Runners are not universally loved

Not everyone wants to share the roads and sidewalks with runners

As runners, I think we sometimes get a bit caught up in our own little culture, forgetting that others not only don’t get it, but might even resent it, too. Thankfully these folks are few and far between, but I came face to face with one of them yesterday. I was out for a morning nine miler before dawn. Bored of the routes I’ve been […]

A chat with ultra legend Tom Green

Tom Green practically invented ultrarunning!

Around these parts, we have some amazing athletes–Olympic trials qualifiers, Kona qualifiers and Boston qualifiers by the dozens (hundreds?). But to my mind, none stands out more than Tom Green, the original ultra runner. Many may not know Tom’s name because unlike some of the flashy big names of today (cough, cough, Dean Karnazes) Tom is as humble and unassuming as they come. He does it […]

Running as a catharsis

running therapy

I’ve written before about how our 40s can be a tough decade: it seems that illness, death, divorce, and all kinds of other sadness pile on during this 10-year period of time. Last week certainly drove that home around here. I did my long run on Friday, most of the miles with several friends. When the counting was done, it turned out that four of us would […]

Fitness Magazine #Fitblognyc

All the meets (clockwise from bottom left): With Allie; with Ashley, Gabrielle, Christine and Laura; with celeb chef Carla Hall

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen quite a few shots, and the hashtag #Fitblognyc, from my day at Fitness Magazine’s Blogger Meet & Tweet last week. From the fantastic line up of speakers to the sponsors to the knock-your-socks-off gift bag, Fitness put together an amazing event for those of us lucky enough to attend. The icing on the cake […]

Who’s that runner?

runner legs

On Saturday, as I headed out for my miserable wet long run, I passed two other women not far from home. Later in the day, when posting to Instagram, one of them commented and said she and her running partner had passed me that morning and where that was. I knew immediately it was those two women and I also was happy to know who […]

Friday Five

I kind of miss the days when THIS was soccer for my kids

1. I may be a runner but this weekend is going to be all about soccer. Both kids have tournaments (thankfully the same one and thankfully it’s here in town) which means at least six, and potentially eight, soccer games in one weekend. My long run will be starting even earlier than usual on Saturday! 2. I love that fall marathon season is under way. […]

Find the joy in your racing

It's hard not to be happy when your course looks like this! (Victoria Gastro Pub Running Festival)

Here comes your daily dose of zen–be warned: Think back to your first days of racing: you probably had zero expectations and put little to no pressure on yourself to achieve a certain time. When you raced, you enjoyed the time out there. When you crossed the finish line, you were happy with your accomplishment, no matter what the clock said. When I look back […]

Racing, I’ve missed you!

UCF 10-miler

If it’s possible for a race experience to be any better than yesterday, I’m not sure how. I ran the Victoria’s Gastro Pub 10-miler, benefitting the Ulman Cancer Fund. Everything about it was perfect. The weather was in the 40s, which I’m pretty sure is my sweet spot. The course was so beautiful, taking us through a couple of local farms with amazing vistas and […]

I’m racing this weekend!

A shot from the course

Well, let’s use that term “racing” loosely, shall we? Because I am not in any kind of race shape. But I am in decent aerobic running shape, to be sure, and this is a race I just couldn’t pass up. It’s the Ulman Cancer Fund/Victoria Gastro Pub 10-miler and it’s right down the road from me. It’s a bit of a cross-country affair, with lots […]

Where running and Microsoft intersect

Technology and running meet up to help reduce injuries

You’d probably be hard pressed to find anyone who would say lots of screen time is healthy on a physical level. Just ask my kids how much time I let them spend with devices or electronics…but I’m digressing. At the Healthy Running seminar last month, I learned of what may be the one exception to the rule. In fact, this Microsoft-enabled product might just move prehab and rehab light […]