I’ll admit–I’m jealous

cakerun 005 300x224 Ill admit  Im jealous

Julie can have a bigger slice of our shared birthday cake!

One of the weekly runs I do with my friends starts and ends at a local bakery. After we finish, we head inside for coffee and/or treats. One of my friends, Julie, always has a big, frosted cinnamon roll. Me? I almost always forgo a treat and have tea. The difference, you see, is body type. Julie is one of those people we all envy–she’s tiny and can get away with cinnamon rolls with no waistline repercussions. I cannot. (She will also always be able to crush me at a race, too–yes, more green monster!).

It makes me jealous, for sure. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about what you eat? To indulge in a big, sugary treat after a run and not have to think about the effect on your weight? That will never be my reality.

Instead, I have to be very diligent about my diet and exercise. I’ll have the occasional treat, of course, but overall, I find that I have to be that much more on top of it all than the lucky Julies of the world.

Truthfully, that’s ok. I’ve made peace with my body type and know what my limits are. And with the way that I eat, I honestly don’t even want that cinnamon roll. Plus, a diet of cinnamon rolls isn’t going to make my insides any healthier, nor is it going to get me to a finish line any faster. That’s the bigger picture and the one we all should focus on, much more so than outward appearance. (For the record, Julie eats a very healthy diet overall).

So I’ll continue with my tea and a  healthy breakfast at home, while Julie has her cake and eats it, too. We all have to learn to work with what we were given and that’s what I’ll keep doing.

Your turn–cinnamon role or tea? If tea, are you ok with that?

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  1. I should have the tea but sometimes I do get the cinnamon roll. I’m similar to you – I have to be diligent about my diet and exercise but I also try not to deny myself something if I really want it. And I’m OK with that. I’m OK with my body now (more so than I’ve been in the past) and appreciate all that my body can do.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..1 year and 9 months. Finally surfing.My Profile

  2. I am no good at dieting… I have Doughnuts and slabs of chocolate every day, and I know if I stop running I would be in big trouble. Now with a couple of big races in the next 2 weeks I think I should try and be good!!!
    Coach Dion recently posted..RACING BERNARDMy Profile

  3. If we are talking after running, I’ll just have water. Can’t stomach much else! Other times, it depends. Some days a cinnamon roll/sweet is just what I want. I watch what I eat but don’t deny myself either. Moderation is my mode!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Body Language Sportswear ReviewMy Profile

  4. Maple bar, or chocolate cake, unless the cinnamon roll is frosted. Although I find the older I get the less I can eat all I want and get away with it so I do a little more tea and a little less sweets. Boo
    Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Van Pranks and fun times on the RagnarMy Profile

  5. Tea. Definitely the tea.

  6. I’m more of a crunchy muffin girl with some green tea!
    emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted..Videos you must watch… obviously.My Profile

  7. IMO, I think you should have the big gooey cinnamon roll every once in a while — or at least half!
    Jennifer F recently posted..Never too Hot for Hatch Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup!My Profile

  8. My body is like yours. But I would probably share the cinnamon roll with someone!! I figure I only live once. :)

  9. I am a Tea girl as well… But on occasion I join the cinnamon roll group. But only on occasion.
    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..Confessions of a Secret Sugar AddictMy Profile

  10. **TIP TOES AWAY like the egg and sausage loving misfit she is**
    Miz recently posted..MizBirkenstock! (*tosses shoe-shaped confetti*)My Profile

  11. I used to be a Julie. Now, as I get older and since having my daughter, I find that I have to be a bit more self aware of what I eat. That being said, I think that there is always a time and place to indulge!
    Lisa Runs for Cupcakes recently posted..Hood to Coast: Team Nuun’s Seaside CelebrationMy Profile

  12. Once I hit 30 last year I had to start paying close attention to my diet! I had thyroid cancer as a teen and have had intermittent difficulty with my metabolism, but it never manifested as weight gain until this year. Now, no more bags of candies sitting around for an after work treat for me!
    Gracie (Complicated Day) recently posted..In which I am robbedMy Profile

  13. Thanks for sharing! I always remind myself that I will get more enjoyment and benefits out of my healthy breakfast :-)

