Friday five

Gratuitous shot of one of my favorite local spots for running. Love the fall colors

Lots going on in the running world this week, so I'm going to touch on a few points this Friday: It's Marine Corps Marathon weekend, the "people's marathon." I've got client Kat from Sneakers 'n Fingerpaints toeing the line for the first time and I couldn't be more excited for her. I got to meet her and her husband yesterday, which … [Read more...]

I run in Boulder

iron infusions

I do wish. But I'm down here at sea-level Maryland. My hematologist informed me the other day that essentially, that's how my body feels/performs--like someone from Maryland who tries to race at altitude. In other words, even after four IV infusions of iron, my red cell counts and iron stores are still in the basement. It was a … [Read more...]

I may not hit 50, but…

iron deficiency

I will hit 50, the age, all too soon. But 50 as a hematocrit level? Nah, nor do I want to. One of the things I've learned from The Secret Race is that 50 was the top hematocrit level the pro cyclists could hit during major races before receiving a 15-day ban. So as they took their EPO and did their blood doping, any time they got too … [Read more...]

Feeling a bit like Lance Armstrong

U.S. Postal cycling team

Last spring, I went to see a hematologist for my chronically low iron counts. I was feeling run down, my training was lackluster, and I wanted a fix for my anemia. The doc put me on iron supplements with vitamin C for absorption and I faithfully took them on a daily basis. I finally went back for a follow up visit on Wednesday and guess … [Read more...]

Taking my medicine

Nothing makes me grumpier than downtime from running, but that is exactly what I have chosen to do. After Sunday's race debacle, I knew I needed some chilling, but wasn't really sure how to go about it. I decided to pick the brain of a friend who is an experienced coach, doctor, and very strong runner. I figured he might be one of the … [Read more...]

Is it my legs or my head?

So, the Cleveland 1/2 marathon is this weekend. I told you a week or so ago that I felt like I had blown my Boston recovery. I felt like my legs were maybe coming around on a couple of runs last week. But yesterday, they felt like lead again. I don't have any specific aches and pains. That's not the way to describe it--it's just that my … [Read more...]