Just me and the boys

photo19 225x300 Just me and the boys

My pacing partner from last fall gave me the go ahead to join the course run.

You all know I run with a fabulous pack of ladies on a regular basis. Yes, we “let” some boys into our group, but for the most part, this female runner is used to female company. So it was quite the different experience for me last Saturday when I turned out to be the only female on my long run.

The all women’s IronGirl half marathon is taking place here in town at the end of the month and I’m considering running it. I could easily drive the course, but wanted to run it once to check it out on foot if I got the chance. I learned that a group of pacers was heading out to run the course on Saturday and asked if I could tag along. I knew the lead pacer–he was actually my pacing partner from last fall’s Metric Marathon–and he gave me the details on where/when to meet up.

So I showed up and that’s when I discovered that I was the only girl. I also discovered that I was not only surrounded by all males, but by a group made up mostly of triathletes. Now, I’ve been a triathlete, so I can say this: this is a group that makes runners look mellow. To me, this combo of triathletes and males only meant one thing: it was going to be a pissing match and I might just be the victim that gets shot off the back. Let me add that I forgot it was an unsupported run, brought no water, and had intentionally planned this to be a glycogen depletion run.

My plan was to just head out conservatively and see how things went. Immediately several guys shot off to the front. I stayed comfortable and chatted with the middle-of-the-packers. Around the half-way mark, I noticed something–guys were starting to drop off the pace. Before too long, I had made my way to the front and started running with the leading guy. I know who this guy is–he’s much faster than me. But his pace was reasonable enough, and I was feeling good enough that I was able to hang with him for the rest of the run. One other guy joined us and then we lost all the guys behind us. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that a bit…

So maybe me, who prides myself on being able to run conservatively when I should, got caught up in the pissing match myself? Nah, I’m a girl. We don’t do that, right?  ;  )


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  1. You rock!! I would totally get caught up in the pissing match (especially if it meant beating macho guys!).
    Kim recently posted..Finding Your Happy PlaceMy Profile

  2. haha. I love this so much and in so many ways. That is a pretty intimidating situation to walk into (at least it would be for me!) but I love that you showed them all up. And yes, women are much more mature :-)
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: VoiceMy Profile

  3. I’m not sure that starting conservatively and working your way to the front – over half the run distance – is really getting involved in an “out-doing” match. And you’re pretty darn in touch with your body, so you certainly weren’t killing yourself (the way I’ve seen guys push themselves to the end of a training run like it’s the end of a race). So maybe it was a bit of a harder run, but I’d say your ego was mostly in check. Still feels dang good though, huh? :)
    Holly KN recently posted..Good Mornings for a Tuesday (April 9)My Profile

  4. Haha! Love this! I have a friend who cycles. She is constantly put into this same situation. Of course, she can hang with (and pass) the boys quite effortlessly and it pisses them off. ;)

  5. Love this!!!! You took a situation that I most likely would have left and turned it into an awesome run! Great job!
    Toni Church recently posted..Dealing with StressMy Profile

  6. Love it! You rock! :)
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted..#RECIPEFRIDAY: Oatmeal Crust Protein Pizza!My Profile

  7. Maybe they were just being gentlemen and letting you go first? :)
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..ZOOMA Chicago Ambassadors, CrossFit HQ Fail, Chicagoland Skydiving CenterMy Profile

  8. Haha, I love this! I’m glad your conservative start got you up to the front after all. :) The track group I run with Thursday nights has been consistently guys. Occasionally one or two women will come as well. But they do not let me pull ahead! One guy in particular is exactly my speed but if I start to pass him in a repeat, he pulls out his full sprint to ensure he stays ahead. Hmm, maybe there could be a blog post in this… :-)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  9. I love that you showed those boys how to run! Boys are silly. :)
    katie recently posted..What’s in my Hospital Bag?My Profile

  10. you go girl! you’re such a badass! i love it. way to represent.
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..Blog Smarter Twitter Chat RecapMy Profile

  11. As the old saying goes, triathletes are a jack of all trades, a master of none.

    Nice job on the run

    I, for one, has grown really tired for the ego matches at training sessions
    Scott recently posted..Opening Up, A Raw Glimpse into My MindsetMy Profile

  12. Ha ha ha, love it! I bet a few of those guys were wondering who the heck you were! It’s funny when guys don’t think girls are competitive. I am often the only girl in a group of guys, only because there tend to be more of them taking the trail run option. I enjoy their company just as much as with girls, but they had better watch out if they try to turn the run into a race!
    Alison @ racingtales recently posted..Patriots’ DayMy Profile

  13. I love running with the guys – the difference in conversation is so funny sometimes! Go you for just joining in! I’m running the Irongirl 5k here on Sunday – no half since I’ll do Divas at the end of the month – great events planning staff!
    Kat recently posted..Gluten-free recovery fuel Giveaway!My Profile

  14. bahahah!!! I freakin LOVE this! You have been CHICKED MissZippy-style!
    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..Running Rockstar – AliMy Profile

  15. Love this! I totally would have been enjoying myself too! I would have been so nervous at first being the only girl, but you rocked it like it was NBD. :-)
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..San Francisco: Part 2My Profile

  16. Hehe. I love this post and I love you even more after reading this =) Passing people during a race is a big confidence booster for me and even more so when it’s a guy. Picking people off often keeps my mind off of the pain and discomfort I am feeling – it gives me something else to focus on.
    So happy you not only “hung” with the boys but taught them a thing or two =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..I Miss RunningMy Profile

  17. I prefer to run with women to, that’s because I’m slow and running with them might require me to push myself. ha ha. No actually i have had a couple of male running partners and loved it. You rocked it girl.

