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IMG 3955 300x225 Back from the dead

Having these two around does make a difference

Maybe because it was Easter week I needed to rest and recharge. Maybe it was having my kids around and wanting to spend time with them without a screen potentially coming between us. Or maybe I just needed a break from social media. All I know is that an intended week away from blogging morphed into 10 days and finally, I guess that I am ready to get back at it. Guess.

I’m going to admit that for the first time in four-plus yeas of blogging, I am feeling a little burned out and am seeking my mojo. Funny how that never happens with running, at least not for me. But sometimes, this whole screen/virtual world thing brings me down. If you even knew how anti-screen I am with my kids (my friends are nodding their heads at this) you’d be amazed that I have a blog and spend the large amount of time on screens that it demands. But that’s where my kids being in school comes in, because at least I am not then setting a screen-filled example for them, all the while preaching against it.

So anyhow…I am back and if I were to make a prediction, will be swept up into the world of blogging and social media before I know it. Heck, I’ve even got a good old-fashioned blogger review and give away coming up on Friday, and a meet up set for next week when I am in Chicago for work. Marcia and Kovas–two of my longest reads–are slated to become my newest “in real life” blogger friends. I’m looking forward to it.

Ever lose your blogging mojo? How did you fix it? 


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  1. Welcome back! I completely understand the ‘meh’ feeling towards blogging and all it’s requirements. Some weeks I feel like I just go through the motions to get it done. But then I get inspired and fired up about it again. It’s the circle of blogging life I guess!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..First RunMy Profile

  2. Glad you’re back! I’m looking forward to reading about your meet up. I would love to meet you guys in person one day. I lost my blogging mojo last week because I am the one who has the family over for Easter. My week was spent cleaning, laundry, and a much needed hanging out with friends.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted..Half Marathon Training Update – Week FourteenMy Profile

  3. I sometimes feel less inspired but so far I’ve never lost it totally. I think it is because I don’t blog every day but try to do two posts per week and sometimes make it one per week. This leaves enough time for recharging I think.
    You are so blessed to have Tatyana McFadden in your church! These athletes inspire me greatly.
    Johann recently posted..Ernst van Dyk – South African Super StarMy Profile

  4. I hear you on being burned out by blogging. I’ve reduced my posts to two a week and it seems to be working!

    Enjoy outside life and not blogging for however long you need it girl!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted..Summer Sanitize ChallengeMy Profile

  5. It’s funny that I’ve been reading this a lot lately on a few blogging sites. Maybe it’s the Spring and no one wants to sit behind a screen all day when the sun has finally decided to come out??
    I have also never lost my running mojo but I can totally see losing it for blogging!
    Allie recently posted..Why?My Profile

  6. I am having a bit of a lack of blogging enthusiasm myself, but I think sometimes a break just feels good. and I also cut back when my kids are home.
    Christy@ My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Easter, last week and hide the jelly beans already.My Profile

  7. Yeah, I go through that a lot but if i only write when I want to, it’s a lot easier. No pressure to post “x-amount” of times a week definitely helps!
    Colorado Gal recently posted..Back in the Good Ol’ USAMy Profile

  8. Welcome back! I’m looking for my blogging mojo too, so let me know where you find yours! At least I’m getting my running mojo back! Yippee!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Keeping Kuhl with Zerra Convertible DressMy Profile

  9. Welcome back and we all have those periods, where we need to step away and recharge, especially when you are as involved in social media as you are. Just keep your perspective and think about what you are doing versus just doing. :-)

    How did I fix it? I walked away and started over at a much, much reduced level.
    Harold L. Shaw recently posted..What is Your Problem – HaroldMy Profile

  10. Totally hear you! I don’t push my blog much anymore or get too concerned with making sure I write enough. Maybe it’s because I’m an “older runner” and still from the Nintendo Gameboy generation and don’t have the mojo to truly do social media, or maybe it is because I just don’t always have something interesting to say? haha :) Frankly, I find that when I just focus on running and improving my running, I don’t have as much time for blogging. I’ve been noticing that a lot of runners I’ve been following for a long time are posting less often. I wonder if there is a ‘big burnout’ overall in the running community for many?
    Christina recently posted..Great Easter weather and go Boston runners!My Profile

