Running clothes–we’ve come a long way, baby!

The bin runneth over: old, boxy nike shirt to today's fitted, stylish Eddie Bauer shirt

Every year around the holidays, I get the urge to purge. Maybe because I know more stuff is coming in soon? End of year? Who knows, but yesterday, I attacked my ridiculous, overflowing bin of long-sleeved running shirts. I was going to count how many I had, but the excess of it all would have depressed me. Where did they all come from? … [Read more...]

Staying the course isn’t always easy

I'm happy to say that running has gone really well lately. My hip issues seem to be a thing of the past (of course I'm still paranoid) and I am back up to my normal mileage. I did a 16 for my long run last week, will do another this coming Saturday, and then will spend two weeks at the 18 level before moving on. All this in preparation … [Read more...]

Give a Goal (and win a TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch)

My new TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch

It's inevitable, right? We're just winding down 2014 and reflecting back on it. But inevitably, our thoughts begin to wander to our goals for 2015, especially when it comes to running. Partly because we sometimes need to sign up for races eons in advance, and partly because it's human nature to look forward in anticipation of what's to … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

How's this for some swag?

1. Many of you have noticed and commented on my new design--I haven't had a chance! It was time for some updating so I turned to Janice at Just Janice Designs for the work. We're just about finished and I am really happy with the new look. 2. The holiday running is in full swing. Wed. night my friends came over for our annual holiday … [Read more...]

Even the elites rest (guest post)

Elite Tina Muir

I am so excited to have elite runner Tina Muir over here today. If you don't know Tina, she's a British import who is tearing it up stateside these days with her talented running. She's sponsored by Saucony and her times are nothing short of impressive. At 26, she's just getting started, too. What I like best about Tina, however, is her … [Read more...]

Eddie Bauer will get me through winter

Eddie Bauer

Have I mentioned a few thousand times before that I'm not a fan of winter? But I am a fan of running outside and I'm pretty certain that doing so helps me keep a dose of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) away, so out I go no matter what. You know what else helps me in the winter? Really cute, functional running clothes: they just … [Read more...]

How to (hopefully) pull a marathon out of the toilet


Have I told you I am running the Napa Valley Marathon on March 1? I'm going with friends for a fun long girls weekend. The marathon is the icing on the cake--I have no time goals, only "finish feeling good" goals. Over the past month, however, I've been questioning if I'd even get that far. I've told you my hip was bothering me, and so … [Read more...]

#GivingTuesday: The Runner’s Version

Girls on the Run

Yesterday was all about consumerism with #CyberMonday and a giveaway. Today, more importantly, is #GivingTuesday. There are SO many deserving charities out there, but if you want to tie in your love of running with your giving, here are three of my favorite organizations to which you might consider donating:   1. Back on My … [Read more...]

The ultimate runner’s gift guide and giveaway

gift guide

It's #CyberMonday, so I'm offering up this complete gift guide for runners--just about everything you could possibly need is here. It's also a season of gratitude, and I want to express mine to my wonderful crew of readers with a giveaway that includes all of the featured products. It wouldn't be possible without the fantastic sponsor … [Read more...]

Turkey trotting off…

Putting the focus on the tangible this week.

Just as I did last year at Thanksgiving, I'm taking the rest of this week off from blogging. Not only do I want the time in the real world, but I am fried from a case of over scheduling. Today, for instance, includes seven appointments (four of them are teacher conferences). Downtime is what I need! Before I go, though, I want you all … [Read more...]

We’re adding a new runner!


  I'm 49 people, so no, I'm not pregnant. I wrote an article for Runner's World's new women's running site Zelle the other day about running with your kids. Over the years, I've run with both of mine, in races as well as runs for fun. I'm pretty sure my daughter has the bug and will stick with it. My son, on the other hand, … [Read more...]

The crazy, long hair, white-man preacher

Pastor Dean

In all my years of running, this is perhaps the story that I love the most. I hope you do, too:  The history of our country's Native Americans isn't a pretty one, at least since white man came onto the scene. These days, too high a percentage of the Native American population is plagued by poverty, alcoholism, abuse, and little hope. … [Read more...]