I ran a half marathon yesterday

IGhalf 225x300 I ran a half marathon yesterday

Pic caught by a friend along the course

Because I’ve had such a long, dry spell with racing, I kept my plans to race yesterday a little quiet. But, I’m happy to tell you that I ran the IronGirl half marathon here in town and actually hit a PR with a 1:36!

It felt so, so good to feel good out there.This isn’t an easy course, so I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go down.

FavIGhalf 225x300 I ran a half marathon yesterdayThe mile markers were a mess…I’d clock a 9-something one mile and then a 5-something the next, so I was a bit in the dark at points in terms of how I was doing. But I did ask a few Garmin wearers a couple of times what our pace was, and there was a clock at the half-way point. It gave me a time of 48:xx, so I knew that if I could hold my pace, I’d do ok. This was before all the climbing started, though, so that was a variable I had to weigh.

Without a doubt I slowed on those big hills, but I figured that if I just made up for it after, I’d be ok. From about mile 11 on, the course was fairly downhill, so I really pushed myself there and it paid off. I think that in some ways, not really knowing my splits worked to my advantage–I was able to just tap into what my body could do no matter where I was.

This race went a long way to restoring my faith in my fitness level. I knew it was there, but when your body fails to live up to its training, it gets hard to believe in yourself. I needed yesterday and I’m so glad I put myself out there to give it a go. I think I’ll be smiling non-stop for the next few days!

Ever have a redemption race? Please share it!

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  1. Congratulations! I knew you could do it. All that hard marathon training, even though it was for a longer run/slower pace still pays off. Awesome job!

    I ran my half today. Not nearly as fast as you, but I’m happy with my race too.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..(Edible) Things I’m Loving LatelyMy Profile

  2. Fantastic result. You’re a speed demon, aren’t you?? Enjoy that post-PR glow.
    Char recently posted..TGLWOMy Profile

  3. Amazing! You should be so proud!

  4. Love the picture!
    Congrats Amanda!
    Redemption…..I am chasing this…I am afraid it will take a while….
    Caroline recently posted..Pool running and MRIMy Profile

  5. Well done on your PR – with hills and all!
    Sherry recently posted..The Off-Road Skills Session I Forgot To Tell You AboutMy Profile

  6. Great work. A little PR goes a long way when you are in need of a confidence boost. Congratulations.
    Amy @ Writing While Running recently posted..It is Good to Walk SometimesMy Profile

  7. Love it when that happens… but I recall you saying that you have been running OK and things are coming right, PR is always good…
    Coach Dion recently posted..AFRICAN X 2013My Profile

  8. Congrats Amanda on a fantastic PR! Redemption is sweet!
    Marcia recently posted..Fitness Apps I Love and a WinnerMy Profile

  9. Nice work!!! You have to feel great about a half marathon PR!
    Kris @ http://www.Kris-Lawrence.com recently posted..Boston Marathon 2013- Boston Strong.My Profile

  10. Good for you. I don’t think your fitness level was ever in question. Let’s face it, our body has good days and not so good days; you just hit a patch of bad race day timing. Nothing you can do about that. That said, glad to see your confidence is restored.
    Jamoosh recently posted..I Dare YouMy Profile

  11. Congrats on a PR & great race! That’s an awesome picture. With my oldest, I felt like the marathon I ran after I weaned her was a redemption race for me. I’m hoping for the same with my youngest later this year. Just have to figure out which race to sign up for. Would love to get a PR and qualify for Boston!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..We’ll Take the Stain Guard, PleaseMy Profile

  12. Amanda way to go, you are a tough act to keep up with :-). congrats on the PR. It is hard when you have been training good and the races haven’t had the results you were looking for, glad you nailed one good!
    Harold recently posted..What I Learned This Week – 4/28/13My Profile

  13. I love the runner’s high! Great job!
    AmyC recently posted..TrainingTruths: Half Marathon #9 Week 7My Profile

  14. Congrats on the PR. I should have made my 11 mile sign say “It’s all downhill from here” instead of “Smile if you need a port-a-potty.” That race looked like a lot of fun. I’m totally doing it next year.
    Alyssa K recently posted..Can’t snap out of the funkMy Profile

  15. Ahhhhh, what a GREAT feeling to have the kind of performance you know you’re capable of! Congratulations on the new PR! Amazing time!
    Kate recently posted..Night riderMy Profile

  16. Congratulations on the fast PR, that’s a great feeling! So glad you got a race without external factors working against you. The last few have been rough but this shows how fit and fast you really are!
    Gracie (Complicated Day) recently posted..Pool running: getting a good workoutMy Profile

  17. Congrats on a new PR!
    Running LIbrarian recently posted..Real Whiticar returnsMy Profile

  18. Yay! Congrats on a great race and PR!

  19. you had ME SMILING NONSTOP too.

    Miz recently posted..Breath walking: misfit style.My Profile

  20. will you come back to austin and be my running partner now? I would like your speed!

