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The site of my last trail race

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have picked up on the fact that I am running a 25k trail race this weekend. And you might have wondered how I could keep my heart rate low during such an effort. The answer is, I can’t.

I’ve had this race on my radar for a couple of months, and recently decided that I really wanted to do it. I don’t want to jeopardize my MAF training, however, so before moving forward, I emailed the Sock Doc to get his input. His take on it–go ahead and take a one-day break from the low heart rate. Just what I wanted to hear!

So now I get to go out and play in the mud on Sunday. I don’t expect this to be any great race result because for one, I am pretty inexperienced at trail racing. For two, while I am improving at running at a low heart rate, I am not in race shape! It’s been over two months now since I’ve done any speedwork, so trying to go fast will surely feel like a shock to the system. But this isn’t about that–it’s just about being on the trails and not having to look at my heart rate for one day. It’s going to feel pretty freeing I am sure.

The downside to this race is the timing–I’ll be missing my kids doing a triathlon the same morning. I was really conflicted on this one, believe me, and I’m taking a heavy dose of mommy guilt with me to the trails. But my philosophy is that if I am at the majority of their events–and I am–it’s ok for me to miss one here or there. It’s also not a bad thing for kids to know that their parents have lives outside of theirs.

I do a bit of trail running around here, whenever I can, but the last trail race I did was in Australia three years ago, a 35k. It was on a big mountain and it was tough! But I loved it and it definitely whet my appetite for doing more. Can’t wait to get out there this weekend!

Who else loves the trails? Doing your own race vs. watching your kids–how would you decide? 


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  1. I <3 trails! And a trail race seems like an *ideal* race to take a "break" with – because every race is so different, it's almost impossible to compare times, and they certainly aren't comparable with road times. So go out, have a blast, and get nice and muddy! :)
    Holly KN recently posted..How I (emphasis on I) Am Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  2. That’s awesome you’re taking a break and running a trail race! I think the lack of speed work will be ok for this, especially if there are technical sections. Plus, trail running itself it such a reward!
    Cute that your kids are in a tri! I think it’s more than ok you’re missing it. By the sounds of it, you are there for so many of their events and support them in so many ways. And they can proudly tell people their mom is racing, too!
    Good luck to all three of you, and enjoy your day on the trails without worrying about your HR!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Change the pace – exercising in hot, hot heatMy Profile

  3. Have fun! It’s really great that you can take a one day break from MAF training and I know that you’ll enjoy it. It’s always hard when you have to make a choice between your own race vs. the kids. I too think that it’s more than OK that you’re missing it. It’s not like you miss every one of their events. Good luck to all three of you! Have fun on the trails!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..On Teachers and Students (or How to Rationalize an Embarrassing Moment)My Profile

  4. I love trails. When we are looking to move again, that’s one thing we consider. This time we live near the gigantic Coastal Redwoods and trail run with them a few times a month. :) Will be hitting the Redwoods for some trail running this weekend, in fact.
    Karen@ La Chanson de Ma Vie recently posted..Tour du Mont Blanc: Les Chapieux to Les ContaminesMy Profile

  5. I have to admit, I am a wee bit jealous. I adore the trails back there! I hope you enjoy every second. I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge DC after two days of a downpour, there was mud up to our knees, it was tough and fun at the same time. Good luck Amanda!!
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..Staying on my wagonMy Profile

  6. You know I love the trails, but the truth be told I perfer to jog them and not race them, it’s hard work racing, so my advice is: just get out there and enjoy your self.

    Then later make the kids feel guilty about not suporting you!!!
    Coach Dion recently posted..Salomon Bastille Day Trail RunMy Profile

  7. I love trails – in theory. When it comes to practice there are some things I don’t really like – hills (going up), hills (going down if it’s slippery underfoot), falling over roots and swallowing bugs. But I love the rest.
    Char recently posted..Don’t Mess With MeMy Profile

  8. Now that I’m cleared to run again (YAY!), I’m hoping to get some trail runs in. Getting muddy and dirty sounds like a good way to spend the morning. Have fun and good luck to all three of you!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Old School Blogging – List of FivesMy Profile

  9. I love and live for the trails! I am going through the same with my kids and family at the moment. My son have a choir performance on Friday 2 August at 15:30. He really wants to be there as they have practiced so hard. Problem… we need to leave at 14:00 for my race the following morning. I might skip this race for my son’s choir. They do so much in supporting me I have to consider this. Tough indeed! All the best with your race and enjoy!
    Johann recently posted..My Running/Training NemesisMy Profile

  10. Wow 25K on trails! Go you! I am scared of trails mostly because I’ve turned one too many ankles on them!
    But, they are a lot more gorgeous to run than road races.
    No mommy guilt- you can all share in your post-race bliss together!
    emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted..Coolest Online Calculator… EVER.My Profile

    • MissZippy says:

      I have found that since switching to minimalist shoes, I do better in regards to turned ankles…I think you get a better ground feel and that makes the difference. That said, now I’ll probably sprain my ankle!

