I missed #snowpocalypse2014

IMG 3988 1024x1024 I missed #snowpocalypse2014

A picture from my neighbor’s front porch vs. a picture of where we were. No contest.

Four years ago I got to miss Snowageddon and this year, I missed #snowpocalypse2014. And I am happy about that. The Zippy family spent the past several days in Southern California–La Jolla to be exact. I don’t think we could have picked a better time to get the heck out of Maryland, either.

Like many of you, I am just over this winter. I don’t even like it at the beginning of the season, much less when a huge Nor’easter sets its sights on Maryland in mid-February. So I was definitely doing a little dance when I discovered I’d get to miss this one.

Instead of shoveling snow, we immersed ourselves in 75-degree, beautifully sunny California coastline days. We hiked, we kayaked, we spent lots of time combing the shore for seals and sea lions, and we just enjoyed being away from the day-in, day-out of winter.

Now the hard part: returning to winter. Every time I get away in the winter, I question my sanity for living somewhere that delivers it. I love Maryland and I love raising my kids here, but I am just not cut out for the cold/snow. It wears me down. Warm weather is an automatic mood booster for me. In the summer, you’ll never hear me complain about the heat and I get sad every single fall when it starts to cool. Retirement will definitely feature a more temperate climate, probably on the West Coast. I’ll never be one to wish the years away, but it will be nice when I can count down how many more winters I have to face.

The warm weather and beautiful scenery definitely made running outside tempting, too. I’ll update you on that Wednesday.

How did you weather the storm last week if you’re on the East Coast? Anyone else lucky enough to get away for the long weekend? 

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  1. Lucky you! You definitely have the timing down!
    Gracie (Complicated Day) recently posted..What are you wearing this weekend? Five years runningMy Profile

  2. Ohhh, I love La Jolla! I’ve been there a few times for business and loved trail running on the cliffs at Torrey Pines. We’re trying to figure out where to escape for spring break at the end of March. Definitely somewhere warm!

  3. I weathered the storm okay – on Wednesday here in NC is when it all started, and it was just awful!! I was trapped inside Wednesday, which was supposed to be a rest day, and I almost spent the whole day inside until my fiance came and rescued me and we went for a run in my rain boots – I was going crazy! But managed to get all my mileage in!
    Cheri @ Overactive Blogger recently posted..Lake Street Dive! And Valentine’s Day recap!My Profile

  4. I am very jealous. I wish that we were going someplace warm this week for the boys’ vacation but no. I’m so over winter but I’m glad that you got a way. I was just saying to my husband that I think we need to move to a warmer climate.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Click. Snap.My Profile

  5. So Cal is definitely the place to be! It was close to 90 this weekend in the desert, a little too warm for February, but much better than freezing snow and ice. Hope you had fun in La Jolla!
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!My Profile

  6. I can’t believe that snow- huge amount! Love La Jolla and so glad you to enjoy it! I lived in San Diego for 5 years and boy is the weather perfect.

  7. I’m so, so jealous of your getaway! We’ve been buried and there’s more coming. I always dream of getting away in the winter but like you said, it’s the coming back thing that’s just as hard!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Being a Yoga MamaMy Profile

  8. I love California! I have been out there since 2008. With family out there I should go more often. In Buffalo, we missed this storm all together. I totally agree with you about the cold. I find my self surfing The Weather Channel looking at warmer places just to mentally get myself out of here. I told my husband that I want to be a Snow Bird after we retire. No more winters!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted..A Real Resolution (Guest Post)My Profile

  9. I truly haven’t missed winter once since moving to florida…I am very grateful that over the winter orlando is cooler than miami though. All of this to say hmm I’m trying to work on getting us to move to colorado.
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..8 Coaches on tackling your first half marathon – #bestfoot link up 6My Profile

  10. I’m counting the days until I leave snow land for the land of sunshine – 7 to go!!
    AmyC recently posted..Training Truths: My Knee is Crunchy??My Profile

  11. That view is to die for! I can’t say I love huge snowstorms but I do enjoy the change of seasons, even if that means tons and tons of snow for weeks on end. It’s disrupting and I have to log many miles on a treadmill but, there’s something MORE beautiful about spring and summer when you’ve gone through winter. Now, talk to me in April and if it’s still like this, I’ll be taking a warm vacation somewhere! :-)
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Payoff WeekMy Profile

  12. I’m with you. I live in Virginia and I can’t wait for spring. This weather depresses me! Hopefully we are past the snowy weather! Hang n there.

  13. Oh, man! You’re making everyone jealous. I got to spend a couple of weeks in Miami last month, and I’ll be there again this week, and then Texas next week, so I’ll end up missing a fair amount of this winter.
    bob recently posted..Work on balance to avoid injuriesMy Profile

  14. After a few years complaining, I’ve really embraced winter this year and have been loving it. We’ve been skiing , sledding, and tubing, tried snowshoeing; next year cross country skiing!
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Movies and Indoor TrainingMy Profile

  15. man the LAST BAD WINTER we had in PGH caused me to move south :-)
    In other news I have a guest room if you wantna visit :)
    Carla recently posted..Is BARBIE unapologetically herself?My Profile

  16. Excellent timing! For once we got to sit back and watch the east coast get hammered rather than be the object of mom nature’s wrath. I am a winter fan and a heat weenie so no complaints about the polar vortex here. As long as I have my mill. I’m good to go.
    Marcia recently posted..#MNBChallenge: Nourish RecapMy Profile

  17. I’m jealous! That sounds amazing. So glad you got to get away! This winter has been relentless. It affects my energy and mood, too. I was happier year round in sunny Texas! I think I’m with you on retiring somewhere warmer. :)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Half marathon training + Menu planning link upMy Profile

  18. Great timing!! I’m so with you on questioning my sanity for living in this part of the country – this winter has really been eating at me! So glad you got a break from it all!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..First race and a Tweeked KneeMy Profile

  19. I am so jealous of you right now, that sounds wonderful. BUT, the only good thing that comes of this, is how much more you appreciate the warm and the summer after you have been through Winters like we have here on the East Coast. I always run better after crappy weather as I feel like it toughens me up, so come race day, if there is great conditions I can perform better as I know I have been through worse!