  14. I feel ya – I have THEE slowest metabolism so have to word hard for what I eat!
    Kat recently posted..Disneyland Racecation: Disneyland DiningMy Profile

  15. Ok part of me wants to laugh because you are TINY!!!!! But maybe you are tiny because you have learned your body so well and now know how to feed it well!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..I don’t want to hold your babyMy Profile

  16. I’d go for the tea and not even for my waistline but for the stuff that makes up that cinnamon roll. I’m not really envious of people eating cakes, cookies and such. I probably sound like an uber health snob and that’s not exactly true (god knows I adore pizza and even nachos). Now, if someone handed me a healthified version? All bets would be off ;-)
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Tasty Tuesday – Vegan TVP Veggie BurgerMy Profile

  17. Cinnamon roll. I don’t have the body type that I should, but I’ve come to peace with an extra 5 lbs if it means I can enjoy snacks like that :) Plus, my sweet tooth is off the charts!
    Colorado Gal recently posted..Heading into Gates of the Arctic National ParkMy Profile

  18. I would skip the cinnamon roll most of the time because it isn’t something that I crave! Now potato chips (yep even in the morning) on the other hand are harder for me to resist. This post is interesting and now I’m sitting here thinking if I am, at least on occasion, jealous of the way other people can eat. I don’t tend to obsess a lot about eating – I try to be mindful and not eat something just because it is there and/or others are eating it. If I really want it I will go ahead and have it but if I don’t then I am happy to just sit and chat. (now if we are talking evening events and wine then I’m pretty much in!!)
    Kim recently posted..Why Do YOU Exercise?My Profile

  19. Ah…we all know one of those ladies. The lucky ones. I, on occasion, will pick the cinnamon role but am inclined towards the tea. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are lots of us in that same boat.
    katie recently posted..He Said – She SaidMy Profile

  20. I am like you, have to stick to the tea. I have to stay on top of eating healthy, not that I don’t have the occasional treat (I love to bake cookies!), but I can definitely tell when I begin indulging a little too often. I have a “Julie” friend too, nothing against her but it is frustrating!
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..Not Your Typical Running InjuryMy Profile

  21. I’m a mix. I can indulge, but if I give into treats too often, it starts to show quickly. Side note, huge pet peeve is when my friends say I “can eat whatever I want.” Nope. That’s just not the case. I think they forget how much hard work I put in behind the scenes.
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted..Totally Bananas WIAWMy Profile

  22. I definitely indulge in sweets & treats every now and then. And sometimes more often! Overall our entire family eats a balanced diet, and I want my girls to understand the importance of healthy eating. At the same time, I’m a big fan of all things in moderation. If I’m going to bust my butt at the track cranking out 400s, I’m not going to beat myself up for having a small bowl of ice cream later. Life’s too short. Eat dessert! I’m not a big tea person, so I would probably go for the cinnamon roll occasionally!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Scrambling in Style: Kuhl Travl Bermuda ReviewMy Profile

  23. My husband is a Julie but sadly I am not (I think men are built that way more often than women are) – makes preparing meals that we both want at dinner a bit challenging at times!
    No tea or cinnamon rolls for me – I’d be too hungry with just tea but a cinnamon roll wouldn’t make me feel satisfied either. I’d probably order a glass of milk (chocolate milk if it was a long or hard run!)
    Andrea @ The Fit Scoop recently posted..My Decision about Registering for the 2014 Boston MarathonMy Profile

  24. I’m the tea person although I can eat treats and get away with it waist-line wise. It’s just my GI rebels when I eat anything out of my usual diet. I love those sugary sweets when I’m eating them but then I either get a head ache or awful stomach distress. :(
    Given the repercussions, I’m ok with not eating the “sinful pleasures”.
    Joanne recently posted..Millet Casserole with Fresh Tuna MorselsMy Profile

  25. Mmmmmm I would love a cinnamon roll. Dripping with icing. But I can’t remember the last time I had one. Years, for sure. What I do remember is how gross I feel after. And also that something way more moderate will make me just as happy. No, more happy because I won’t feel gross. Plus after a run I have this thing about not eating crap. Ha!
    Marcia recently posted..MixMyOwn ReviewMy Profile

  26. I used to be able to have the cinnamon roll after a run, but I’ve never been able to eat whatever I want. I’m more at peace with that than I used to be, but it’s hard–I love sugary things. I’ve been really good during this training cycle for Chicago–almost no sweets have passed my lips for several weeks–but I’m going to reward myself after the race with a week of not worrying about it. Then it’ll be back to the wagon.

