Nailing the negative split

progression run

Studies have shown that for long races like the marathon, even splitting is your best bet. Even so, most coaches will recommend that you spend the first couple of miles a bit slower than goal pace before settling into goal pace. No one, however, is going to encourage you to positive split! I have many faults when it comes to my running, but one strength […]

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Friday (summer) five

1. My kids are finally, finally, finally done with school today. I love our school system, but I think there was a major fail this year in the usage of snow days. For one, the administration flips that snow day switch far too quickly. For two, the fact that not a single professional day or “take your child to work” type day wasn’t pulled from […]

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Confessions of a cardio junkie

My name is Amanda and I love cardio. It’s not that I hate strength work or any other kind of exercise, but given the chance, I’ll choose some sort of cardio workout every time. And I’ll do a lot of it, too. I’m sure it goes back to starting out as a triathlete. I mean, cardio is what you do if you’re a triathlete, especially […]

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Racing ego

Happy Friday the 13th all! Let’s hope it is full of good luck. Carla discussed the role of ego, for her, when it comes to running a race. Today she’s letting me have a go at the same topic. Please join me over there today! Related Posts:No Related Posts

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My mismatched running partner

I have an awesome running partner

So yes, I’ve been easing back into running and so far, so good. I’m not going to get into details of how far/how much right now because I don’t want to jinx myself and have another setback. It’s not much, yet, but it’s forward progress and that’s all I could ask for. As I’ve been making my return, I’ve been taking Tori along as my […]

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The toughest stability move I do


I told you a couple of weeks ago that one of the things I’m working on improving these days is my stability. It’s funny, because before starting PT with Robert, I thought that I had pretty decent stability. I spent a lot of time in single-leg stance throughout my day and incorporated balance work into my regular strength routine. But when Robert tested me on […]

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My dad, the runner

My dad with his medals and a shot of him handing off the baton

I had the pleasure yesterday of flying to Ohio for the day to surprise my dad on his 80th birthday. My mom was in on it, and we pulled it off beautifully. Seeing the look on his face when I rang doorbell was fantastic! When I got together with him yesterday we returned to a subject he is fond of visiting, his days of running […]

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The great grain debate (guest post)

Whole foods rule

One of my friends/running partners is also a registered dietician. I love Becky for so many reasons, and her smarts and sensible approach about what/how we eat is definitely among them. Whenever someone in our group pipes up with a question or theory on how to eat, Becky is there with educated answers and a reminder that moderation is key. That said, I invited Becky […]

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Girls on the Run 5k

Girls on the Run

Saturday was about as good as it gets. After 10 weeks, the 30 girls in my (and my three fellow coaches)  Girls on the Run team lined up for their big day and ran the 5k. What a positive experience the day was. Our chapter here has just exploded with something like 2,500 people now participating in the 5k, making it the biggest 5k in […]

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Running + Reading = Perfect Combo

On the Lips of Children

I am something of a bookworm, but at the same time, I don’t read tons of running material that isn’t training related. So inspirational bios by elite runners aren’t generally on my reading list. No offense to any of them and their stories, but it’s just not my pick. What I do like, however, is a good, solid book on training philosophies or even the […]

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