We’re adding a new runner!


  I’m 49 people, so no, I’m not pregnant. I wrote an article for Runner’s World’s new women’s running site Zelle the other day about running with your kids. Over the years, I’ve run with both of mine, in races as well as runs for fun. I’m pretty sure my daughter has the bug and will stick with it. My son, on the other hand, hasn’t wanted […]

The crazy, long hair, white-man preacher

Pastor Dean

In all my years of running, this is perhaps the story that I love the most. I hope you do, too:  The history of our country’s Native Americans isn’t a pretty one, at least since white man came onto the scene. These days, too high a percentage of the Native American population is plagued by poverty, alcoholism, abuse, and little hope. But one “crazy long hair, […]

The best of a week…

color run

Monday is maybe an odd day to do week wrap up, but there were several highlights to mine last week, so I thought I’d share a few, best of style: Best reunion: I got to meet up with a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in years when she came to town this weekend for her daughter’s lacrosse tournament. How did we let […]

Holiday runs I love

Clockwise from top left: my favorite ornament; Celtic Solstice 2011?; Turkey Trot with my then much younger son; our annual cookie exchange run

I am NOT a big fan of the holidays, let’s just put that out there. And I’m kind of annoyed that I am even posting something with the word holiday in it when we are a mere 12 days removed from Halloween. But the retailers are already shoving the season down our throats, so my mind has wandered there lately, thus this post.  I was thinking […]

When your PRs are behind you

I was talking with another runner around my age the other day who had also been running for a comparable period of time. She was lamenting the fact that her fastest days are behind her. She’s not the first person I’ve heard say that. At the age of 49 and with close to 17 years of running experience, I realistically don’t have many PRs in […]

Desperately seeking: working glute

My friend and Pilates instructor on the far right

You all know I spent my share of time not running last year, and credit the routine designed by my PT Robert Gillanders with getting me back out there. It had been a while since I’d checked in with Robert, so I went to see him last week. I figured that perhaps it was time to reevaluate my current status and see if the same […]

Birthday lessons

Reflecting on running and life

They say it’s your birthday…and today is mine. My friend Christine did a great birthday post when she turned 38 this year, offering up 38 life lessons. Well, I’m 49 today and I don’t know that I can pull out 49 pearls of wisdom, so how about four lessons from running and nine from life? Four lessons from running: 1. Run with your kids if you […]

Are races the new social scene?


  A couple of weeks back I wrote an article for Run Haven on race etiquette and the behaviors I think are inconsiderate of fellow participants. Let me tell you, I am apparently in the minority with my viewpoint! The article received almost 900 comments on Facebook, the vast majority of them angry with my stance. I was called “too serious” and “mean spirited” and lots of […]

The scariest part of running (guest post)


Happy Halloween! No tricks today but I do have a treat: fellow blogger/horror writer Mark Matthews is taking over with a Halloween special just for runners. You may remember I reviewed his book “On the Lips of Children” earlier this year and loved every creepy, running related word of it, so I knew he’d be the perfect choice for today’s post. Read on: “The scariest moment is always […]

Runners are not universally loved

Not everyone wants to share the roads and sidewalks with runners

As runners, I think we sometimes get a bit caught up in our own little culture, forgetting that others not only don’t get it, but might even resent it, too. Thankfully these folks are few and far between, but I came face to face with one of them yesterday. I was out for a morning nine miler before dawn. Bored of the routes I’ve been […]