  21. Congrats! I saw your pics yesterday and they made me smile. Way to go girl!!!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Marathon Monday Week 11My Profile

  22. Hooray!!! So glad that you had a great race (and congrats on the PR!!). You are so dedicated to your training – you deserved to see it all fall into place at the right time!!
    Happiness for sure!!
    Kim recently posted..Is Asking for Help a Strength or Weakness?My Profile

  23. Congrats! IG is a great series! We raced simultaneously ;)
    Kat recently posted..Motivational Monday – Featured Sneakers #25My Profile

  24. Congrats!! Wonderful PR!
    Jen recently posted..Getting back in the groove – kind ofMy Profile

  25. What a great way to start Spring and restore faith in your abilities!
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  26. Congratulations on a great race and PR! You are flying in that photo, literally! Amazing and super fast!
    Robin recently posted..Uxbridge Half MarathonMy Profile

  27. Amazing job! We all need those confidence boosters. The mental game is tough!
    Jess recently posted..Dinner in a Hurry: Short Cut Vegetarian Tahini Stir FryMy Profile

  28. Congratulations on a strong race AND a PR! That’s amazing to pr on a hilly course! I’m glad your faith is back.
    I think IM Canada last year felt like a redemption race since I battled a lot of injury leading up to it.
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..My weekend: three highlightsMy Profile

  29. I am so happy for you Amanda!! I know it’s been a while since you felt great at a race and to PR on a challenging course?! That’s incredible! What a beautiful day to make it happen, I’m smiling ear to ear over here for you!
    MegG recently posted..Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC RecapMy Profile

  30. Congrats and I totally understand wanting to keep it quiet. :) Congrats! Great pace!
    katie recently posted..Hospital Bag RevisitedMy Profile

  31. Oh, finally!! I’m so glad you had such an amazing race- you deserved it! Congrats on the new pr and running such a solid time! Keep on smiling. :)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Sugar Detox Challenge- Round TwoMy Profile

  32. Congrats on the PR, that is awesome
    Scott recently posted..Weekly RamblingsMy Profile

  33. HUGE congrats on your PR! I know what a tough race is capable of doing to your mentality. I knew all along you had a race like this in you. Don’t ever doubt yourself, you are awesome :)
    Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..Nike Women’s Half Marathon WeekendMy Profile

  34. Great job! Way to get out there and push yourself. One of my very best half marathons was when my Garmin got all wonky and wouldn’t work at all. I just had to run.

    Congrats on the shiny new PR!
    Lisa (Mom to Marathon) recently posted..Into the LightMy Profile

  35. GREAT JOB!! Glad you had that huge confidence booster! And look at that fantastic form in the second photo – love it!

  36. Congratulations!!!!!! Loved your pictures, your form looks awesome! There is nothing like a good redemption race. My redemption race was in 2011 where I ran a 1:36:xx half marathon too. It was like everything just clicked, where I really learned how to pace myself. I am thinking about going back and running that same race this year since I missed out on it last year. The lovely Amanda from Runninghood ran for me. :-)
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..Week 14: Surprise!My Profile

  37. I knew it was in you, there was no doubt about that, it’s just been a tough few months, but watch out, cause she’s back! A huge congratulations Amanda!
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..Boston Marathon before the bombingMy Profile

  38. Outstanding!! She’s back! To get a PR at ageg 47 (I think that’s your age?? Sorry if I’m wrong). Now that is SOMETHING!
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..7 Tips to Make Your Long Run EasierMy Profile

  39. That is a nice race, and it is a tough course! The hills don’t stop for the first 6+ miles, but after that doozy at about the 1/2 way mark, the course gets a tiny bit easier. I ran it last year, and like you, it restored my faith in my fitness. I didn’t want to run it. I wasn’t entirely prepared, but in the end, it was the best 1/2 I had done. I felt so good at the end of the race.

    Glad you enjoyed that race!
    Michelle recently posted..What if my Aunt had balls…My Profile

  40. My brain is still trying to process the fact that you are smiling-while-running in that first pic. You marathon peoples are a special breed of awesome that I admire from afar.
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Before and After Juicing: The Impressive Photo RevealMy Profile

  41. Excellent time! Congrats on the PR!

  42. CONGRATULATIONS! You are a speedy one ;)

  43. Congrats on your PR that is awesome.

  44. Wooohoo new PB :) 1:36 is an awesome time

  45. You are such an inspiration! That’s a really tough course and your time is incredible. Congrats!!

  46. WOW!!! Good heavens that’s fast!! One of these days I’ll have a PR as pretty as that one! I hope this more than makes up for your marathon that didn’t go as planned! You have to be beaming! :)

  47. Wow! You’re AMAZING! Ms. Zippy is back and so strong. Way to go Amanda. I’m so happy for you. Such an inspiration. :) Time to celebrate.
    Joanne recently posted..Myrtle Beach Diva Half Marathon 2013My Profile

  48. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO glad you had a good race. There is such an awesomeness in running a race where you feel good and run well (and PR!) after a rough one or two. Yay!! Great job!!!
    Erin recently posted..FourMy Profile

  49. Congrats on the huge PR (especially on a hilly course)!!!!!!!!!

    I have had redemption races before and it gives you a whole different sense of motivation and drive to be better. Goes along with “you can’t have a rainbow without the rain”. We learn to appreciate our good races much more when we have “bad” races to compare to.
    Laura recently posted..My First DuathlonMy Profile

