Want to run with the legends?

Let's see if we can design the dream relay team for a marathon, shall we? How about Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Bart Yasso, and you? A pretty potent combo for most runners, isn't it? Thanks to the Blue Ridge Marathon, that dream team can become a reality for two incredibly lucky runners. The Blue Ridge Marathon, billed as … [Read more...]

I’ve got my fall half picked out!

I've been trying and trying to figure out which fall half would fit into my insanely busy fall schedule (let's make that my entire family's insanely busy fall schedule) when the answer fell nicely into my lap! Thanks to FitFluential and Runner's World, I'm going to be heading up to Pennsylvania to run the Runner's World half on Oct. … [Read more...]

The Jennipede

If you look hard enough, you can find a great story behind every marathon. Last year, I filled you in on my friend Janelle and her Chicago Marathon run w/ legally blind cousin E.J. Scott. This year I want to fill you in on Team Jennipede. If you don't know the story, Jenny Crain was once one of the dominant marathon runners in the … [Read more...]