Mixed reviews

IMG 4082 300x300 Mixed reviewsI’ve been lucky enough to have some fun products come my way of late so it’s time I share my reviews on them. One, a pair of shoes; the second a snack box, and the third–a children’s book not running related at all, but written by a running blogger, so how could I refuse? Read on to hear what I thought of each:

1. First up, the Saucony Grid Type A6: My very first pair of running shoes was from Saucony, way back when. Same with my first pair of racing flats, a cool electric blue color at that. But over the years, Saucony and I have drifted apart, mostly because they haven’t made my kind of shoe lately. I tried the Kinvara, but it didn’t work for me. What does work for me, though, is the A6. Let’s start with the heel-to-toe drop, which comes in at 4mm, which is where I like to be if I’m not wearing a zero drop shoe, on a fairly low-profile base. Then the weight–there’s nothing to these! The men’s weigh in a 5.4 ounces. The fit is glove-like, as you’d expect from a racing flat. The sole is a bit stiffer than what I generally like, but once I got running in these, I didn’t notice it. These shoes could take me places, I think. Full marathon distance, I’m not quite sure, but for a racing shoe up to the half marathon distance, they are a pretty good contender. Note to Saucony–the colors don’t hurt, either!

2. The VeganCuts snackbox: I’ve been intrigued by these different box services for a while now and so when offered the chance to try the February box from VeganCuts, I agreed (note: I’m not vegan but do eat fairly plant-based). I  wanted to like this, I really did, but it’s just not right for me and my family. You get around seven items in each box. In this case, everything was vegan of course and included things like the Nakd granola bar, VeganSmart nutritional shake, Breaking News veggie chips, and Earth Balance kettle chips. And those chips right there are what I think made this a no-go for me. I just don’t want to bring junk into my house. As with anything, labeling it a certain diet type–in this case vegan–doesn’t “healthify” something like chips. Yes, some of the items weren’t bad for you, but most weren’t going to add any value to my diet, so I can’t give this one a thumbs up. Sorry VeganCuts.

3. The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly book, by Erik Ammon: Like I said, Erik is a fellow running blogger and this is his first foray into writing a children’s book. While this particular book is too young for my kids, we all still enjoyed reading it for obvious reasons: it’s a sweet story about a little rabbit (named Kona) who wants to be able to fly like his friends Bella and Morgan. Through a series of events, Kona learns that he has his own valuable talents and that maybe being a rabbit isn’t so bad after all. It’s a subtle lesson for kids wrapped up in an entertaining tale, and the illustrations immediately draw you in. I think it would make a nice addition to spring Easter baskets for the right age group! You can order it from Erik’s site or from Amazon.

Has anyone tried any of the above? What did you think?

The fine print: I was sent all of these items for free; all opinions are my own.

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  1. I can only go as far as to say I’ve seen the shoes…
    Coach Dion recently posted..THE DATEMy Profile

  2. The Kinvara 4′s were my first real running shoe from Saucony, and well … I liked them but didn’t love them. To the point that my next shoes were New Balance. I did like them enough that I will try another pair when the Kinvara 5 comes along (especially since I can feel the NBs getting towards end of life way before I would like).

    And I am totally with you on the vegan stuff – there is just SO much marketing hype that everything vegan or gluten-free has to suddenly be healthy. Um, no.

    Plus I tend to find that ‘snack-alikes’ tend to taste not as good as the ‘real’ junk food and offer little in the way of nutritional advantage. So at that point … why bother?
    Michael Anderson recently posted..Take Care Tuesday – Tips for Setting Healthy Relationship BoundariesMy Profile

  3. The color of the shoes does help a lot when making a choice (even though I know it shouldn’t!). Saucony’s were my first pair of real running shoes too. I’ve recently gone back and I’m quite happy! And that book looks really cute. My kids would love it!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Salad A DayMy Profile

  4. Great reviews! I have been meaning to try the Runners Box. Saucony’s shoes do look nice but I have to see if they make a stability shoe that isn’t heavy. That book is something I should put in my nephew’s Easter basket this year. Thanks for sharing!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted..Sunshine Awards!My Profile

  5. Those Sauconys look nice! I’ve never tried them though, nor the other two items.
    Jojo @ RunFastEatLots recently posted..Weekly Goals and ENERGYbits Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

