A new running coach?

IMG 3203 225x300 A new running coach? Well, I’ve pulled the trigger–after a ridiculously large amount of debate (you’d have thought I was buying a new house or something) I have decided to go ahead and do some marathon specific work for Richmond. I talked things over with running coach Jeff Gaudette, who I used last marathon training cycle, and he convinced me that it was the right way to go. He thinks that my fat-burning pathways have been opened thanks to my MAF training, and will remain that way, even with the marathon training. So it’s done, and I’ve even done six miles of pace training already. I didn’t die, so that’s a bonus!

I really enjoy working with Jeff, so I am excited for what the next nine weeks or so will bring. Still, I did debate whether or not he was my right coaching choice, because you see, I’ve got Tori now. And she’s pretty ridiculously fast. I think just trying to keep up with her and I’d get where I wanted to be.  ;  )

What do you think? 

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  1. Congrats on taking the plunge and hiring a coach. I plod along so I’m thinking a coach isn’t in my future, but I love living vicariously through others!
    Stephanie@nowiun.com recently posted..Rapid ReadMy Profile

  2. She is fast!! And love the picture of your two. Yay for the decision to do some marathon-specific training. You’re going to do great and I’m sure that it kind of feels nice to run fast, huh?
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Little Surfer DudesMy Profile

  3. I think 9 weeks is more then enough time for marathon training, and I hope you coach takes a couple of weeks to build you into ‘proper’ training again…

    I would also like to see you do another MAF test after 3-4 weeks of marathon training just to see how it goes!
    Coach Dion recently posted..FEELING OLD (TIRED)My Profile

  4. A coach…You must be very serious about the running, I am not at a stage to even ever consider a coach but I hope they push you and make you the runner you inspire to be.
    Natalie recently posted..What Kind of Naturaful Results Should You Expect?My Profile

  5. I think there might be a new Miss Zippy! :) Yay for marathon training – I could tell that was the way you were leaning. I bet your legs were itching to go!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..A Day in the Life + Body Language Sportswear Giveaway!My Profile

  6. Yes Tori would be a fabulous running buddy- if you want to work! That’s very exciting!
    emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted..Need your help pretty pleaseMy Profile

  7. You don’t see Tori worrying about MAF training, right? :)
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Interval Training InfographicMy Profile

  8. tori is a great partner! ;-) And glad to hear you are going to work with jeff again. SOmetimes it just helps put your mind at ease!
    lindsay recently posted..Celiac Awareness Day- Feeding a #GF Friend, Family, and more!My Profile

  9. Tori looks like a little speedster! Good luck with the new coach and the new training plan!
    Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  10. Wow, Tori is so speedy! You better ease into her sprint levels! I’m so excited for Richmond. You’re going to rock it with all of the MAF training under your belt + marathon specific training the rest of the way!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Happy 4th Birthday BeanMy Profile

  11. I can’t wait to hear all about your training for Richmond!
    Jess recently posted..Runner’s High (five) FridayMy Profile

  12. Wow, that’s a fast dog! My Great Dane just lumbers along. Good luck with the marathon coaching and training.
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! recently posted..I Am An Iron Girl!My Profile

  13. I started working with a trainer this summer. I turned a certain age last year and after many years of running, have started suffering from lots of foot problems. My trainer is a corrective exercise specialist. I have admit, it felt a little indulgent, working a trainer. But I have noticed a big difference in my legs and feet. We’ll see how it translates to my half marathon next week, as I attempt to regain my lost youth!

  14. You’ll do great I’m sure. Mindset is so important and if you are comfortable in your choice you’ll do great which ever way you go. Happy training!
    Robin recently posted..5 Weeks Till ChicagoMy Profile

  15. I haven’t worked with a coach since college – I think at this point I’m too set in my ways. I hope that it is a great experience for you!!
    Kim recently posted..Oh, the People You’ll MeetMy Profile

  16. Very cool. I finally got my running coach cert but have never ever used a coach myself! Can’t wait to hear about your new plan
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Pin Pin Pin It PartyMy Profile

  17. Wow, that IS a fast little doggie! How adorable. I’m so intrigued by how this will turn out! Great blog fodder, even if you didn’t mean to be so dramatic about your training ;) Good for you for going with your gut.
    Ashley @ Twynmawrmom recently posted..In the Heights at Walnut Street Theatre #funforFridayMy Profile

  18. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Tori is a speedster, and I bet she loves running with you! Richmond is a beautiful course. Have you run it before?

