Light at the end of the tunnel

She's coming along for the ride

She’s coming along for the ride

Thank you for all your supportive comments on Monday. I guess the cathartic writing, well wishes and some seriously dedicated PT have helped because this chica just got cleared for a bit of running!

I went in to see my doctor on Tuesday because I was feeling pretty low about my injured spots. I mean, after almost six weeks of no running, I was still aware of both my achilles and high hamstring. My doctor, being the nice man that he is, pulled out the ultrasound machine so that we could have a look. The ITB was looking good. Same with the hamstring, which surprised me because long bouts of sitting, as I did last Saturday night for our big night out at Volt, still can make it talk to me a bit. The final spot to check on was my achilles. It is still lagging behind.

However, I am just two weeks into a seriously revamped PT routine for the achilles and the hamstring. When I shared the ultrasound results with my PT, he determined that it was time to start introducing some load. I’ve made quite a bit of progress with the areas we started on (you should see my improved dorsiflexion!) and Robert remains confident that the increased work we added will help me continue to move forward.

So today I will start in with a  run/walk routine. The fun thing is that Tori turns one next week, so she and I can start together–how great is that? I’m hopeful that the hours on end of PT I have put in and still have ahead of me will get me back as a much improved, stable, mobile runner. A rebuilt Steve Austin of running (who’s old enough to get that?).

Give me a high five!

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  1. says

    WHOOT! Love that you and the pup can start together. Having a similarly-paced partner with similar goals can help a lot with training! 😉

    I’m not telling you anything you don’t know…but don’t forget that the rehab/pre-hab is just as important once you start running, as it was to *get* you running in the first place! =)
    Coach Holly @ Run With Holly recently posted..What’s it like to run in *insert country here*? Cathryn’s on the caper!My Profile

  2. says

    Woohoo! Congrats on the good news! And yes, I do get the reference :) I loved the six million dollar man! My grandfather worked as a bodyguard for him for a period of time, too.
    Erik recently posted..OMG…I RAN!My Profile

  3. says

    That’s AWESOME news!! And I love that Tori can start with you. What a great way for both of you to ease into things.
    It sounds like this PT definitely knows what he’s doing. That must be comforting.
    I’m actually going to give you a jumping high five for this great news :)
    Abby recently posted..Spreading the love: Liebster AwardMy Profile

  4. says

    How great you and Tori can enjoy this new beginning together. You’ve been a champ with all this PT and I just know it’s going to pay off for you in spades. We can rebuild her….stronger….better….faster…
    Marcia recently posted..What’s HappeningMy Profile

    • MissZippy says

      Hey Andrea–why don’t you email me (listed above under contact) and I can get more specific for you?