November Project Baltimore

November Project

I’ve been wanting to try November Project in Baltimore for some time now, ever since reading up on the original, Boston version of it in Runner’s World last year. In a nutshell, November Project is an informal group that gathers weekly to sweat it out in varied workouts. It’s free, it involves hugs, lots of energy, and even some group cursing (which is kind of […]

Don’t be a slave to the schedule

Overdo it much?

I remember last fall, the day of the Baltimore Marathon, where I ran the four-person team relay with my friends as I always do. I ran a really solid six-mile leg (a 6:54 pace) and then added on about six miles afterward as a cool down. (I might have gotten a bit lost while at it, too!). I then went home, rested up and spent […]

Strides: your secret weapon


While I’m a big proponent of MAF training, one thing I don’t like about it is that all that slow mileage does nothing to improve leg turnover. Eventually, I’m going to want my leg turnover back. To that end, I have one tool I’ll pull out of the kit before too long, and it’s one that is compatible with MAF training. I’m talking about strides, […]

My MAF foe: cardiac drift

I am slowly increasing my mileage‚Ķvery slowly, but I am now in the eight-mile range for my “long” run. I’m using MAF training indefinitely right now, hoping that my patience will hold out until I am not getting any further improvements in it. Because I have taken my good ‘ole time to get to this length of run, I’m just now remembering the one thing […]

Oh the places you’ll go with running

Running (and racing) while on vacation has to be one of my absolute favorite things to do. There is no better way to see the sights or experience a new locale on an up-close-and-personal level. Over the years, I’ve run and raced in a huge variety of fantastic places. Right off the top of my head I can think of Palm Springs, Arizona, Miami, Key […]

Five for Friday

Jersey shore

1. I’m at the Jersey shore and that makes me happy! 2. Our poor house/pet sitter had a growling/barking dog greet her. I feel terrible. She met Tori for the first time last week and then arrived at our house after we had left. Tori apparently went into protective mode, forgetting she is a whippet. Thank goodness for neighbors with whom Tori is familiar coming […]

Nailing the negative split

progression run

Studies have shown that for long races like the marathon, even splitting is your best bet. Even so, most coaches will recommend that you spend the first couple of miles a bit slower than goal pace before settling into goal pace. No one, however, is going to encourage you to positive split! I have many faults when it comes to my running, but one strength […]

Confessions of a cardio junkie

My name is Amanda and I love cardio. It’s not that I hate strength work or any other kind of exercise, but given the chance, I’ll choose some sort of cardio workout every time. And I’ll do a lot of it, too. I’m sure it goes back to starting out as a triathlete. I mean, cardio is what you do if you’re a triathlete, especially […]

My mismatched running partner

I have an awesome running partner

So yes, I’ve been easing back into running and so far, so good. I’m not going to get into details of how far/how much right now because I don’t want to jinx myself and have another setback. It’s not much, yet, but it’s forward progress and that’s all I could ask for. As I’ve been making my return, I’ve been taking Tori along as my […]

The toughest stability move I do


I told you a couple of weeks ago that one of the things I’m working on improving these days is my stability. It’s funny, because before starting PT with Robert, I thought that I had pretty decent stability. I spent a lot of time in single-leg stance throughout my day and incorporated balance work into my regular strength routine. But when Robert tested me on […]