Marathons are cranky SOBs

The race may have been rotten, but the support was spectacular.

Where to start with this post? How about the long and short of it? My marathon on Saturday was awful. Again. I am a broken record and I am sick to death of this tune. In spite of perfect training, perfect weather and a perfect course, my body did what it has done all too many times now, and that's shut me down before I even got … [Read more...]

The year of racing locally

Runner's World half marathon

I didn't really intend this, but it is looking like 2013 is going to be my year of racing locally. I'm not sure, but I think having two big marathons (Boston and CIM) ┬átied to big travel last year have made me want to stay fairly local this year. For instance, when it came time to pick a March marathon (I zeroed in on March for better … [Read more...]

The best laid plans

Annapolis Striders

So here I was, all signed up and ready to run the Lower Potomac River Marathon, when I spotted a "save the date" card hanging on my wall. For a wedding the night before the race. In another state. So...plan B. And plan B involves running a marathon I have said over and over again I would never run, the B & A Trail Marathon, one … [Read more...]