  6. I had some Saucony racing flats a couple years ago and loved them, I would try them again. My kids loved the book.
    Christy@ My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Pear Sports: Pear Mobile ReviewMy Profile

  7. The book sounds great, what age group do you think is it target for? Love Saucony, it’s my go to shoe, but I never tried their racing flat. Maybe once I start up running again!
    Christine recently posted..Baby Bump Update – Week 37My Profile

  8. I recently got Suacony Kinvara’s (I don’t know if I spelled that right) but I can’t stand them… they are so flimsy and the top part has started to unravel and get holes in it and these are my cross-training shoes, I haven’t even run in them yet!
    I’m a sucker for books thought so I’ll check that one out!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted..Jessie’s Pizza Salad Recipe and Fast Tabata VideoMy Profile

  9. I haven’t tried any of the above because I’m a Brooks girl, a Runnerbox lover and I have never heard of the book but I LIKE it!!
    I love your honesty and I completely agree with labeling things “organic” or “vegan” when really, they’re just junk with some different ingredients.
    I’ll have to check out the book since my 5 year-olds may be the perfect age! Kona – Ha!
    Allie recently posted..I’m Everywhere FockerMy Profile

    Carla recently posted..Creating a personal mantra.My Profile

  11. The Kinvaras weren’t for me either, but those A6′s sound like a possibility. Bummer about the snack box, but I agree with you that just because something may say vegan or gluten free doesn’t mean it is healthy and good for you.
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..High School Runner with MSMy Profile

  12. I’ve never worn racing flats … in part because I don’t like speed work OR short races! LOL. But I am always looking for a good book my kids could learn something from. Thanks!
    Cristina @triathlonmami recently posted..The 3M Positive Impact Award And MeMy Profile

  13. i love snack boxes, but have never tried vegan cuts before!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Salad Bar at Souplantation & Sweet TomatoesMy Profile

  14. Huge fan of Saucony shoes…I rotate through the Cortana, Kinvara, and A5. Really love my A5s for track work and shorter racing. Guess I’ll be trying the A6 too after reading a few positive reviews!
    Kate recently posted..Variety is the spice of runningMy Profile

  15. Aww, cute- that would be a great Easter basket addition! Thanks for the reminder that I need to begin thinking about that. As for the vegan snacks, I agree. The label vegan does not make something healthy!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Deconstructing our Cravings – Part 3My Profile

  16. Didn’t like the Kinvara either. Am enjoying the predecessor to the A6, the A5, which I wore for an awesome track session yesterday. I did have to loosen the laces a lot and remove the footbed to make them comfortable, however.
    bob recently posted..The easiest way to get through a marathon-I swearMy Profile

  17. Those Saucony shoes are nice colours! I’m still not dedicated to any one shoe, so thanks for the review on these; I may have to give them a try, especially if I’m not running great distances this season.
    That book would be a great Easter basket addition instead of just giving junk food.
    Lastly about the vegan basket, I find it funny when products are marketed as healthy just because they fit a vegan or gluten free label.
    Abby recently posted..Keeping fit on our California adventureMy Profile

  18. Saucony were my original go-to running shoe but haven’t worn them in years. I’ve heard some good things with the Kinvaras though!
    Colorado Gal recently posted..Paris: Part IMy Profile

  19. i like your “it wasn’t going to add value to your diet” approach.
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..Registered Dietitians Who Blog {Part 2}My Profile

  20. I’ve seen a lot of those snack boxes over the past year, even seen one for dogs. I’m sure everything is tasty, but like you said, do they add value to your diet? Seems like they would add a lot of calories and not much else. I’ll take a pass.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..#keepingitrealMy Profile

  21. Ohhhh, definitely checking out the children’s book! Always looking for good reads for the girls. Thx for the honest review!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Runner’s Lexicon: A Guest Post at Diary of a Word NerdMy Profile

  22. I’ve never run in Sauconys (heck I just learned how to pronounce it recently), but I do like the look, weight and drop of the shoe. Seeing the Rabbit book makes me a bit teary for the days of reading books like that to my kids who are now MIA most of the time. Looks like a very sweet read.