  18. hahaa the competitive runner is us all comes out every now and then :) I know i”m not the fastest, but some days I’ll have a moment of I am going to catch that guy in front of me because no way can he be faster :) makes no sense
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..How long is a 60 minute massage?My Profile

  19. Have to agree with Kat. Running with the boys makes for some very interesting conversation! Completely different from the typical chatter you hear with all women. On the flip side, I know a few men in their late 50s and early 60s who are excellent runners and only train with women. They were sick of other guys turning every run into an all-out race and were suffering injuries from running too hard. Of course, that might just be a convenient excuse so they can train with some kick-ass women!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..That Deserves a Star – Link Round-upMy Profile

  20. Sounds like you can piss with the best of them! Hahaha! Well done!
    Marcia recently posted..Confidence and KidsMy Profile

  21. This totally made me smile! I’ve had runs like this. I’ve been that person on the front end who wants to go out fast to prove and point and then dies miles later in front of God and everyone AND the one who plays it safe and ends up in front later on.

    Shout out to your form in the picture! Lookin’ good!
    Coy recently posted..Babysitting My NervesMy Profile

  22. Oh my goodness, I love this!! Way to show them how to run smart :)
    Kristin Smith recently posted..My Running StoryMy Profile

  23. Love it!

  24. Great job! And MY Amanda would be super proud of you. Her first question after very race I run is “Did you beat a lot of boys?” :)
    Erin recently posted..The Spirit that is in MeMy Profile

  25. I love this! When I was in high school on the tennis team (totally different sport I know), the coach had me play with the boys more than the other girls. Not that I claim to have been of the caliber of Venus Williams, but I needed more of the push the boys were doling out at the time compared to the girls that particular year. It did force me to step it up a bit! And now and then it really feels good to “beat the boys” :)
    Christina recently posted..Tapering, RRCA, mental workout mantrasMy Profile

  26. Haha, no girls never do that ;) I love having the opportunity to out run boys, I don’t know why it’s so satisfying but it really is.
    Amanda recently posted..Free Thought FridayMy Profile

  27. Love it!!! Way to show those men!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Fitness Friday….Boston Marathon Yearbook 2013My Profile

  28. Nice work “keeping up with the boys!” , I used to run with a really strong group of guys ( I still do once in a while, but I don’t live as close as I used to). It made me a strong runner, because no way in hell was I letting those guys beat me all those times. Learned to finish strong because I didn’t want them to be able to say they always beat me back to where we started!
    Laura recently posted..Changing the RoutineMy Profile

  29. That’s awesome! Keeping up with the boys is super impressive!
    Robin recently posted..Ice in AprilMy Profile

  30. Way to go! Knowing me, I’d probably start the pissing match because I’m fun like that!
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..Three Things Thursday: Le sighMy Profile

  31. Of course we never do that. And we don’t secretly smile to ourselves when we pass much younger males out training or racing. Never!
    Char recently posted..My Regularly Scheduled VentMy Profile

  32. I love this! It’s so funny as I started reading, I felt a nervous pit in my stomach (which is how I would feel if I showed up to a run with all guys/triathletes), and then the pit in my stomach turned to a smile on my face when I heard how you rocked it!
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..Boston Here I ComeMy Profile

  33. That’s awesome :-).

  34. That’s great! Maybe you found yourself some new training partners on days you want to go faster?!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Cycling’s a pain in my buttMy Profile

  35. I love this!!!
    Why are boys so intimidating? I run and ride them but still get kinda nervous when they show up. Especially when I am alone.
    Way to show those boys how it’s done ;-)
    Missy recently posted..A little bit of this and a little bit of thatMy Profile

  36. Love it! Yea, I hate to say it, but females are just as bad if not worse about the “pissing match”. I like to run with the guys every now and again. It definitely pushes my pace and puts me out of my comfort zone – but in a good way.
    beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..At Last – A Love StoryMy Profile

  37. LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!
    What a great feeling!! :)
    I love that we can get competitive, too!
    Stephanie@nowirun.com recently posted..I Am A Runner!My Profile

  38. :) love it!! it’s one of my favorite (secretly) parts of running with a group
    elizabeth recently posted..#prayforbostonMy Profile

  39. Haha! You go girl! I often see that guys try to pass me when I am looping around the lake. Its as if they hate being beat by a girl. If I pass them, they will try to catch up to me, hang behind me, or try to pass me… it’s pretty funny, especially since I could care less who is faster; I am just running at my normal pace!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Take Five: SnacksMy Profile

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