An announcement, a review, and a (shoe) giveaway

The Salomon Sensa Ultras

The Salomon Sensa Ultras

If you follow me over on Facebook, you’ve already seen what I’ll be doing Nov. 18-21. But if not, let me share it with you. I’ll be joining speakers like Nancy Clark and Kathrine Switzer at the “Run Faster, Further and Injury-Free for Years to Come,” telesummit, sponsored by the International Association of Women Runners. I’m really excited to be a part of this and will be speaking on the impact of blogging on women’s running. I’d LOVE to have you guys sign up to listen in–it’s FREE and you listen in from home. Even if you can’t make the slotted speaker times, the entire conference will be available for download when it’s all over. Here’s the link to get signed up, which I really hope you’ll do, or you can click on the badge up there in my left-hand sidebar.

Now on to the review: I was recently given the chance to try the Salomon Sensa Ultra trail shoe. Let me preface this by saying that my very favorite trail shoe, hands down, is the New Balance Minimus Trail, which means I have a bias. But as much as I love the NB, they tend to be a tad too minimal on really rocky trails–rocks can hurt. So I was open to trying the Salomons when I got the chance.

Unfortunately, these were not the right shoe for me. They have a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, which I don’t mind, but they were just too much shoe for my liking. I found them stiff and clunky, and they didn’t give me a good ground feel, which is something I look for in a trail shoe especially. I felt separated from the ground in these and even propelled a bit forward. Still, for someone who prefers a more traditional trail shoe, I think this could be the right fit. It is lightweight and not as bulky as many other models, so it might be the perfect transition shoe for someone looking to move down a bit in shoe. Many thanks to Salomon for giving me the opportunity to try them.

Finally, the giveaway. I’ve reviewed the SKORA Form shoes here before and had nothing but positives to say about them. They’re still in great shape, even all these months later. The company recently released some new models and is offering up a free pair to one of my readers. Check out the video showing the new Phase X model (tell me these aren’t the best!)  and then enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends next Friday, Nov. 15.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whew! Did I just cover a lot of ground in this post? I feel like I did! Have a great weekend of running…

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  1. mara @BHF says

    I would love to try a new model of shoes. I’ve worn the same model shoes for 4 years (since I started running), and now all of a sudden I am getting callous and blisters.

  2. Dawnley burwell says

    I always hear wonderful things about Skora shoes but have yet to try them. Definitely bein added to my shoes to try list.

  3. says

    That conference sounds really cool. I can’t wait to hear what you learn from it AND it’s so awesome you’ll be there speaking!! As for the shoes, I just keep hearing great things about them. I love how they look – super light!!

  4. says

    So far I’ve tried a few shoes and fell in love with my Merrells. I haven’t wavered, 4 pairs in! I’d love a chance to try something new I might love without the big financial investment :)
    Maggie recently posted..Baton RogueMy Profile

  5. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says

    I would love to try Skora running shoes because I am trying to build my endurance. I like that they are made so it’s like running with bare feet!

  6. says

    I’ve been playing around with lots of different running shoes and have moved to a lower drop shoe overall. Would love to give these a shot…especially hearing what you have had to say about them.

  7. Veronica says

    I would love to own a pair of these! They are very stylish and I would love to try a minimalist shoe! Great giveaway :)

  8. Emily says

    I’d love to try Skora shoes because I’ve recently had a training setback with ITBS. The more I read about minimalist shoes, the more I understand that they can help strengthen all of the muscles engaged in running, which leads to FEWER injuries, as opposed to overly supportive shoes which can often impair your muscles from getting stronger and giving you the support you need to keep kickin’ it! Would love to give these a try and see if I can’t shake this ITBS. :)

  9. Kala says

    I would love to try the Skora Shoes. I’ve just started getting into trail running, trying to switch up from all my road training and I’m not quite sure what I like yet for a trail running shoe.

  10. Jennifer caccamo says

    I would like to win them because they are light weight! I would also like to win because I do a lot of trail running.

  11. Steel Springs says

    I’m probably going to need to change shoes soon because of recent blister problems (although I’m holding out hope that the changes in the new model of my current shoe will work). I’ve never tried Skoras and maybe they’ll be the key for me!

  12. says

    I have a close friend who started running in Skoras and she loves them. I’ve heard good things and would love to try them out myself. Without question, I think the Phase-x are the coolest shoes I’ve ever seen. :)
    Laurie recently posted..Halloween happened…My Profile

  13. Brandi Dawn says

    I would like to try them because I have just recently gotten into running and I love it! These shoes would be great to run in :)

  14. Tess says

    I have heard terrific things about SKORA shoes and would love to try the Phase-x. Best wishes on peaking at the conference…sounds exciting.

  15. Tommy says

    I would like to try the Skoras because like you the new balance minimus are some of my favorite shoes. But I have had trouble with the uppers tearing on the minimus and from what I have seen the Skoras are much more durable.

  16. Amber Renton says

    I’m looking for a new brand/ pair of minimalist running shoes! I’ve heard so many great things about Skora’s I’d love the chance to try a pair! Cheers!

  17. Ben J says

    I want to try skora shoes because I’ve heard amazing things about them. Very interested in their zero-drop, minimalist concept.

  18. Kristen M says

    I want to try a minimal style shoe and this is the brand I keep coming back to because of all the great reviews I’ve been hearing over the last year. I like that “real” athletes wear them and that they stand the test of time.

  19. Karen says

    I’ve made the transition from neutral to Newton, and would love to try this. I’m relatively new to the sport (3 years) and despite guidance from my excellent local running store, am still experimenting with the variety of what’s right for me.