Dynamic warm-up for runners

A bit of an injury update: I’m continuing to move forward. I’m seeing my PT once/week and each week we are adding in a bit more to my routine. This week I got onto the AlterG at 70 percent body weight for a single mile, mostly to provide a little stress for the hamstring which helps stimulate healing. It also served as a test for the spot. As anyone who has ever had a tendon injury knows, the pain may not show up during the run, but rather, somewhere in the next 24 hours. I’m happy to say mine felt better the next day…progress!

One of the things my PT and I discussed is the dynamic warm up. I have, of course, known about the importance of this for years, but like many runners, neglect it. Right now as I rehab, it’s more important than ever. There are many ways to go about a dynamic warm up and many moves you can incorporate. I checked in with my friend Pat, an uber-experienced runner, coach and personal trainer, and came up with these moves, which use both lateral and front-to-back movement. I also like to do moves that enhance better form, and believe that throwing in some barefoot strides before starting to run can help carry good form over into your run. Below, a sample of a simple, quick warm-up to loosen you up before the actual run.

dynamic warmupThat’s it. Five easy moves and about five minutes of time–I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

Do you practice a dynamic warm-up? What moves do you incorporate?

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  1. says

    First of all, that is so cool you got to run on an Alter-G!? What did THAT feel like? Second, I absolutely need to incorporate dynamic warm-ups. I usually only do them pre-race but, of course, I should do them whenever I’m running. Thanks for literally spelling it out…
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  2. says

    When I tore my calf a few years ago running on snow, I was put through a strict PT regime. It is tough, but those exercises truly help. I still do them twice a week even now, and I truly believe they make a difference. You will come back stronger and less injury prone from this :) I also do dynamic warmups before all my workouts, not only do they help the hard running, but they build speed, which is important for racing!

    Oh, and the pain with those kind of injuries is the worst!!!! When I had the muscle strain in the few weeks before the marathon (and particularly after my time off when coming back), it drives you crazy, it is not like a bone where you either run or dont; if there is any pain, STOP. Instead you have to play this crazy game of pushing it a little, but not too much….or you have to take 3 steps back. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here….it plays tricks with your minds, and I hated running during that time. I know some tricks if you are struggling though….dont wanna make this comment too long haha! Hang in there, each day you move one step closer to being back :)
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  3. Wendy says

    Usually my warm up consists of multiple trips up and down the stairs of my split level home–carrying laundry or other items belonging to the men in my house!! In all seriousness, I should do something more targeted, tho…

    So glad you’re recovering from that injury. I spent most of 2012 recovering from injuries, so I appreciate every run!

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    I used to do a dynamic warm-up similar to that in college but now I just let my first mile or so act as the warm-up. Maybe I will start using this again and try to be preventative!!!
    Glad you are healing!!
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  5. says

    Love this! My PT and I were just discussing the necessity (not option) of dynamic stretching! I like to grapevine just to practice my agility so I don’t get schooled in afternoon football games with the kids!
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  6. says

    It’s always been cool to watch track runners do their dynamic warm-ups. A good warm up is a HUGE difference between a crappy workout and a good one. That being said, I consider myself to be a very dynamic woman, complete with firework explosions trailing behind me. (no, they’re not farts)
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