Places I don’t want to run

Team "Cold Circle" running a New Year's Eve run in Finland.

Team “Cold Circle” running a New Year’s Eve run in Finland.

Right about now, I’m getting a little stir crazy for a run–crazy enough that I can convince myself I’d almost be happy on a treadmill. Or in a parking garage. Whatever it takes…but I’m not ready yet.

So to help keep my yearning in check, I made a list of places or events I’d rather just skip. Some are just out of this chicken’s comfort zone. Others involve copious amounts of food shoveled in short stints of time. Some just aren’t a good fit. Even though I’m usually a never say never kind of person, I think my list below is pretty much a sure bet:

  • Running in shorts and without a shirt in Finland in the middle of winter. Mr. Zippy’s company is based in Finland, and he first learned of this hearty group of runners several years back. A Finnish running friend confirmed the rumor for me–these guys go through the entire stretch of Arctic winter running outdoors in little more than shorts. Makes you kind of feel wimpy for choosing the treadmill on cold days, no?
  • The hot dog or doughnut or beer downing run–there are several of these out there and I just have to say, they hold no appeal for me. I like to run on an empty stomach for the most part, so the thought of running x number of miles, shoving hot dogs down my throat and then trying to run some more just does nothing for me. Nor does puking, which is what would surely happen to me if I tried!
  • That whole running with donkeys, or is it burros (what’s the difference?) race. I’m sure that in my case, it would somehow lead to an injury.
  • Running a Disney race–I know, I know. Legions of you love these races and more power to you. Wearing tutus and tiaras, or costumes, and hugging characters along the way will just never be my thing.
  • Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls–Perhaps not in the classification of a real run, but…Hemmingway made it sound romantic. These legs, heavily laden with slow twitch muscles, would have no business trying to sprint from angry bulls.

Other than that, I’m pretty open to a wide variety of running experiences. I wouldn’t even cross running in Antarctica or Badwater off for certain, although I despise extreme cold and extreme heat. The beauty of it is, running can take us anywhere.

What runs are you certain you’ll never do?

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  1. says

    If you had run last night with us you would have wanted to take your shirt off… it was still over 30*C at 18h00, and the program called for 2 x 5km hard… it was hot and the sweat was dripping…

    Next post, favourite place to run…?
    Coach Dion recently posted..SHOESMy Profile

  2. says

    The older I get the less I want to go to a running event with thousands of other runners. I am getting worse and worse about just enjoying the experience of the race, something with that many people, becomes more of an event and looses something for me. I have a feeling that most of my focus will be on smaller local races around where I live or wherever I am visiting.

    But I agree running in just short in the winter-time, does not interest me at all.
    Harold recently posted..Sometimes We ForgetMy Profile

  3. says

    Yes! I won’t pay an extra $50 for a crowded half marathon where you -squeee!- run with Disney characters. I think it’s just a system to sell more stuff (more souvenirs, more races with combination medals, personalized junk), and of course I’m cheap. And then I’m in fear and awe of those who can down 6 donuts in 6 miles. Not my thing. However, I’ve been voluntold that I’ll be helping with the barathon this spring – 6 beers during a 10k. It’s the original gimmick run, since the ’80s. I’d rather volunteer than participate. I’m sure I’d de of alcohol poisoning.
    Gracie (Complicated Day) recently posted..Who Dat :( My Profile

  4. Wendy says

    I love this!! So many people have must run bucket lists; nice to see must not runs too!

    I ran WDW half a few years ago; I have to agree with you that it is so overrated. And the whole costume thing, which wasn’t a thing when I ran it, is OUT OF CONTROL. I’m not a tutu wearing kind of gal.

    I would add an ultra to this list…I have no desire to run that far. My favorite distance is a half…I can go all out and enjoy the ride on those. The full was a must do, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as any of my halfs. So there’s that too….

  5. says

    This is great. No desire AT ALL to run a Disney race. Also won’t do a color run either. I get that they’re fun but part of the fun, at least for me, is the serious aspect of racing and challenging myself. The gimmicks are a great way to get non-runners interested in racing though.

  6. says

    Any RnR Race – I am not made of money and medals and music are not requirements for me to do a race. I’m with you on food and drink runs. First, my stomach won’t tolerate it, and second, how do you celebrate post race when you are already gorged and/or drunk?
    Jamoosh recently posted..Back FeedMy Profile

  7. Terzah says

    Great post! I will never do any race that involves electric shocks. Other than that..almost never say never for me.

  8. says

    I would separate what I would do for ‘fun’ (in other words, with someone else) compared to what I would set as my own goal.

    I personally have no interest in muddy, color, or other ‘fun runs’.

    Definitely no interest in an eating/drinking run. Though listening to Bart Yasso talk about the wine tasting marathon … I could see doing that with my brother if he is ever able to run a marathon again.

    And when I read about ‘waiting miles for the crowd to thin out’ I am instantly turned off on a race. Again, with friends, sure – but not as a ‘for me’ thing.