    You get this anyway from your injury, that toughend you up too :)

    I managed to get all 75 miles this week, with only 8 on the treadmill, so I was very happy with that! Feeling good so far :)
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday: Mushroom PastaMy Profile

  20. This winter I’m starting to think I need to move even farther south! Glad you got away – hope it was a great trip!

  21. makes me want to relocate. Just wish we all could afford CA living haha
    lindsay recently posted..Computrainers and 2 Indoor Cycling WorkoutsMy Profile

  22. I share your exact sentiments about winter! We too are contemplating how we will “snow bird” in the future years. Right now, Florida looks like our plan :) Glad you got out for a while … I really need out myself. I’m a flip-flops and sundress girl at heart. *sigh*
    Christina recently posted..Strength exercises and gluten free browniesMy Profile

  23. LaJolla looks fabulous! I’m ready to book my plane tickets now. :) I have a couple of friends who have traveled to warm places from cold and snowy Chicago and they said it was a shock getting back, too. Hope acclimating back to the cold goes well!
    Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..Thinking About the Full MarathonMy Profile

  24. We are supposed to get another 4-8 inches today.

    Like you I am so over this winter. I have to keep reminding myself that this winter is exceptional. We’ve been lucky to have had some pretty mild winters the last few years. But yes, I’m ready to be done.

    I’ve got a half marathon in March in sunny Florida. I think that is what is keeping me going!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..To Garmin or not to Garmin…that is my questionMy Profile

  25. Oh I wish I could have gotten away! I did get a lot of reading and a lot of cross training..aka shoveling in.
    Running LIbrarian recently posted..running loveMy Profile

  26. Lucky! I actually live on the weat coast but went to South Carolina last week with my husband and kids. We got stuck 2 extra days because of the weather:/ Back home now to rain and 40 degrees:( Blech I am ready for spring!
    Rachelle Q recently posted..Workplay Goddess III Bag Winner!My Profile

  27. I’m so happy that you were able to miss out on the latest snow storm!!!
    I’m with you – I don’t like winter from beginning to end but bring the heat – no complaining about heat or humidity from me!!!
    Kim recently posted..Racing – Then and NowMy Profile

  28. So wonderful that you escaped that horrid weather.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted..Back on Track with BriberyMy Profile

  29. This winter has been brutal, but I still prefer it over the oppressive heat and humidity! I wouldn’t mind a warm vacation though. ;-)
    Coco recently posted..Running In Circles In The RainMy Profile

  30. Oh I love La Jolla! When we lived in CA that was Chad and I’s favorite weekend getaway! No more winter. Say it with me No More Winter!!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..MNB Challenge Week 2My Profile

  31. How in the world did we miss one another?!? I was literally down there this weekend as well (Fri-Sat). Small world :) Glad you enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine!

  32. That sounds wonderful!
    Kristen @ The Running Mom recently posted..Pleurisy and osteopathic treatmentMy Profile

  33. I live in Flagstaff (we get mad winter storms (with sun) but have had really mild weather this winter) but used to live in Michigan. My mood made a 180-degree turn to the better after we moved. We didn’t move her b/c of the weather, but I’m glad we did. When I go home to MI for Christmas it’s all I can do to make it through the week!

    Glad you had some good CA time!!
    Stephanie@nowirun.com recently posted..It’s like Walking Tacos and Sweet Girl is a fighter!My Profile

  34. I am super jealous. I was actually supposed to leave for Cozumel last Saturday, but unfortunately my vacation plans were canceled at the last minute.

    This Winter has just been terrible. I am so ready for it to be over. It is supposed to be 60 here today – but then possible snow Thurs. Sigh….I’m ready for summer!
    Michael recently posted..A “Maybe Crazy” ExperimentMy Profile

  35. Your timing is impeccable. i imagine you were down there in the sun just watching the inches pile up. Glad you got to get out and enjoy it!
    Katie recently posted..Five Reasons to Love the Long RunMy Profile

  36. You were not too far from me – well, without traffic! ;) We are having nice weather here but we do need rain!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & ThanksMy Profile

  37. Lucky you! No long weekend away for us anywhere warm. My fiance did go to Florida for a few days earlier this month but I was unable to go with him (work!). I am definitely ready for some warmer weather, I don’t even care if it’s 70, heck I’d sell my soul for consistently over 30 right now!
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..Boston Training: On the Up-swingMy Profile

  38. I feel the same way about summer. It just sucks the life out of me and as soon as it starts to warm up in spring I start to feel anxious about the hot weeks ahead. I can’t wait for it to cool down just a little.
    Char recently posted..Watch-Free and Carefree.My Profile

  39. I wouldn’t say you “missed’ it… This winter has been ridiculous. I’m in SOUTH Carolina. It’s not supposed to be in the teens for multiple days or snow twice in the same month (or year, at that). Guess I just need to move to the equator!
    lindsay recently posted..2014 Goals: Better Late Than NeverMy Profile

  40. i quit this weather,too. I complained that we hadn’t had winter for several years now (for real-barely used a coat) and 2 snowed in weeks later I HATE it. I’m not cut out for it. I get too bored inside. So glad yall missed it!
    elizabeth recently posted..5 Reasons to Run for a CharityMy Profile


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