Turkey trotting off…

Putting the focus on the tangible this week.

Just as I did last year at Thanksgiving, I’m taking the rest of this week off from blogging. Not only do I want the time in the real world, but I am fried from a case of over scheduling. Today, for instance, includes seven appointments (four of them are teacher conferences). Downtime is what I need! Before I go, though, I want you all to […]

Fitness Magazine #Fitblognyc

All the meets (clockwise from bottom left): With Allie; with Ashley, Gabrielle, Christine and Laura; with celeb chef Carla Hall

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen quite a few shots, and the hashtag #Fitblognyc, from my day at Fitness Magazine’s Blogger Meet & Tweet last week. From the fantastic line up of speakers to the sponsors to the knock-your-socks-off gift bag, Fitness put together an amazing event for those of us lucky enough to attend. The icing on the cake […]

What I’m loving lately

Sizzlefish, Saucony, PopSugar

As always, I go a long time between these posts and in that long span of time, I find all kinds of fun things I want to share with you all. But space is limited, so I’ll stick with just a few. Here we go: Sizzlefish–Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch is a Sizzlefish ambassador and generously hooked me up with a big ‘ole container full […]

Icebreaker New Zealand review

Ice Breaker New Zealand

I’ve probably mentioned before that I tend to run on the hot end of the spectrum–as in, I get hot easily out there running. I’ll never be the most bundled up runner on a cold day and I’ll probably be the first into shorts and a singlet each spring. I just plain old overheat easily. So wool hasn’t been a part of my wardrobe, whether it […]

Running + Reading = Perfect Combo

On the Lips of Children

I am something of a bookworm, but at the same time, I don’t read tons of running material that isn’t training related. So inspirational bios by elite runners aren’t generally on my reading list. No offense to any of them and their stories, but it’s just not my pick. What I do like, however, is a good, solid book on training philosophies or even the […]

Milestone Pod Review/Giveaway

Milestone Pod on my Saucony A6

If you’ve got a better memory than I, you might recall my talking about the Milestone Pod last year. It’s a cool little device (all of 12 ounces) developed by a local runner and his partners that attaches to your running shoe laces. And the list of all that it can do is pretty amazing. When I last wrote about the Milestone Pod, the developers […]

Mixed reviews

Saucony A6

I’ve been lucky enough to have some fun products come my way of late so it’s time I share my reviews on them. One, a pair of shoes; the second a snack box, and the third–a children’s book not running related at all, but written by a running blogger, so how could I refuse? Read on to hear what I thought of each: 1. First […]

Apera bags review/giveaway


Last weekend we did our annual ski weekend with friends to Wisp Mountain in western Maryland–five years running now. I may have mentioned a few thousand times before that I am not a winter person, and downhill skiing isn’t my thing. But the weekend is always so much fun that I look forward to it each year in spite of myself. This year was a […]

What’s the state of minimalism today?

If you’ve been running for more than a year, you surely know that minimalism was all the rage a few years back. Today? Not so much. In fact, the pendulum seems to have swung pretty far back the other way if you take a good look around. Hokas are everywhere. Brooks has a new “maximalist” shoe coming out called the Transcend. And even Altra Zero […]

What I’m loving right now (Polar Vortex edition)


Seems that I skipped my fall version of “what I’m loving,” so let’s just move right on into winter (polar vortex winter at that), shall we? I definitely have a few new favorites to share, none of which I need to FTC disclaim on–they were all purchases. So here we go: The Athleta relay capri–I am not a fan of full-length tights and every year […]