Jersey shore weekend by the numbers

Avalon, New Jersey

We spent a fantastic four days at the Jersey shore this past weekend as part of an annual pilgrimage there to meet with friends from Philadelphia. I always love my time there, the mixture of activity, downtime, indulgence, and time with my family and friends. Here's a rundown, numbers style, of this year's trip: Number of: Long … [Read more...]

Black bean salad recipe

My favorite black bean salad recipe--great for summer BBQs!

I had my brother, his family, and my parents all out to visit over the July 4th weekend, which I loved. I always say I like when family comes to visit rather than the other way around, because we can get more quality time out of the trip. When we go to Ohio to see family, it's two families an hour apart, plus occasionally extended family … [Read more...]

Running, life, and a great speed workout

Summer running around these parts

I know I've been a stranger of late, and that's by design. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with this blog. Since I'm not 100 percent sure I'm ready to put it in the trash heap, I thought I'd pop in. Plus, I DO have some product reviews coming up soon to share, so I guess I'll keep this thing going now and again until I make … [Read more...]

I make poor marathon choices

From one extreme to the other

This weekend I cut my long run back to a 10-miler. I'm sitting comfortably at the 14-mile long run range and I don't need to increase that to 16 until the beginning of July, so I decided to give my body a little break before starting to build up again. The thing was, that 10-miler felt long because this was the most incredibly humid … [Read more...]

The workout gods hate me

From a better day in the pool.

Falling completely within the #firstworldproblems category…I swear the workout gods were conspiring against me this week! I finally turned the corner on my energy levels so I was pretty excited to get some cross training back in the picture, along with all my running. Someone thought that should be a challenge for me, however. Let's … [Read more...]

Don’t get greedy (with your running)

Don't get greedy with your running

A few weeks back when I ran the Harper's Ferry Half, I spent a few minutes chatting with race director and friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Mark is one of the wisest runners I know and when he asked me how my running has been lately, and how my body has been holding up, I told him I'm feeling really solid. His response: "Great, now don't get … [Read more...]

Summer races

Picking my summer races

Oh, people--this past week has been perhaps my lowest energy week of all time. Long story short, after two weeks of congestion and exhaustion, I finally wised up and went to the minute clinic, where I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I think I ignored/dismissed the symptoms for a while because the congestion wasn't that bad and my … [Read more...]

Take it to the track workout

This all around track workout will have you running faster in no time.

I'm barely keeping up with social media these days--this May is going to be my undoing, I swear. But I am keeping up with my workouts and while my friends and I have done all our speed sessions on the road up until now, it looks like we'll be going back to the track next Tuesday. I've got a great workout queued up for us, one that works … [Read more...]