  11. Good luck! Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy your hall pass!
    Tough on the kid issue, but I agree as long as you go to most things missing one isn’t that big of a deal. I love trail running but haven’t done any trail races.
    Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Favorites, discount codes, sales, and ways to help, credit for new shoesMy Profile

  12. yay for a pass so you can have a little trail fun!

    i’m on trails almost exclusively any more. the laid back, peaceful atmosphere jibes w my current season of life (insanely busy!).

    and i’m w u on the kid events. i hate to miss them, but i’m at 99% percent of them so missing one here or there is ok.

  13. Sorry you’re missing the kids’ tri! I trained a ton on trails last summer but I’ve only done one trail race. Good luck and enjoy the mud!
    Marcia recently posted..2 Things + a Lightning-Round GiveawayMy Profile

  14. Go out and have fun, no mommy guilt, let dad be dad :-).

    It will be a good test of where you are and how MAF is working for you, without having to worry about HR

    Finish with that big smile on your face :-)
    Harold recently posted..Frustrated and We Will SeeMy Profile

  15. You know I prefer trails! :)

    You have to be happy to keep your kids happy – enjoy your race!
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Camping EssentialsMy Profile

  16. Good luck–excited to hear how it goes! I love the trails and these days, 95% of my runs are on them since they’re right out my front door. I even have my first trail half marathon in September!
    Colorado Gal recently posted..Capitol Peak: Part TwoMy Profile

  17. You’ve gotten do the things you love and I’m sure you’ll do awesome! Good luck this weekend!
    Kat recently posted..Sleepy dreams for recovery + DreamWater GiveawayMy Profile

  18. Good luck & have fun! Agree with Holly & Abby that lack of speedwork probably won’t have an impact on your race. One of the things I love about trail races is the fact that all times/paces go out the window, so you can just relax and enjoy the scenery…and flying down the hills. Descending is my favorite part of trail running! Good luck to your kids too! Know it’s tough, but hope that mommy guilt disappears as soon as you hit the trails. You’re an incredible mom, and your kids know how much you love them!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Sturdy Girl Sports Apparel ReviewMy Profile

  19. I love trail running! Pace naturally becomes a non-issue for me on the trails. The focus and mindset are just so different compared to a street race. And the fact that you got the go ahead to take a one day pass makes this race even better!

    Oh, gotta love the mommy guilt.

    Enjoy the run!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..Is MAF Training the Solution To A Running Plateau?My Profile

  20. I think you’re going to run faster than you expect! Have fun! :^)

    I would miss a kid event for sure–like you said, not often, but you *do* need to show you have your own life. I think men are better at rolling with this. My husband missed the kids’ last T-ball game and team picnic earlier this week for a violin thing and it didn’t ruffle him (or the kids) one little bit.

    • MissZippy says:

      I think you are spot on here, Terzah! Mine misses a ton for work, travel, etc and he doesn’t blink an eye!

  21. I want to do a trail race, but figure i need a little practice first!! Have fun just letting it rip!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..Post Sugar Detox: Sugar in Moderation?My Profile

  22. Have a great time, trail racing so much fun!

  23. I enjoy running on trails and hope to do a trail race some day. I think your perspective is great regarding missing the kids tri. Have an awesome race!

  24. Hooray for a short MAF break while you race! Have a great time on the trail race!! And, hopefully you can let the mom guilt go (I know – easier said than done!!)!! Your kids know that you are proud of them and love cheering them on even if you can’t be at every single event!!!
    Kim recently posted..Ways to Stay Entertained on a Car TripMy Profile

  25. So glad you get a pass so you can run this! I’ve never tried trails but want to – but the fear of twisting my ankle stands in the way!

    I so get the mommy guilt but a happy mom is always a good thing and you know your kids know how much you support them! Have fun this weekend!!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Thursday’s this and thatMy Profile

  26. Good luck this weekend to you AND the kiddos! Missing one event doesn’t change the fact that you are for sure an awesome mom!
    Laura recently posted..MM 70.3 Blooper ReelMy Profile

  27. My favorite trail is the one where the cake crumbs lead to a more gigantic cake. Sort of like Hansel & Gretel for greedy peoples. It’s great that you are doing something for YOU despite the kids having an event as well. It’s really hard to strike that balance, but you are important too! have fun with it. :)
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Excellent reads for people who wanna lose weight and transform their body.My Profile

  28. The backdrop in the picture is absolutely amazing.
    Payman Torkiyan recently posted..Rapid Classification SystemMy Profile

  29. Are you coming to Rosaryville? Look for me at the start if you are! :)
    Kara recently posted..And I’m doneMy Profile

  30. I heart me some trails! Next year, you can do Leadville with me :). Hope you have a blast and don’t worry about the pace – trail running should be about the experience, about being part of nature. Have fun!
    Jill recently posted..Leadville SR50: T-Minus Three DaysMy Profile

  31. OH the kids vs. race dilemma – I try to blend both now while I’m still faster than them – race, then run back to watch them. They’re getting faster so I’m starting to lose my model and am going to have to pick soon :(
    Sheila recently posted..Going The DistanceMy Profile

  32. Can’t wait to find out how it went! I love love love trail running. I signed up for my 3rd (in November) and already have 3 on my calendar for 2014.

    I think it’s great you went out and did it, you’re setting a great example for the kiddos.
    Taylor @ LiftingRevolution recently posted..What Happens When A Vegan Stops Being A Vegan?My Profile

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