  23. My first pair of running shoes were also Saucony. I haven’t worn them in years though. I would love to try that box. I won a bestowed box once and it was just fun to get all the goodies!

  24. Great stuff!
    Betsy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #43My Profile

  25. I have a pair of Saucony casual shoes that I love. These look great too!
    AmyC recently posted..WIAW: Getting IrishMy Profile

  26. I’ve had a few pairs of Saucony’s that I loved, and some that didn’t work great. I love the colors though!
    Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..Orthodox Lent and Fasting RecipesMy Profile

  27. My personal jury is out on how I’m supposed to pronounce “Saucony”. I ain’t sure!

    The rabbit book looks cute. I want for my gremlins now.
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Muscle Building Bento BoxMy Profile

  28. I’m enjoying a Saucony right now too. I tend to usually only like one particular shoe by a brand. If I were a pro, I’d have a hard time having to stick to one company, haha :)
    Christina recently posted..My life before and after becoming a runnerMy Profile

  29. I have the A5′s and can’t wait to try the 6′s. I absolutely love them and have ran everything from a 5k-marathon in them.
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..Boston Training: Backing OffMy Profile

  30. I’m currently reviewing…and loving…the Saucony Virrata 2….0 drop and incredibly lightweight. I love them!
    RFC recently posted..Spartan Up!My Profile

  31. LOVE your honesty about the Vegan Cuts box! Honestly, a lot of vegan foods are just straight up crappy because companies think that they only way people will eat vegan food is if they add unhealthy ingredients that make them taste better to the mix! :( FAIL!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Not So Naughty, Frosted Mini Shepherd’s PiesMy Profile

  32. I really loved Vegan Cuts, I was impressed each month with the variety and the brands I’d never heard of before!
    Amanda – RunToTheFinish recently posted..Vegan Clean Eating Blueberry Upside Down CakeMy Profile

  33. Well done Saucony on the colour choice for those shoes. Very nice!
    Char recently posted..Ombre Hair – Bad Regrowth In Disguise?My Profile

  34. Well the shoes are cute, so that’s a start. They look more cushioned than a 4mm drop, so that’s cool.

    I’ve tried a few subscription box services and to me they just aren’t worth the money in general. There might be a few good items, but I never like everything and so it’s just not worth it to me.
    Michael recently posted..First Tri of the Season – Lifetime Fitness Indoor TriMy Profile

  35. i’ve never heard of vegan cuts. But it don’t think we’d really order it. ALthough i’m sure my husband would eat anything. haha.
    Shoes–> yes i love! I’ll try!
    lindsay recently posted..Basics of Gluten Free Living: Baking EditionMy Profile

  36. Thanks again Amanda :)

    I haven’t seen that vegan box before! I’ll have to check that one out. I’ve sampled boxes before and they’ve been hit or miss with what we’ve liked in them.

    I’ve always liked the coloring and feel of the Saucony line, but never really found a pair that had a good fit for me. They usually seemed too narrow. I haven’t been able to run because of the gimp knee, again, so I haven’t tried the Kinvara’s in wide, but I may have to try these out, too!
    Erik recently posted..My kid’s picture book is on Amazon!!My Profile

    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..I Wanted to Post Today but I am Sick. :( My Profile

  38. having been bound to Brooks for several years, I bit the bullet and grabbed a pair of Saucony Virratas. I was scared of them at first, now low /zero drops I can’t get enough of! my current flats are the NB 1400s, but the A6′s may be worth a roll.

    so weird what you find if you try a new brand.
    Adrienne recently posted..“Easy Means Easy” and Other Arguments for Keeping it Real ….My Profile

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  40. I have the A5s, and I agree with you! They are a great shoe once you get used to them, just not sure I would be able to race a full marathon in them. In fact it kinda makes me cringe thinking about the pounding of my legs towards the end. I do have other friends who run for Saucony who do wear them the full distance and love them!

    Thanks for your honesty with the reviews! Cant wait to see you racing again soon!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Salmon, Spinach, and Broccoli RisottoMy Profile

  41. I’ve only seen the shoes, but they are super cute! Maybe I’ll give them a try next time I need some. (Or maybe I’ll just get them to wear…the colors are super fun!!)
    Michele recently posted..Surgery UpdateMy Profile

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