    And since I was out last week in -20F temps … I might just be stupid enough to do one of those frozen runs! :)
    Michael Anderson recently posted..Icy Roads Means Bodyweight Exercises the BMAX Way!My Profile

  9. says

    I just don’t understand those donut type runs. How can you eat that and then go run? I do have a very sensitive stomach so these races might be fun for some but not me;) No bulls and no super cold weather for me either. I have to admit a Disney race sounds fun but I have never done one:)
    Rachelle Q recently posted..Well That’s Embarrassing!My Profile

  10. says

    Love this – I”m with you – no running that involves eating and drinking (other than water) and then more running!!
    And, I’m so glad that I’m not the only person with absolutely zero desire to do a Disney race!! I’ve enjoyed reading all the recaps but it really isn’t my thing.
    Kim recently posted..Thank You, Friends!!!!My Profile

  11. Bo says

    I’d have to agree on the food / beer runs, sounds awful. As well as colour runs (dye and corn starch in my lungs? no thanks..) and definitely Badwater – it seems tantamount to self abuse.

  12. says

    Ooof! Many of those would be definite no nos for me! The only one I think I want to do someday is the Disney races, I would love to do them one day with my kids….when I have some that is :) I agree 100% with all those eating ones, yuck! I know one of the track teams up in the Northeast does an Eggnog challenge….400m….glass of eggnog…400m….glass of eggnog! Last one to throw up wins! No thank you!!!!!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Gluten Free Cooking…10 days inMy Profile

  13. says

    Great list. I’m also not into all the new themed runs that seem to be all over – mud runs, color runs, glow in the dark runs. They just don’t hold much appeal to me. Although neither do the Rock n Roll races, yet some friends talked me into running the half in Phoenix this weekend! The things I’ll do for friends and to get a run in…
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..Klean Athlete Protein Powder GiveawayMy Profile

  14. says

    Ha- these are funny! I’ve seen something like the Finland run where they go barefoot in the middle of winter on snow! No thank you!
    I’m not into colour runs, obstacle runs, tough mudders either. I don’t want to risk getting injured throwing myself over barriers!
    On the otherhand, I ran Disneyworld a few years ago and had a blast. I didn’t dress up or stop for photos with characters, but I had a hoot running through the theme parks before people were in them!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Birthday weekend, a race and a certificationMy Profile

  15. says

    I’m not a runner (can I still be here on your blog?), but if I were, I’d want to just run. Those Tough Mudder races where you climb walls and crawl under fire – I just don’t see the appeal. If I want to hurt myself I can think of plenty of ways to do it without paying an entrance fee.
    Dana recently posted..One fierce mama (guest post)My Profile

  16. says

    I’m totally with you on most of these: couldn’t care less about Disney, no eating/drinking until after, I did the mud thing and probably won’t again. BUT the one that is near the top of my bucket list is a donkey race or ride & tie. I rode horses for so long I think I could really spank a race like that.
    Marcia recently posted..#OneChange Tips to Beat Boredom EatingMy Profile

  17. says

    I’m with you and Marcia on the tutus and characters things. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I would rather just run.

    I did one of those color runs and it was fun but I’m just not sure it was a good fit either. I don’t like those beer runs either. The thought of drinking beer during or after a race makes me want to vomit. :)
    Katie recently posted..The More You Know: Dreaming BigMy Profile

  18. says

    Sparkle me, momma!!!!! Give me a sparkly skirt and some nuun and a shiny medal AND I WILL RUN IT! After I get my new hip that is 😉 honestly, I will probably never run a race over 5k again…if I’m lucky enough to do that. You people are so fucking PICKY!

  19. says

    Burro racing is VERY big out here in Colorado, especially in the gold mining towns like Leadville and Fairplay. A good friend is really into it; it’s cool to listen to him talk about it…but nothing I ever want to do.

    I have no interest in doing any of those Warrior Dashes or Color Runs. Honestly, I don’t even want to run a road race again. Ha.
    Jill recently posted..2013: What a (Helluva) YearMy Profile

  20. says

    We would make a perfect running team! I don’t think I would ever do any of those either. I’m always in awe of the “food” or “beer” runs. At the end of the Vermont Marathon years ago, a group of spectators were handing out little plastic cups of beer at like the 24 mile mark. I almost puked just *thinking* about drinking it. Now – 2 hours post race? I’m definitely up for that kind of carb loading :-)
    Allie recently posted..Out SickMy Profile

  21. says

    I’m open to many options but will skip the bulls for sure! Some desert runs also doesn’t appeal to me although there are some I’d love to do. I will run in extreme cold any day. I will also skip most big city marathons. I don’t like the crowds at all.
    Johann recently posted..Back from a wonderful trip.My Profile

  22. says

    Now you’ve got me thinking. I may need a “running with the bulls” escape. That’s much less stressful than dealing with the banshee-children after work. I’m certain I can book a plane ticket before quitting time today. Airport is only 25 mins from my job.
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Ass Kicker Fat Melting ChallengeMy Profile

  23. says

    See, here’s the thing. I already enjoy running. I don’t need mud, coloured cornstarch, electric shocks, tutus or beer to enjoy a run. I am hugely clumsy and don’t like broken bones, so I don’t do obstacle-course runs. But I will run any of these with friends as a social experience, provided they aren’t too overpriced!
    Grace recently posted..In defense of disgusting gym clothesMy Profile