Five for Friday

Jersey shore

1. I’m at the Jersey shore and that makes me happy! 2. Our poor house/pet sitter had a growling/barking dog greet her. I feel terrible. She met Tori for the first time last week and then arrived at our house after we had left. Tori apparently went into protective mode, forgetting she is a whippet. Thank goodness for neighbors with whom Tori is familiar coming […]

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Five tips for navigating your farmer’s market

My farmer's market even has this amazing pizza

I’ve written before about how I enjoy buying from local sources. I love the community I live in and like to support the local economy whenever I can. Buying food locally is good for your body also–when you eat food right after it is harvested, the nutrient (and flavor!) density is at its highest. Supporting local farmers means that you’re not only treating your body […]

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A clear race schedule (for now)

One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past when returning from injury is putting races on the calendar too soon. Not necessarily racing too soon, but scheduling them too soon. The result is that I then have pressure to obtain a certain mileage and/or pace when in reality, I should just be easing back into running. This time is different. I have nothing on […]

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Summer Rocks (review and giveaway)

NUUN, Endurance Shield, Balance Bar

Disclosure: I was given energy bars, electrolyte tablets and sunscreen for review by Balance Bar, NUUN Energy, and Endurance Shield. All opinions are my own. I really cannot get my head around the fact that tomorrow is July 4th. With my kids finishing up school so late, we are just getting started on summer and here it is half-way over. If I could wave a […]

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Anatomy of a great trail run

Ah, friends: I am in my happy zone right now. Not only is it summer, but I’m running and I’m running pain free. Yesterday I headed out to a local trail for five miles with Tori. I have run or hiked these trails many times over, but I’m not super clear on all the different twists and turns, so I decided on an out and […]

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From heel strike to mid-foot strike and back again?

heel strike

Like many runners, I jumped on the natural running bandwagon a few years back. And I am still a believer in less shoe, aiming to land under your center of gravity, and landing quietly with a high cadence. But I think when I changed my form I put the focus on changing from heel striking to mid foot striking, and then got lazy and didn’t […]

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Nailing the negative split

progression run

Studies have shown that for long races like the marathon, even splitting is your best bet. Even so, most coaches will recommend that you spend the first couple of miles a bit slower than goal pace before settling into goal pace. No one, however, is going to encourage you to positive split! I have many faults when it comes to my running, but one strength […]

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Friday (summer) five

1. My kids are finally, finally, finally done with school today. I love our school system, but I think there was a major fail this year in the usage of snow days. For one, the administration flips that snow day switch far too quickly. For two, the fact that not a single professional day or “take your child to work” type day wasn’t pulled from […]

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Confessions of a cardio junkie

My name is Amanda and I love cardio. It’s not that I hate strength work or any other kind of exercise, but given the chance, I’ll choose some sort of cardio workout every time. And I’ll do a lot of it, too. I’m sure it goes back to starting out as a triathlete. I mean, cardio is what you do if you’re a triathlete, especially […]

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Racing ego

Happy Friday the 13th all! Let’s hope it is full of good luck. Carla discussed the role of ego, for her, when it comes to running a race. Today she’s letting me have a go at the same topic. Please join meĀ over there today! Related Posts:No Related Posts

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