    I do get jealous of those with speedier metabolisms than I have, but it’s gotten easier to call it a first-world problem. :^)

  27. TEA for me please!!!!! I am incredible will power and I know that cinnamon rolls are just NOT healthy ONE BIT and I don’t want to put that junk in my body! ;)
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..The Pig of the Fish WorldMy Profile

  28. This running route of yours is genius. Fuel up for the run with Breakfast Cake, and then re-fuel after the run with cinnamon rolls and coffee. This is a no-brainer. I’m the jealous one.
    Yum Yucky recently posted..My homemade French Baguettes! Don’t they look delish?My Profile

  29. Like Lisa, I used to be a Julie but I now find that I feel the affects of a giant cinnamon roll- I’m not sure if I would feel it as in gaining weight, but I definitely feel sluggish and just icky after a big indulgence which makes me less likely to do it… but I definitely still do now and then. Or I like the idea someone made of splitting it- I’d go for a few bites!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..The roller coaster rideMy Profile

  30. I’m a cinnamon roll AND tea kind of girl. I love them both but am pretty good about limiting the number of rolls, as I know it would catch up to me!
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..This.Just.Happened.My Profile

  31. I am like you – I have to be super careful. Even when I am running very high mileage, I still have to be careful of what I eat. For the most part now I enjoy healthier foods, but dang… cinnamon rolls (gluten free!) would be a weakness! :)
    Erin recently posted..Winners! And yay! I ran!My Profile

  32. I too have to be forever diligent. Even when I’m training for a marathon. And I too envy those who can eat whatever they want when ever they want but that will never be me.No I don’t have a weight issue but I know I could if I stopped being vigilant. It’s just as well that I don’t love cupcakes.
    Char recently posted..A Vent And A LaughMy Profile

  33. I am not a Julie, but I have the cinnamon roll anyway. I don’t do well when I deprive myself of something I really want. It comes back to bite me later. So I follow an intuitive eating approach, which does involve more sweets than maybe a health nut would allow, but is much less than when I was constantly worried about my weight (thinking about how I couldn’t have something just makes me want it more!!). I’m much happier this way. Yes, I have accepted a few more pounds than maybe most runners would, but you have to decide priorities for yourself. I have personally decided that cinnamon rolls are more important to me than vanity 6-pack abs!

  34. I had a cinnamon roll once. After I ran a particularly fast marathon. It tasted delicious because my body was so depleted. I just don’t crave stuff like that and the sweets I do, I have in moderation. Stick with your tea and be proud!!
    Allie recently posted..WHAT DO YOU DO WITH…My Profile

  35. Oatmeal and nut butter-any kind- is hard to beat. And Coffee.

    One thing I try and work hard on, especially as I enter my 30s is to do the best I can, but be flexible every once in a while in diet (ditto to wine!!). Most importantly, and women seem harder on themselves than guys (sorry gals)-is it’s important that I avoid comparing myself across the board. Easier said than done, but worth it. Luckily, I know what I like and don’t like, and sugar is not really my thing!
    Adrienne recently posted..Friday Night Lights and Saturday Morning SunrisesMy Profile

  36. as we get older our body has to adjust. But friend, you have adjusted so beautifully. No need to compare that, for sure!
    lindsay recently posted..Making the Most of It: GF Ingredients & September Slow DownMy Profile

  37. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Since I’m not a fan of tea, I’d have water and occasionally treat myself to the cinnamon roll. With me, it’s not my body type, but my age that makes me not be able to eat like the Julies of the world!