  19. Congrats on your decision.
    Definitely take Tori with you on your runs or at least for a fast finish long run. I know running with Zoey has improved my pace. Even though she reduces my weight by about 30 lbs and pulls me, my leg turn over has to be faster to keep up. I think running with a fast dog is a benefit.
    Joanne recently posted..Wild Apple Crumble PieMy Profile

  20. Yay for taking the plunge! Looks like keeping up with Tori will definitely keep you on your toes :)
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Thursday Thoughts – Hills EditionMy Profile

  21. Welcome back to the land of speed work! And yes, that would keep you on your toes for sure!
    Sheila recently posted..The Impromptu 5kMy Profile

  22. I know you must be so excited! And yes, Tori should definitely be a part of the coaching team!
    Taylor @ Lifting Revolution recently posted..Vacation Friday: The Best Of EditionMy Profile

  23. Love the video of Tori:) Dogs are always good running partners/coaches, except mine;)
    Rachelle Q recently posted..Five For FridayMy Profile

  24. I was wondering what your decision was. As you know, I started MAF training about the same time as you and have been struggling with the same decision. I run the CIM in December. I think I’ve decided to continue MAF through Sept and start doing some tempo runs – keeping my long runs MAF. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It has helped me with my journey. Here’s to running faster!!!

    • Keep me posted, Patty. It was a tough decision and I’m still not sure I made the right one, but no looking back now!

  25. YAY! I am so happy that my coach will be on her own marathon journey! Tori is ADORABLE!
    Kat recently posted..Races in Costume are more fun with Sparkle AthleticMy Profile

  26. You are gonna rock it. I am 7 weeks away from my marathon. We can do it!
    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..Marathon Training Thursday – 8 weeksMy Profile

  27. Not only is Tori really fast, but she lays down when she is tired. Smart dog! Seems like a good plan to me.

  28. Sounds good. I believe using both training methods together will work out very well for you. You, make a good test subject. haha. :) Good luck with your training and Happy Friday the 13th.
    David recently posted..Running Again!My Profile

  29. I know that’s the choice I would have made, too! I’m excited for you- I’m sure it feels good to move quickly again!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Yasso 800sMy Profile

  30. Sounds like great mix to me! Enjoy the pace runs and wow Tori is a speedster. Like mama like puppy!
    Marcia recently posted..5 Tips for Running at AltitudeMy Profile

  31. OHHH I am surprised after reading his response to you about MAF! I thought you would stay the course, can’t wait to see how it turns out
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..Finding a MentorMy Profile

  32. That girl can run.
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..10 simple tips for running your first half marathonMy Profile

  33. Tori is FAST! Your new partner looks like fun ;)

    Excited for your marathon training Miss!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted..#RECIPEFRIDAY: Banana Peanut Butter Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Protein Cookies!My Profile

  34. Yay, so happy for you and your new race goal! And the whippet, too. She is so cute…and fast!
    Alison @ racingtales recently posted..Why I won’t be running 2014 Boston MarathonMy Profile

  35. Tori might be fast but can she sustain that for 42.2k? I hope she wasn’t too upset when you told her about your new coach.
    Char recently posted..Thirty Days! The Countdown’s StartedMy Profile

  36. I’ll be running Richmond as my first marathon, if all goes well. I’ve been following your MAF training posts. When I started running a few years ago, I did heart rate training exclusively, but I let it go and ended up eventually with ITBS. Hmm! Maybe I will go back to it after Richmond.

    Thanks for the insight and inspiration.

  37. I love my coach – he is so wonderful. I hope you have great experience training for this upcoming marathon.
    Half-Crazed Runner recently posted..For My Children, on the 12th AnniversaryMy Profile

  38. Oh my Tori is so fast and cute! She will make an excellent speed training partner!
    Glad you took time to make the decision. I’m sure you’re excited to mix it up!
    Looking forward to seeing how this marathon goes!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Watching a professional bike tour – Tour of Alberta PrologueMy Profile

  39. You should hire yourself as a coach… better yet, let me be your coach.

    Step 1: run far.
    Step 2: do it fast.
    Step 3: eat mexican food to celebrate

    Clearly, you can see how effective my training plan can be.
    Pavement Runner recently posted..Chipotle: The Scarecrow CommercialMy Profile

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