coffee for fuelThanks for stopping by. I’m a mom, writer, and RRCA certified running coach. I got my feet wet in endurance sports in 1998 and haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve completed an Ironman, 12 marathons, and literally hundreds of races of every distance under the sun. Still on my agenda–an ultra and a reaching a few time goals.

I’m also committed to natural running. I”m a former orthotic/stability shoe wearer and since early 2011, have changed my ways. I now believe in strong feet and less shoe. You’ll find plenty of information about natural running here and I’m always happy to discuss/debate the best ways to progress in that direction.

I love to chat with other runners about training, nutrition, and finding the right balance. Please leave me a comment–I welcome your feedback!


Twitter: @misszippy1

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