Call me crazy?

We've got a GOTR 5k to run

We’ve got a GOTR 5k to run

Ok, one week back to a bit of running and? I’m putting it on hold for a couple more weeks. Not by my doc’s orders, nor by my PT’s orders, but by my gut instinct’s orders. While it sucks, I’m pretty proud of myself for going the conservative route.

As I’ve been doing my run/walking, things have felt pretty decent. But after I’ve stopped, the origination point at the ITB, where I tore, is a little too stiff and “tugging” for my liking. I can push and prod around in there and not get any tenderness, but still. I’d rather feel really good about things than worry and potentially lead to further injury.

One of the biggest contributing factors to my decision is that I’ve been coaching Girls on the Run all season and our 5k is May 31. If I couldn’t run this with my daughter, I’d probably need a straightjacket. I figure by stepping back a bit, I’ll better ensure my ability to avoid that scenario. Everyone involved should be happy about that.

I probably didn’t help my cause by adding in a pretty tough boot camp class last week just prior to starting back to running. I didn’t originally think the two would coincide, thinking I’d be running later down the road, but they did. And I think that was too much load introduction at once (my PT agrees). Given that running is my bigger priority, I gave up the boot camp until I’m all put back together again perfectly. Hopefully when I try running again in a couple of weeks without that added stressor, things will feel fine.

In addition to the 5k, I’ve got runs I definitely don’t want to miss over the summer–vacation runs at the shore, and the most exciting of all, runs in the Alps while in Europe. I can’t jeopardize all that with another setback. That said, it’s been a long year of little running so far and I really, really need to put it behind me.

The roller coaster ride continues. I’m guessing you’re as sick of hearing about it as I am talking/thinking about it. Bike rides and swims for the win this weekend! (that’s false enthusiasm in case you were wondering).

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  1. says

    There has never been an injury I’ve come back from that I have felt “normal” the first bit back. I think you are being very smart about it though. There isn’t a need to do more damage and hopefully these next two weeks will fly by. :-)
    Hollie recently posted..Taking a RiskMy Profile

  2. says

    You are not crazy at all. In fact you are being the smartest runner ever. I’ve come back too soon and have paid the price. The roller coaster of injuries isn’t fun. Stay off it at all costs! Plus, running with your daughter is 10000 more important!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

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    Ha ha ha – you are too funny – and you’re also very, very smart. That is not an easy decision to make but you know you’re making the right one! Run a little now or 8 miles in the Alps? Seems simple, but I KNOW it’s not.
    Enjoy the bike and the pool :-)
    Allie recently posted..Race Crisis!My Profile

  4. says

    Not crazy. You are making the choice to not run, which is very different than not being able to run or someone telling you that you can not run. You know your body better than anyone else and when something doesn’t feel quite right. Being conservative with returning to running is hard, but I am learning the hard the right way to do it, but it is still frustrating.
    Harold recently posted..Day 5 – Setting the Groundwork – RunLog 5-15-14My Profile

  5. says

    You’re modeling a really important (and tough) decision! Stubborn runners always learn the hard way but it helps to see experience runners who are doing the right thing. And I didn’t realize you were going to Europe this summer- that is definitely worth resting up for!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Running at 29 weeks PregnantMy Profile

  6. says

    I know how hard it is to step back and listen to your body when your mind is SCREAMING at you to run! Way to go, mama. You are setting a wonderful example for your daughter, all of the girls in GOTR, and all of us! Can’t wait to hear all about the GOTR race. I coached four seasons of the program before my girls were born, and I can’t wait to get involved again when they’re old enough to participate. It’s an amazing program!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Spring Cleaning To-Do ListMy Profile

  7. says

    Crazy smart! You’re definitely making the right choice. You’re in this running thing for life. Make the right, smart choices and you’ll be good to go an ready to run the gotr!
    Erik recently posted..Quesadillas…My Profile

  8. says

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m worried about this for me as well. Prior to breaking my foot, I had already planned to dial it down for 6 weeks and let my trainer help me build some strength. But once I get the green light to run, I was planning on doing short (4-6 miles) distances a couple times/week again, to keep my legs in the game.

    Hope things get better for you! Hang in there. Good that you listened to your body.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..Chasing away the bluesMy Profile

  9. says

    If *you* think it’s time to pull back…it’s time. I admire your inner strength to listen to your body the way you do.

    I always assume people are tired of hearing me agonize over aches, pains and injuries. Then I realized it doesn’t bother ME to hear other people’s issues, so I have to hope others are more understanding than I give them credit for, too.

    B*tch and Moan away! This is about the best outlet imaginable for a runner, anyway. :)

    • MissZippy says

      Thanks, Abby. We’re going to southern Germany, Austria, and then finishing up at Lake Como. Can’t wait!

  10. says

    I did the same thing after recovering from an injury. Everyone I knew was shocked but I still believe it was the best decision even though I was cleared to run.

    I ran GOTR with my daughter (her Mother’s Day gift to me!) and a team I coached and we had the best time. A few lifelong runners in the making and I was a part of that :)
    jill conyers recently posted..Fuel Your BetterMy Profile

  11. says

    Very brave of you… I’m struggling with the thought of taking this week easy (max 5km a run, aiming at 3km for most of them) also have a injury and I need time out, but this weekends race went OK so why rest now!!!
    Coach Dion recently posted..TIME TO RETIRE or NOTMy Profile

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  13. says

    I popped over to see how you were and if you were running yet. Sounds like things are coming around, so that’s good. And it’s totally understandable about pulling that trigger to jump back in until you’re fully ready.

    Good luck with your daughter’s 5k tomorrow. This was the first year in 5 that I didn’t coach GOTR and I did miss it (but it was time to move on).