The things I’ll do for running

All to keep at it

All to keep at it

First, let may say that my I tip my hat to anyone who has been on crutches for any length of time. My two measly days were more than enough, thank you very much!

As I hobbled around on the crutches last week, I was thinking about the lengths I will go to in order to keep running. Over 16 years of running and a few injuries, I’ve gone through quite a bit, all in the name of running. The list looks something like this:

  • Hundreds of massages
  • Dozens of acupuncture appointments
  • Graston, ART, and dry needling treatments
  • Physical therapy
  • Orthotics (worst move ever)
  • Ultrasound treatments
  • A cortisone shot
  • Two trips to an out-of-state holistic doctor
  • PRP injections
  • A concerted effort at form change (successful)
  • A complete change in shoe type

And that’s not getting into all the day-to-day things we all do to run our healthiest/best, like strength training, yoga, lots of reading, researching and consulting with coaches. Lots of time, lots of money. Like the commercial says, though: being able to run–priceless.

What have you done to stay healthy/get healthy over the years in order to run? 

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  1. says

    So true! I’ve done a lot of the same on your list and was just thinking about this very thing as I scheduled a massage for a nasty IT thing I have going on. Perhaps REST is the best cure? Nah!!!!
    Allie recently posted..The RundownMy Profile

  2. says

    Wow that is quite a list! I thought it was bad that I had to go to PT once a week for a few months but you’ve truly been through it all. I’d resort to the same things if only to get back out running again. Way to keep at it! Hope your doing better!
    Holly recently posted..Beat the Frost Beauty EssentialsMy Profile

  3. Jill says

    Can you comment on how effective you feel accupuncture is? I’m currently sidelined with ITBS for the second time in one year. Done everything including a regular hip/glute strengthening routine with no success. Im considering accupuncture for this injury.

    • MissZippy says

      I have to say that I love it and do think it can help a ton. I don’t think it can do it all on its own, but as a great adjunct to healing, I recommend it and use it any time I am hurting. Usually one treatment won’t do it, but a series of treatments.

      Also, I had a bad ITB injury a few years back and nothing seemed to help it. In the end, it wasn’t lack of hip/glute strength, but a glute med. and TFL that weren’t really firing. I had an applied kinesiologist get them “turned on” via acupressure and it got me back out with no recurrence. Search my blog for Sock Doc references and you should be able to stumble upon it. Good luck!

  4. elizabeth says

    It seems like you do not like orthotics, but I got a pair made last year and they have helped a lot. I have arthritis in my big toe joints and would probably not be able to keep running without the orthotics. Why do so many people seem to hate orthotics?

    • MissZippy says

      Elizabeth–I was prescribed them originally for plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Ironically, after wearing them for several months, developed it in my left foot. I finally ditched them, began walking bare foot and running in minimal shoes and I have never had any hints of PF since. I am in that group of folks who believe orthotics are like casts and they weaken your feet by not allowing them to move as they naturally would. Strong feet are an important part of the running equation, in my opinion, and we can never get there with orthotics on.

      • Susan SRMS says

        Hi Amanda,
        I have a different take on the whole shoe/injury thing. I believe there would be fewer injuries if runners wore a more neutral shoe, not worrying about heel drop, just less overall shoe. Also perform hip strengthening exercises regularly and run only three days a week., and cross train on the other days. The running days would include a short, fast run, a medium hill run and a long run. Also, one full day off with no exercise. I think most runners confuse quantity with quality and overdue, causing injuries. More is not always better. Thoughts?

        • MissZippy says

          I just believe in less shoe no matter what, but less heel-to-toe offset in particular. Just this one person’s experience. As to mileage–very, very individual. I think most people can handle more than 3 runs/week, but that most runs should be in the easy category with speed work sprinkled in after a base has been built. And I have always, always been a proponent of one day off/week. That’s written in stone for me!