  50. That’s awesome! I love good races that restore your love and faith in your running.
    Amanda recently posted..Free Thought FridayMy Profile

  51. Congrats on your PR. This is by far encouraging. I need one of these redemption races too, as even though my last 1/2 I did PR I still did not do as good as I have in me to do. The mental game got to me bad. It is awesome when you can just go out there and run a race that just feels right.
    Jolene Cannady recently posted..The Bad Race DayMy Profile

  52. Seems like you’ve had a tough time at races recently, awesome that it worked out this time and you got a PR!
    Nelly recently posted..Peace, love, 26.2 / Running statusMy Profile

  53. That’s what matters – having fun and setting personal records. Congrats on the result!

  54. YAY for redemption!! I’m so glad you had a great race!! Congrats on a shiny new PR!
    I hope you keep that smile for weeks!

  55. That is awesome! So happy to read this report. You deserve a huge redemption race after everything you have been through! I’m hoping for a redemption race at my next marathon in May, fingers crossed!
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..ABQ 4 Boston 5KMy Profile

  56. Nice form. Brooks Drift?

  57. Yay! I am so excited for you. I am hoping for a big PR half this year, but am definitely having trouble mentally. Your good news made me smile. Happy Monday!

  58. What a satisfying accomplishment! I am very happy for you! You’re back in the zone and great things to come!
    Taylor @ LiftingRevolution recently posted..Show Time: Jump Rope Madness Circuit Workout & Seasonal Foods To GrabMy Profile

  59. Wow way to go! Congrats on your new PR! You look like youre hauling tail in the pics :) I am hoping that I have a “redemption” half PR this coming fall at WHM. Although I have PR’d since that race – I was feelin a bit deflated after the same race last November.
    beka recently posted..Weekly Workouts Roundup+ER Visit #2My Profile

  60. Get out!!! Way to go Muss Zippy, I bet you owned that girlie race;)
    Curious did you fuel at all during the race?
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..Boston TragedyMy Profile

  61. AWESOME!!!! I’m so happy for you! Keep smiling, that’s an awesome accomplishment, and so glad to see all the speed training paid off!!!! Great job Amanda!!!

  62. Amazing, amazing!!!!!!! I hope you are glowing and keep that glow for a long time.
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..In the MomentMy Profile

  63. Yay!!! Amanda! I’m so so happy for you, this race and your PR. I can imagine how good it must feel. Love the pictures too.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Stop Trying to Achieve BalanceMy Profile

  64. Congrats on the pr! Awesome job :)
    BrittsRunningStyle recently posted..Charity Walk WeekendMy Profile

  65. Redemption race you say? Hmm.. I do have a marathon this weekend and I DID miss my WS qualify a month ago. Ya, I might have to throw down the Zipster hammer and run my ass off in Toronto.

    We need to have a conversation on sharing race schedules. I’m so intrigued by how you manage yours. I’m always like: “I’m racing here, and here, and here…”
    Pavement Runner recently posted..Choosing the Right Distance with FriendsMy Profile

  66. Way to go Amanda!! SO glad you felt great for this one:)
    rachelle q (hikermom) recently posted..What To Eat When You Don’t Have Time?My Profile

  67. YEAH!! Huge Congrats!!!
    Christine recently posted..Race Report: HIS Half MarathonMy Profile

  68. Amazing!! Congratulations, quite a redemption there!! :D
    Heather recently posted..And I ran… I ran so far away.My Profile

  69. YAY!! I read this early this AM but didn’t get a chance to comment until tonight! Congratulations on an AMAZING race time – WOW! I know you needed this race after a few races didn’t go as planned – SO happy to hear it went so well. And I’m amazed that you are able to run the way you want w/o a Garmin – super impressive.
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..BIG News, More Races and Last Speed WorkoutMy Profile

  70. Congrats! There’s something to be said for “under the radar” racing:)
    Adrienne recently posted..Run For Hope 2013My Profile

  71. Great job! I ran my first race on Saturday since last year and I wasn’t sure how I would do and I PR’d as well…I have definitely caught the running bug again after the long cold winter!
    Kelly @ Laughter, Strength, and Food recently posted..Trooper Ken Iwaniec Memorial 5K/10KMy Profile

  72. Congrats! What a terrific fitness-level-reality-check for you after a tough training season. It’s always awesome to see such work pay off. Whoooooooooooo!
    Holly KN recently posted..Awesome/Less Awesome: Orlando to SingaporeMy Profile

  73. FINALLY, yay! Super happy for you!!! Congratulations!

  74. My redemption race will be in November at NYC Marathon! Ran it in 2011 and totally bonked. Can’t wait to get back out there and come back with a vengeance =) Nice job on your half!
    Patty – reach-yourpeak.com recently posted..My Plans For The FutureMy Profile

  75. Super huge congratulations on that PR! I bet it feels wonderful to get some running redemption and a numerical testament to all the hard work you put into training this spring!
    Raquelita recently posted..Race Report: BMO Vancouver Half-MarathonMy Profile

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