Don’t get greedy (with your running)

Don't get greedy with your running

A few weeks back when I ran the Harper's Ferry Half, I spent a few minutes chatting with race director and friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Mark is one of the wisest runners I know and when he asked me how my running has been lately, and how my body has been holding up, I told him I'm feeling really solid. His response: "Great, now don't get … [Read more...]

Summer races

Picking my summer races

Oh, people--this past week has been perhaps my lowest energy week of all time. Long story short, after two weeks of congestion and exhaustion, I finally wised up and went to the minute clinic, where I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I think I ignored/dismissed the symptoms for a while because the congestion wasn't that bad and my … [Read more...]

Take it to the track workout

This all around track workout will have you running faster in no time.

I'm barely keeping up with social media these days--this May is going to be my undoing, I swear. But I am keeping up with my workouts and while my friends and I have done all our speed sessions on the road up until now, it looks like we'll be going back to the track next Tuesday. I've got a great workout queued up for us, one that works … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

Celebrating my mom's 80th birthday

This has been a scattered week and will be an even more scattered weekend, so how about a scattered post? 1. I flew into Ohio Wednesday afternoon and back home again today so that I could see my mom on her 80th birthday. We had a nice dinner out with her/my dad, my brother and his family. I'm feeling very lucky to still have both my … [Read more...]

What I’m doing over summer break…

Me? Tools? Time to learn.

Also known as "facing my fears." Allie did a great post on Monday about tackling fears head on, which prompted me to put this one down on paper. Or screen, as it were. This summer break I'll be going on a mission trip with my son through our church. We're headed to a tiny corner of Virginia in the heart of Appalachia to make home … [Read more...]

Wild Half Marathon

Wildwood, NJ

If you're a parent in May, you know how hard it is to carve out quality family time in this month of sports, end-of-year concerts, picnics, projects, and ceremonies. When the nice folks at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, NJ, offered me the chance to come down, run their half marathon and stay overnight, I did hesitate. Could I squeeze this … [Read more...]

Off to the Wild Half

Interested in running a race at the beach? Here's my line up of the best the East Coast has to offer.

Tomorrow, post lax game, soccer game, and mission trip training, I'll be headed off to the Jersey shore to run the Wild Half. I'm so looking forward to a little shore time. I'm hopeful the race will go well, but I have been under the weather this week and the temperatures are looking steamy for Sunday, so that's kind of a crap shoot at … [Read more...]

Speed workout roundup

Want to improve your running? Try this roundup of speed workouts.

I love running speed work, whether it's on the road, on the track, or in the form of hill repeats. There's something about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and knowing that you'll be stronger for it afterward. Right now I reserve Tuesdays for speed and keep the rest of my runs at an easy pace. This seems to be a happy place for … [Read more...]

Harper’s Ferry Half Marathon

Running in beautiful Harper's Ferry, WV

Cruel and unusual punishment. That's how one might describe the course for the Harper's Ferry Half Marathon. But you know what? I loved it. The race is the creation of friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, and it's a runner's race. You get a mix of trails (my favorite part), cross country (on the battlefields no less), and then those … [Read more...]

Dogs and kids are smarter than adults

Is my running partner smarter than me?

At least when it comes to running. Let me explain where I'm going with this. As the weather has heated up the past week or so, I've noticed that Tori is dragging a bit on our runs. No matter how much urging I give her, she is not going to run her "normal" pace with me, at least not on the leash. I've also noticed that when she is off … [Read more...]

The difference between fit and fast

Running will ebb and flow, often due to your fitness level

You all know I run with a group of ladies (and sometimes guys, too--check out my article on the topic) and that we almost always do our races together. With many years under our belts like this, we've been all over the place in terms of where we all finish or place in a race. One event might see one of us at the front, while another a few … [Read more...]