The value of a home gym

Down in my pain cave

This has been one of those weeks, folks, where my head has been spinning trying to keep up. My kids had their 10th snow day on Monday, followed up by a two-hour delay on Tuesday. Monday is always my busiest day work-wise, so losing it yet again to the snow kind of put the nail in my coffin. Social media definitely took the hit when […]

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All the green

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s talk about the color green. Right now for me, green is: The color of the cute shamrock ProCompression socks I won from Nicole at Work in Sweats Mama (check out her lucky roundup today). The color of the daffodil shoots that started appearing in my yard a couple weeks back. The color of kale, which I’m writing about over here […]

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Buy local (races)

Around here, rumors have been flying about the demise of several local races, namely those put on by the Columbia Triathlon Association (CTA). This non-profit organization has been behind iconic events here for over 30 years: The Columbia Triathlon, Eagleman Triathlon (a Kona qualifier) and several IronGirl events (including an all-women’s half marathon) have all been under its wing. I’ve raced almost all of them […]

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Mixed reviews

Saucony A6

I’ve been lucky enough to have some fun products come my way of late so it’s time I share my reviews on them. One, a pair of shoes; the second a snack box, and the third–a children’s book not running related at all, but written by a running blogger, so how could I refuse? Read on to hear what I thought of each: 1. First […]

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Chatting up Scott Tinley

One of the perks of this blog for me has been the opportunity to meet and/or interview some pretty fascinating, and sometimes legendary, endurance athletes. Some recent work with Tri-Calinfornia–the race organization behind the long-running Wildflower Triathlon Festival–recently gave me the chance to chat with triathlon legend Scott Tinley. This was a pretty big thrill for me. Scott has won the Hawaii Ironman twice and […]

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Running 2.0

Yesterday I got out on the trails with some friends. It was muddy as all get out, a bit icy in patches, and glorious. It truly set the tone for my day, as I find that trail running does for me, more so than the road. I think one of the reasons why is that it is part and parcel to what I sense is a […]

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What if everybody ran?

Happy runner = happy dog?

Do you ever think about what the world would be like if everybody ran? I’ll admit, there are some people I just can’t picture running (hi mom!). But Mizuno apparently has a bigger imagination than I do, or at least a more optimistic one. The company recently decided to take a look into what the world would look like if everyone did, in fact, run. […]

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Why I think Lupita rocks

I’m not a big fashion follower, nor do I keep tabs on the awards shows. But I do like to watch the Oscar red carpet if I happen upon it, and this year I did. Like everyone, I found actress Lupita Nyong’O to be pretty much flawless. Yes, I loved her gorgeous dress, but I think Lupita stands out for other reasons, too. First, did […]

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Return from injury: it’s not all rainbows and unicorns


I got in 19 miles this past week, divided up between four runs. Three of the four were on the roads and one was on the AlterG. I’m pretty happy with that as a starting point. As much as I am loving the return to running, however, I have to admit, the first few weeks back aren’t always smooth sailing. In fact, they can feel […]

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Dear shoe companies: fix your laces, please!


A couple of years ago, I wrote a post appealing to run clothing manufacturers to add more zipper pockets to their pieces. I think things have improved in this regard and I’m quite sure it had everything to do with that post because we bloggers are all powerful like that. Since my efforts worked so well on that issue, I thought it was time to […]

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