I'm linking up with Marcia today for Runfessions because I always find her posts entertaining--I hope I can do it justice. Before I get into that, however, a few housekeeping notes: First, I've added the little "P" logo up there in my right-hand corner--Pinterest. I resisted it for a long time because, frankly, I was afraid of the time … [Read more...]

This might be my Jerry marathon

Years ago, when I watched the first "Spirit of the Marathon" movie with friends, we all left the theater saying we loved the character Jerry (please correct me if I am getting his name wrong). Jerry was an older gentleman who ran the marathon slowly, waving to the crowds, interacting with his fellow runners, and just generally having a … [Read more...]

Do epsom salts work?

epsom salts

I can remember growing up and complaining of the occasional muscle strain or sprain. Conventional wisdom back then was to soak in a bath with epsom salts. No one ever said why, we just did it. Whether or not it worked, I can't really remember. When my son hurt his knee (and then his foot--don't get me started on this kid's ability to … [Read more...]

Relearning fueling for the long run

Have oats, will travel

When I attended the Healthy Running Seminar last August, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella discussed glycogen depletion training and race-day fueling. It actually led me to an "aha" moment: he mentioned that you could do months of GD training to teach your body to reach for fat for fuel, and then blow it all on race day by returning to a traditional … [Read more...]

Just like that, running surprises you

run happy

After last week's cold, challenging runs, I went into Saturday's 20-miler with pretty low expectations. Single digit temperatures were once again predicted, along with pretty good wind. I was feeling beaten down and not at all ready to face three hours on my feet in those conditions. But wouldn't you know it, the run was actually … [Read more...]

No more spring marathons!

I've talked before about how/why I prefer fall marathons to spring. But maybe like childbirth, the pain fades and I forget. At least I did until this week... I'm grumpy, folks, and it's because I have to run #allthemiles right now for a March 1 marathon. Like most of the country, it has been bitterly cold here this week. And we got two … [Read more...]

That time I pushed glycogen depletion too far

Man cannot (always) survive on water alone

You all know I'm a fan of glycogen depletion training as a way to enhance my body's ability to be a better butter burner. In fact, since last June, I haven't done a single run with fuel before or during. I've  used water only. Let me be clear: this is possible only because I am running at a very low heart rate. If I were doing more … [Read more...]

What I did on winter break


Happy new year, friends! It feels like ages since I've blogged, read another blog, or even gave social media much thought beyond the occasional Instagram and Twitter posts. And it has been fabulous. I truly need these screen breaks a couple of times per year. I have limited time where my kids are free of schedules, so I don't want to miss … [Read more...]

Should you split your long run?

long run

Saturday's long run--about 17 miles total--took on an unconventional format for me. My daughter and I planned to run a 6k cross-country race together that began at 10 a.m. Knowing I wanted to get in all my miles, however, I choose to get in the first 13-plus early in the morning. I then came home, ate breakfast, changed clothes and headed … [Read more...]

Running clothes–we’ve come a long way, baby!

The bin runneth over: old, boxy nike shirt to today's fitted, stylish Eddie Bauer shirt

Every year around the holidays, I get the urge to purge. Maybe because I know more stuff is coming in soon? End of year? Who knows, but yesterday, I attacked my ridiculous, overflowing bin of long-sleeved running shirts. I was going to count how many I had, but the excess of it all would have depressed me. Where did they all come from? … [Read more...]

Staying the course isn’t always easy

I'm happy to say that running has gone really well lately. My hip issues seem to be a thing of the past (of course I'm still paranoid) and I am back up to my normal mileage. I did a 16 for my long run last week, will do another this coming Saturday, and then will spend two weeks at the 18 level before moving on. All this in preparation … [Read more...]