Where running and Microsoft intersect

Technology and running meet up to help reduce injuries

You’d probably be hard pressed to find anyone who would say lots of screen time is healthy on a physical level. Just ask my kids how much time I let them spend with devices or electronics…but I’m digressing. At the Healthy Running seminar last month, I learned of what may be the one exception to the rule. In fact, this Microsoft-enabled product might just move prehab and rehab light […]

Outhealthing health

One of my favorite–and most balanced–health and fitness bloggers, Carla Birnberg, shared this article from Greatist on Facebook yesterday. Carla is a big proponent of intuitive eating and exercise and shared the article to say that on the whole, we as a society are failing at that. For me, the article only served to reinforce my viewpoint on what I see as a disturbing trend out […]

The Boston Marathon charity conundrum

By now, everyone knows the Boston qualifying cut off this year ended at 1:02–meaning that you had to have beaten your qualifying standards by at least that margin in order to make it in. For those who fall into that 1:02 gap, the option of still running the race exists, but it would have to be for one of the charity slots. Apparently for many […]

One of the many reasons I run


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Safe always beats sorry

A little downtime and the foot is just fine

Sometimes it’s smart to actually do as you say, and one of the things I always say is that if something is hurting, take a few days off running. So when the top of my left foot starting hurting about two weeks ago, I gave it a couple of days, and then played it safe. The pain started the day after a HIIT workout I did in […]

What I’m loving lately

Sizzlefish, Saucony, PopSugar

As always, I go a long time between these posts and in that long span of time, I find all kinds of fun things I want to share with you all. But space is limited, so I’ll stick with just a few. Here we go: Sizzlefish–Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch is a Sizzlefish ambassador and generously hooked me up with a big ‘ole container full […]

Be a butter burner

Gels have their place, but they should also be limited

When I went to the Healthy Running seminar a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella talked to us about the difference in being a “butter burner” or a “bagel burner.” His point being that many runners don’t train their aerobic system to the extent that they should and thus can’t effectively “burn the butter” for fuel. In other words, for endurance events, it’s very useful […]

The deception workout

Do you think you've got one more interval?

Early every Tuesday morning in the spring and into summer, I was swimming with a coached triathlon group–kind of like master’s only it’s just freestyle, which is exactly how I like it. Our coach, Liz Flynn, never told us the workout in advance. Nor did she write it up on the white board like most swim coaches. Instead, she verbally handed it out to us in sets. […]

Marvelous in my Monday

Another Mother Runner

Stealing a page from Angela at Happy Fit Mama, I’m going to share all that’s marvelous about my Monday. First, can I tell you a little secret? I actually love Mondays. It’s my rest day, I get a nice, quiet house all to myself, and I just hammer at work so that I have a great start to the week. Am I the only one […]

Icebreaker New Zealand review

Ice Breaker New Zealand

I’ve probably mentioned before that I tend to run on the hot end of the spectrum–as in, I get hot easily out there running. I’ll never be the most bundled up runner on a cold day and I’ll probably be the first into shorts and a singlet each spring. I just plain old overheat easily. So wool hasn’t been a part of my wardrobe, whether it […]