  11. I plan to blog only 3 days a week now, I just couldn’t do it all week so I feel ya girlie!
    Kat recently posted..Austin 2014 RacecationMy Profile

  12. Glad you’re back! Yes, I get it… I have phases of very little blogging motivation. Taking a full week off from time to time is so important!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Quinoa Power Bowl with Lemon Tahini DressingMy Profile

  13. taking a break is needed at times. I need one soon, i keep telling the kiwi we need to go back to NZ! LOL! but you don’t realize how connected you are until you DISCONNECT, yes?
    lindsay recently posted..How I became a Professional Triathlete and Why I Chase this DreamMy Profile

  14. Gasp, a 10-day hiatus! I have definitely also felt burned about about social media, running, working out, etc — anything that I put too much of myself into!
    Jennifer F recently posted..Girls’ Night In – Trop50 Raspberry Acai Sipper with Coconut-Mint-siclesMy Profile

  15. Glad you are back and had a nice break! Love the pic of the cuties :)
    Robin recently posted..Marden Half MarathonMy Profile

  16. Yay!!!!! Glad your back :). Have no fear :)….I know that everyone in the blog world understands when you take some time off. I think when you are not feeling it or don’t have anything to post then that is ok…life happens :). When I first started blogging I felt bad if I didn’t post everyday…I was stressing about coming up with something. Now I just do it when I have something to post about and it is about 3 or 4 times a week unless we are having a crazy busy week! When I am loosing my mojo I just think about all the wonderful support that I get from my blogging friends and how good it feels to connect with and encourage someone else :)
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..What does winning mean to you?My Profile

  17. I totally get it. I’ve been blogging less than I’d like. My issue is lack of time!

    Lucky you get to meet Marcia! She lives pretty close to me, but we have yet to meet. Hopefully in May, we are both running the same half marathon. Enjoy your trip to Chicago. I hope the weather is somewhat decent! :)
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..CARA Lakefront 10 miler race recapMy Profile

  18. We all need a break sometimes from blogging and all the social media stuff. I took a pretty long hiatus from blogging last Dec through mid-Feb because I was dealing with some stressful personal issues. Having the added pressure to produce blog posts and keep up with social media was just too much!

    Glad you’re back :)
    Jojo @ RunFastEatLots recently posted..The Weekly Chase 4/22My Profile

  19. It’s always good to take a break from time to time. Especially when it’s to spend time with family!

  20. Welcome back! I hope you had a great break from screens and a wonderful Easter. :) There is *nothing* wrong with taking a little extra time away sometimes!!
    Rachel recently posted..Training(ish) Recap: Week of 4/14-4/20/2014My Profile

  21. I’ve been wavering on the cusp of lost blog mojo for awhile now. It’s become so habitual though, I don’t know. It will be AWESOME to meet you finally! I feel like I already know you. : )
    Marcia recently posted..Loving/Not LovingMy Profile

  22. I think I enjoy the blog immensely, but go through phases where I’d like to not touch a scrap of social media!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..Follow these Healthy Living Link Loves and Link UpsMy Profile

  23. Yes I have lost my mojo, even just a few weeks ago. I usually just take a little break and try not to take it too seriously. So exciting that you get to meet Marcia! Sounds like a fun time!
    Rachelle Q recently posted..Standing My GroundMy Profile

  24. Glad you enjoyed your break and spent a lot of time with the kids!
    My mojo is majorly lacking, too. I’ve decided to just let it wane until I’m ready to blog steadily again!
    I’m glad your running mojo is in full force though! I hit the trails last night and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face :)
    Abby recently posted..KT Tape review & giveawayMy Profile

  25. How fun to get to meet Marcia and Kovas! That will be a great time I am sure!

  26. Just start a fresh, new blog :)

    Or have major surgery. Comeback stories are always fun for everyone :)

    You should come visit me. Bring Marcia.
    MILF Runner recently posted..The Pain (part 2 of my hip replacement) …including more graphic images *this is your warning*My Profile

  27. I tend to get ideas for posts while running. I’m fairly new to both things, and not particularly good at either, so I don’t know if I’ve ever had any mojo. I’ve had fun, though. It’s got to be fun. Since I’m not getting paid for it, and nothing’s riding on either the running or the blogging, if either gets to be a drag, I’ll just drop it.

