Back from the dead

Having these two around does make a difference

Maybe because it was Easter week I needed to rest and recharge. Maybe it was having my kids around and wanting to spend time with them without a screen potentially coming between us. Or maybe I just needed a break from social media. All I know is that an intended week away from blogging morphed into 10 days and finally, I guess that I am […]

Track Week–Final Installment

running track

When we last met I had you running a fun set of 800s and quarters, and before that, a mile repeat session. Now it’s time to work on some faster, top-end speed, something we all lose as we age. This workout is going to help you with those 5k and 10k races you run, and even the longer events on your schedule. Your legs will […]

Track Week Part Two

track workout

Before getting into today’s track workout, I need to say a big thank you to all who voted for me in the Salty Running NCAA women’s blogging tournament. I actually made it to the championship round, but I came out in the number two spot when all was said and done. I’m not a fan of asking for votes, but I got caught up in […]

It’s track week!

mile repeats

We’re pretty well along into the spring racing season and if you haven’t started going to the track yet in prep or late spring/summer races, now is a good time to get started. I know many runners get intimidated by, or just don’t understand, how to use the track, so I thought I’d dedicate this week to some explanation, along with sharing a few of […]

Let’s have a cup of coffee

How can you not love coming home to this?

Some of my favorite bloggers have been inviting us in for a chat over a cup of coffee lately, including Carla, Christine, and Laura, and I thought I’d like to get in on the game. Jill is actually hosting a virtual coffee date once a month, starting tomorrow, so go check out how to link in with her if you’d like to participate. So…if we […]

The (runner’s) safety dilemma

My book club recently finished up Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. I read it a couple of years ago but it left a long-lasting impression on me–I mean, here’s a lady who just about through hiked the Pacific Crest Trail solo. And did it without any major incidents. At book club, we discussed what has been on my mind ever since reading the book–are we, as […]

Out and back or loop?

When I trained for my Ironman in 1999, I had a riding partner with whom I did most of my weekday rides. She knew the roads in our county like nobody’s business, which was great. She had one rule, though: every ride had to be a loop–no out and backs. That was fine with me because I was just happy to have the company for […]

March Madness

Just say no to full-length tights

Snow. In late March. That’s madness. But I’m doing something about it. As of next Tuesday, April 1, there will be no more full-length tights until next fall–only capris and shorts permitted. I’m sure that will change things. My brother and his family coming for a visit tonight.  Madness because our Midwestern families don’t make enough trips out this way, so it is a treat […]

Improve your cadence

My cadence meter

I know I can always work on form and there are about 1,000 different ways to do it. These days, I’m not doing it to get faster, but rather, to ensure my running is as efficient–and therefore healthy–for me as possible. This feeble old mind, however, gets overwhelmed by all the many ways to work on this. To simplify, I choose to either run some […]

The value of a home gym

Down in my pain cave

This has been one of those weeks, folks, where my head has been spinning trying to keep up. My kids had their 10th snow day on Monday, followed up by a two-hour delay on Tuesday. Monday is always my busiest day work-wise, so losing it yet again to the snow kind of put the nail in my coffin. Social media definitely took the hit when […]