants to stay in the marathon and racing game? How about tackling all the marathon majors? That's the path my two friends Lisa and Julie have headed down and so far, it has been a great ride for them. For those who are unfamiliar, the marathon … [Read more...]

Marathon recovery–don’t get fooled

Lack of soreness does not mean your legs are recovered

I'm about 10 days post-marathon and my legs have lost all their soreness. That does not, however, mean that they are recovered, which is the point of this post. If I had a dime for every time I've heard a marathoner--especially a new marathoner--declare one week later that they are recovered, only to see them get injured a few weeks … [Read more...]

Are runners really that obnoxious?

Naked Foot 5k

I read, from time to time, Gina Kolata's articles in the New York Times. A science and health writer, and a long-distance runner herself, Kolata often offers up articles of interest to us runner types. The other day she wrote about how runners draw lots of ire from non-runners. As a lead-in, she mentioned the recent study citing … [Read more...]

California Dreamin’

The last time I raced in California was a half marathon in 2010.

Whew. Well at least a few of you are sticking around to read after I offended half the running world with yesterday's post. Thank you. And so today's topic is well, the topic you're probably sick of by now, my marathon! (cue the clapping and cheering). I'm leaving on a jet plane today for California. Sunday, it appears, I'll be … [Read more...]

Late night racing

You may have gathered by now that I am an early riser--part of it is that by nature, part of it by design. I've learned over the years that I'm going to greatly increase my odds of getting my workouts in if I do them early. And so with the exception of a few runs in summer designed to acclimate me to the heat, and during marathon training … [Read more...]

Rockin’ the recovery

The requisite pilgrimage to Mike's Pastry

I don't know about you, but I always find recovery from a marathon to be a tricky thing. In the first few days post-race, you're still on a high. (check) Your legs don't feel all that bad (check) and you want to get back into training again as quickly as possible (somewhat check). You might even have another race on the horizon that's … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

Review/giveaway of MOTOACTIV coming your way!

1. A root canal is not nearly as bad as its reputation. Lots of novacaine did the trick to block out any and all pain. Throw in some Valium to calm my nerves and my iPod playing loudly, and I did just fine. Interesting side effect of Valium is that it made me extremely emotional. I might have hugged a strange lady and cried as she was … [Read more...]

The final push

Not possible that this is the last week of marathon training before taper

I can't even begin to believe that this is the last big mileage week before Boston. How did I get here already? It really feels like I just returned to running, although it has been four months now. It's surreal that I have just about made it through an entire marathon training cycle. Friday we all found out that numbers and … [Read more...]

Holy hills, batman!

I finally got up the nerve to tackle some hill repeats with my friends this morning. And? Other than sucking wind and sounding like I was ready to keel over from an asthmatic attack, I'd say it went pretty well. I've been working to get one of my mid-week runs a bit longer, so today that run totaled out to about 9 1/2. We did five … [Read more...]

Race shirt superstition

Does a shirt design get any better? Still, not gonna wear it for real until after the race.

This Saturday I will run my one and only race of 2011, the Celtic Solstice 5-miler in Baltimore. I wrote about this race last year because it is one my all-time favorites. I won't be racing it this year--not even going to put the chip on--but just running it nice and easy with a few friends doing the same. We'll run five before to make it … [Read more...]

Who didn’t I meet in 2011?

The crew in Boulder

Truth be told, 2011 was not my favorite year to date. I'm kind of looking forward to 2012 and some better times. That said, I still had lots of good stuff going on in my life and one of the fun aspects of the year was the big number of bloggers I got to meet. I know I'm not on the level of meet-up queen Jill, but I did ok. Here's a look … [Read more...]