Be a butter burner

Gels have their place, but they should also be limited

When I went to the Healthy Running seminar a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella talked to us about the difference in being a “butter burner” or a “bagel burner.” His point being that many┬árunners don’t train their aerobic system to the extent that they should and thus can’t effectively “burn the butter” for fuel. In other words, for endurance events, it’s very useful […]

The (health) mysteries of Europe

Beautiful markets like this one are everywhere

Any time you travel to a different country/experience a different culture, you can’t help but make comparisons. As someone who writes a fitness blog and leads a fitness-related lifestyle, my comparisons inevitably fell into that category for the most part. That said, here are some of my observations from the old country, some of which also incorporates my exposure to Europeans over the years via […]

Summertime favorite dish (ratatouille)


I don’t know about you, but I generally save warm, stew-like dishes for the fall and winter. I make an exception, however, with ratatouille, which has become my favorite summertime dish. I make it in summer because that’s when all the ingredients I use are fresh and local, rather than winter when that couldn’t be further than the case. Anyhow, because I love it so […]

The great grain debate (guest post)

Whole foods rule

One of my friends/running partners is also a registered dietician. I love Becky for so many reasons, and her smarts and sensible approach about what/how we eat is definitely among them. Whenever someone in our group pipes up with a question or theory on how to eat, Becky is there with educated answers and a reminder that moderation is key. That said, I invited Becky […]

What I’m loving right now (Polar Vortex edition)


Seems that I skipped my fall version of “what I’m loving,” so let’s just move right on into winter (polar vortex winter at that), shall we? I definitely have a few new favorites to share, none of which I need to FTC disclaim on–they were all purchases. So here we go: The Athleta relay capri–I am not a fan of full-length tights and every year […]

Three trends I’d like to see end in 2014

I'll have my gluten and eat it, too

I’m all about healthy living and anything that encourages people to get up off the couch. But I am not a fan of trends that go to an extreme–extreme eating restrictions, extreme running, extreme lifting, etc. And I kind of feel that 2013 perhaps saw more of this than was healthy, or it least it seemed that way to me. With that in mind, here […]

My attempt to keep weight gain at bay while not running

I'll be spending plenty of time in the pain cave while laid off

There are so many things to miss about running when you’re injured and I’d be lying if I said knowing that I’m burning fat and calories while out there isn’t one of them. I have felt good about my body since shedding some unwanted fat via MAF training, so it’s only natural that I don’t want to put it back on while on the DL. […]

(Holiday) Friday Five

cookie exchange

A few holiday notes to share: 1. I’ve scheduled my PRP injection for New Year’s Eve day–happy new year to me! It will entail two days on crutches and major downtime so that the platelets have a chance to hang around the injury site as much as possible. You can tell how much a priority I place on New Year’s Eve, huh? 2. I hosted […]

Friday five

Gratuitous shot of one of my favorite local spots for running. Love the fall colors

Lots going on in the running world this week, so I’m going to touch on a few points this Friday: It’s Marine Corps Marathon weekend, the “people’s marathon.” I’ve got client Kat from Sneakers ‘n Fingerpaints toeing the line for the first time and I couldn’t be more excited for her. I got to meet her and her husband yesterday, which was a real treat. […]

How to make a smoothie that packs a punch

breakfast smoothies

A couple weeks ago, Tamara of FitKnitChick did a really interesting┬ápost on why she’s cutting back on the number of smoothies she eats and recommends to her fitness clients. Her post made many valid points and I think it’s a good one for anyone who is a regular at the homemade smoothie bar. One point was that her post-workout smoothies don’t really fill her enough […]