  38. If I can’t choose eggs then I would have to go with the cinnamon roll. I need to eat something after running and I probably wouldn’t be able to resist temptation!
    Angie @ A Mother’s Pace recently posted..I’ve Realized that I’m NOT a Morning RunnerMy Profile

  39. If only dieting were easier! I myself am a tea girl, but it’s also hard for me to stomach food and things before (and even sometimes after!) running.

  40. I can go either way on that one…but as my age ticks by I can do less and less cinnamon roll – why thank you aging, you’re not so awesome!
    Sheila recently posted..The Impromptu 5kMy Profile

  41. Cinnamon roll for me….I try to cut back a bit if my weight starts to move but otherwise I indulge…in lots of really bad snacks, ice cream being the biggest! I find so much of my weight gain/loss at this age is hormone controlled that sometimes it doesn’t matter what I eat.
    Robin recently posted..5 Weeks Till ChicagoMy Profile

  42. I loved this. Working with what you’ve been given is so important! Even though I THINK I can eat whatever I want right now and at this age, I have to remember that Diabetes runs in my family and I DO need to be all the more cautious!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted..Old Navy Running ApparelMy Profile

  43. Seriously? You run all the time and you can’t eat a cinnamon roll once in a while? And aren’t you the one who walks on a treadmill while you’re doing work? Come on… Sorry, but I think too many people are kind of crazy about eating and diet. There are too many other things to really worry about to get all worked up about food.

    • Bob–yes, I could have one now and again, but…truly my body is happier w/o it. And I am definitely not one of those people who can eat what I want any old time–I’m 47 and those days are gone!

  44. I pick and choose my indulgences – but yes – I started racing to lose weight, then it looked like weight management – and now it’s absolutely necessary for body & mind & STILL I have to ‘diet’! But as long as my husband and I stay in the same ‘weight gap’ we married at, we agree not to get too crazy about the details.
    Ashley @ Twynmawrmom recently posted..I did it : Half-Iron Race ReportMy Profile

  45. “One of my friends, Julie, always has a big, frosted cinnamon roll. Me? I almost always forgo a treat and have tea. The difference, you see, is body type. Julie is one of those people we all envy–she’s tiny and can get away with cinnamon rolls with no waistline repercussions.” <<–I think this is silly. It sounds to me the difference is mindset, not body type. It seems almost that you feel like you have to punish yourself by resisting treats and are jealous that she doesn't. Having a treat sometimes isn't going to make you slow or fat.

    For me, a weight about 5lbs above my lowest weight produces faster running times. It's not always about being the leanest you can be.
    Karen@ La Chanson de Ma Vie recently posted..Headwaters Funshine RunMy Profile

    • Karen–in all honesty, this whole thing should be taken lightly. I’m not punishing myself, nor do I feel deprived in the least. But I do think some body types are more susceptible to weight gain than others (me) so I choose not to indulge that way. Now, do I have a bit of dark chocolate as a treat almost every day? Yep!

  46. I love sweets. I mean, I love food that’s good for me to but if I knew I would never get fat, my diet would be horrible. Or at least I think it would. I see people that are super skinny that drink Mt. Dew everyday. Goodness gracious.
    Coy recently posted..Sharing my randomness with you…My Profile

  47. Ha ha I hear ya! I always get a skim latte at Starbucks, no treats. Ordered for a friend the other day who is super skinny and NEVER works out! She got a mocha…with the whipped cream! But like you said, I’ll take what works and know I’m doing myself a favor. I type this having just inhaled half a chocolate bar, of course. ;)
    Alison @ racingtales recently posted..Getting in touch with my girly side (or not) at IronGirl Rocky GapMy Profile

  48. I weigh myself every morning. If I’m below my goal maintain weight I eat what I want, if I’m above I eat salad.
    Mike recently posted..Beach Vacation 2013My Profile

  49. Jealous that she can eat anything without weight repercussions? Maybe. There are health repercussions to consider. I’m not a sweets eater but if I that was the case I def do not have the body type to indulge often.

    Tea. And yes I’m very ok with that :)
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..NuNaturals: Recipe, Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  50. Holy crap, thank you very much for posting this! It is going to be so helpful when I get Mother’s Milk Tea online! Super Fantastic!

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