  5. says

    Try 4 months on crutches…. I have given up any type of shoes that have a heel or are pointed. Believe I love shoes and now I just stare at them in my closet (some day I will give them away – not ready yet.)
    Darlene recently posted..Weekly Running UpdateMy Profile

  6. bob says

    Haven’t needed anything but common sense. When something hurts even a little bit, I’m on it right away to figure out how I can fix it. That usually means going super minimal or barefoot around the house and on the next run. Being gluten-free has helped too (LOLz)!

  7. says

    I had Shockwave therapy done on my foot for Achilles tendonitis, that’s the most severe professional treatment that I’ve had – the best thing is that it totally helped!

    Lately I’ve been self-grastoning any areas that I feel are starting to get adhesions… right not that’s my IT band… not a pleasant experience, but whatever works, right? :)
    Terry recently posted..Meet the ForeRunners!My Profile

  8. Pat says

    This may sound odd, but several years ago I reduced my mileage greatly so that I can, hopefully, extend my longevity as a runner. Part heredity and partially my fault(many, many years of daily running and crazy mileage), but my arthritic knees greatly appreciated it. Taking the next step soon and getting synvisc shots in one knee.

  9. says

    Crutches suck mud!!! I was supposed to use them over a year ago for the stress fracture in my hip – for 8 weeks. I made 1 day and decided I couldn’t do it.
    Glad you are done with them and hopefully feeling pretty good!
    Kim recently posted..I Have a Secret to ShareMy Profile

  10. says

    Love this list!! The way I look at it, lots of people spend money on therapists, we spend our money to keep running for our own daily therapy. In the end, running may NOT be cheaper than therapy, but it sure does make my world a much more stable place!! And for a mom, that trickles down to my family. Whatever it takes to get healthy! Hoping the PRP injection is successful for you!
    Kate recently posted..Talking myself off the ledge of doubtMy Profile

  11. says

    I was really lucky when I was running a lot. Aside from some off and on plantar fasciitis, I ran injury free for many years. Even now, the issues I deal with weren’t from running. My knee was injured teaching an exercise class, and that is the main problem I have right now. My massages are for pleasure (and an occasional tweaky back), I’ve never had surgery, physical therapy, or tried acupuncture. Not bad for 20 years of running. Thanks for this post, it has made me appreciate my body even more! :-)

    Glad you’re off the crutches. That would really be tough.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..Running Goals: Rockin’ and Rollin’ into 2014My Profile

  12. says

    Crutches are the worst. They make your armpits sore (LOL). I have done a ton of chiropractic, massage, graston, ultrasound, PT., foam rolling I am thinking I would like to try acupuncture too. It seems like the list of necessary things to keep the body in one piece keeps growing as I get older :)

    Hope you are able to keep running!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted..Goals for 2014My Profile

  13. bob says

    Hey, so it looks like you’re wearing Delilahs in that picture. Any problems with injury when you wore those? You typically wear the Drift now, right? Wonder if there is a connection. Probably not, but I would guess that the Altras are more more conducive to good form than the Brooks. The Altras are less cushioned and have a completely flat profile. I love my Adams and Samsons, and always go back to those when something hurts or my form seems off. Going to try barefoot on the treadmill for fun today.

    • MissZippy says

      The Delilahs are definitely a bit less shoe than the Drifts. I of course have wondered about the Drifts…will be playing around with shoes (I always am) going forward.

      • bob says

        Seems like my training runs in the Samsons always feel great. Haven’t had the guts to try them or something like Bikilas in a race. Since my PR streak ended, I might as well.

  14. says

    well, you already know….but SURGERY. A good $5,000 out of pocket for surgery, post surgery care, PT, etc. This doesn’t include the massages and chiro over the years. and PT for IT band issues in years past. People probably think we runners are all nuts.
    elizabeth recently posted..Training through the HolidaysMy Profile

  15. says

    It’s funny when we’ll do to keep running….when honestly, it’s just running. Not like we’re getting paid to do this. But it keeps our sanity!

    I didn’t seek out one professional in 2013 except one visit to my PT when I thought I busted a rib (it was only a pulled rib muscle). I didn’t stretch. I didn’t do any yoga. I didn’t do anything but run. And climb! And I felt better than I EVER have in the past (well, aside from that little rib thingie for 2 weeks :)).