  28. I hope we have good weather for you when you visit!
    Michel@BabyWeightMyFatAss recently posted..So where in the heck is BabyWeightMyFatAss lately?My Profile

  29. Trying something new helps me with blogging mojo.

    Our kids incessantly pester us about our poor screen-time in regards to our restricting theirs. :)

    Looking forward to meeting you Sunday!
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Midweek Motivation: My ActionsMy Profile

  30. Glad you’re back! I think everyone needs time to re-charge and step away from the screen. Enjoy connecting with Marcia and Kovas!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..BAA 5K RecapMy Profile

  31. You can’t leave now… I just found your blog :)

  32. See my blog recently.
    Meh is my current feeling too.

    Love ya friend.
    Cori @ recently posted..Dear Shalane,My Profile

  33. I’m glad you are back and hope your mojo follows along with you!!!
    I have been spending more and more time away from my laptop lately – I LOVE reading blogs but some days I just can’t do it for a number of reasons.
    So cool that you get to meet Marcia!!!
    Kim recently posted..How Much Is Too Much?My Profile

  34. We all need a holiday from something every once in a while. Even something we love.
    Char recently posted..DisappointmentMy Profile

  35. Oh yes I can relate! I think we all can! I feel like anytime you walk away from something it’s easy to stay away. It’s like breaking a habit. And sometimes it is just important to live instead of sitting behind a monitor.

    Just like after a marathon our bodies need a rest period, from time to time our bodies need rest from the whole social media thing too!
    Taylor @ Lifting Revolution recently posted..Hacking Into Your Motivation To Be The Most Successful Woman PossibleMy Profile

  36. Welcome back!! I’m struggling with my blogging mojo and have been for a while. Having last week off was great and I was really reluctant to come back on Monday. It was a much needed break for me too. I’m glad that you had good time with your family and so excited that you’re going to meet new blogging friends IRL!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Paddling for PositionMy Profile

    • MissZippy says:

      Thanks and um, let’s compare trips: me to Ohio to visit family and see snow. You to Costa Rica for sun and surf. I think you win! : )

  37. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, in it right now. Took this week off from blogging but it may go longer.. I am definitely burned out on top of that I am still job searching & may have to take a job that would leave me no room for blogging or much social media so maybe I am just preparing for that too. :) It does feel good to do it way less for sure!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Taking a Few Days Away; Happy EasterMy Profile

    • MissZippy says:

      But you are here, still commenting, so I am going to give you bonus points for that! I didn’t even do that while away.

  38. I would love to write more, but work keeps getting in the way…
    Coach Dion recently posted..3 WEEKS of TRAININGMy Profile

  39. I have to agree, family should always come first. I also get burned out once in a while from blogging and after stepping away from it for a few days it seems when I come back, I feel energized. Anyway, thanks for the post!
    Irving recently posted..RUSHFIT Work Out!My Profile

  40. Usually I get my mojo back by making a list of the funny things that have happened lately…the one liners, quips, and funny little things that are chuckle worthy :)
    sheila recently posted..True Confession Thursday: Older & Barely WiserMy Profile

  41. i still go through my phases. I don’t even know how people blog every day. I just don’t have the time or ability to do it. I do what I can. I’m sure it will all come back :)
    elizabeth recently posted..Lots of Easter, Tradition, and CookingMy Profile

  42. I’m glad you are back, but I know how you feel. I’m rethinking my blog lately as well. I ask myself why am I doing this and is it worth it? It’s not only the time spend writing a blog post, but also keeping up with reading blogs. Maybe I should sped more quality time with my baby girl and husband? I haven’t made a decision yet and just see how it goes.
    Christine recently posted..Our First Family Photo ShootMy Profile


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