Sunglasses giveaway!

The Oakley Women’s Ideal

I haven’t done a giveaway in ages…kind of got out of the habit/lost my interest in doing one. But…I do appreciate my readers, so if something good crosses my desk that I can share with you, I’ll do it. I think you’ll agree that this one is something good!

Sunglasses Shop offered me a chance to try the Oakley Women’s Ideal sunglasses and then offer you guys a chance at your own pair of Oakley sunglasses. So here’s what I thought of them:

They are a nice cross between everyday sunglasses and sports sunglasses. The style tends a bit more toward the everyday category, but they’re sturdy enough to handle the motion of running. I found that they didn’t slip when I ran, which was something I can’t stand. They also didn’t fog up at all during my runs with them, although I probably have only used them so far on fair weather days: not too hot, not too cold, not too humid. For running, I’d say they are a good fit. For cycling, not so much, only due to their larger size.

Like I said, I also really liked these for everyday wear. My eyes tend to be sensitive to light, so I wear shades (am I dating myself with that term?) all the time. These have been a constant in my day-to-day routine of walking kids to school, running errands, or taking the dog out.

So–would you like to win a pair of Oakley sunglasses of your own? Tell me in a comment below. For an extra entry, like Sunglasses Shop on Facebook, come back and tell me you did. I’ll use to pick a winner next Friday, March 15. Good luck!

The disclaimer: Sunglasses Shop sent me these sunglasses for free. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Tess says

    I would LOVE to win a pair of Oakley’s. I’m currently wearing Target specials. No complaints really I would just like to wear the cadillac of glasses! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. stacey says

    I am always in need of sunglasses. I have yet to find a pair that I’m happy running with and would love to try these!

  3. Jeff says

    I’d love to win a pair. I have some Oakley for everyday but it would be nice to have some just for running. Great giveaway!

  4. Kristin says

    I too always have sunglasses on. If I find myself without them 9 times out of ten I will end up getting a headache. :-(

  5. says

    I wear everyday glasses for running. I have a pair of fake Chanel’s that my friend bought me in China for $3, I’ve had them for years, and get such hell from my running friends for wearing them… they think I need “real runner glasses.” Although, I love my Fanel’s I think these would be perfect for me.
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..A Healthier Strawberry MilkMy Profile

  6. Rachel says

    I would love a pair of sunglasses that don’t fog while running, my current pair fogs and I’m running blind all too often.

  7. Hilary S. says

    I’m such an Oakley girl!! I run with a pair now and would love a secondary pair!! It sounds like they would be good for a bit of everything and who doesn’t love new sunglasses???

  8. Crystal Parkinson says

    I would love to win these sunglasses! I have had a hard time finding cute running glasses! I also liked sunglass shop on Facebook.

  9. says

    hey there miss zippy – i’ve never worn oakleys, nor have i run any races with sunglasses on (although i hear that they can help relax your face/eyes) – so i would love to win a pair. thanks!

  10. Jen Floyd says

    I have been looking for a pair of Oakley sunglasses ever since Janae at Hungry Girl Runner was talking about them!!!!! I am watching a bunch on ebay but I am going to wait now :)! I would LOVE to win a pair!!!

  11. Shari says

    My eyes are so sensitive to sun & wind. The sunglasses that i have now are not really designed for running. My friend had a pair of Oakley’s and let me try them on a run and i loved them…Would LOVE to win these!!!!!

  12. says

    I’d (or my wife if this is a women’s only contest) love a pair of Oakleys – they are great sunglasses, but always went with cheaper options so I didn’t feel bad when they broke or got lost!
    LesserisMore recently posted..Race ReadyMy Profile

  13. MaryEllen says

    I’d love to win a pair of Oakleys! I have to wear sunnies even if it’s gray and drab out, so I’m in definite need!!

  14. jason says

    i currently wear oakley hijinx daily but they are getting pretty beat up after 6 years of use. I would love a new pair!

  15. Denise Fedor says

    I would love to win these sunglasses! I too have very sensitive eyes, and my GOOD sunglasses are cracked. Wearing cheap pair till I can get new. No where near as good!

  16. says

    Um hello, who wouldn’t want an awesome pair of Oakley’s? Would love to win them and try them out and see how they handle running and biking and general everyday. I typically don’t buy expensive sunglasses because I am afraid I wont like them or they wont stay in place while running and then I will have wasted the money, If I had the chance to try them for free and check them out and maybe purchase a second pair or gift some to my runner friends I would totally do that.

    p.s. I like them on FB too !
    Laura recently posted..Runs, Nightmares,Recipes & Random Thoughts.My Profile

  17. KC SMALL says

    I want to win a pair!

    I just started running and biking so these would be nice for spring and summer.
    Well, winter too. There just has not been much sun here.

    Thank you
    KC SMALL recently posted..Feed me!!My Profile

  18. says

    I so need new glasses! Like really. Currently on super glue job number #435 to the nose piece on my 6 year old pair. I must sweat kryptonite which causes the nose pieces to come loose :-)
    Missy recently posted..3 things ThursdayMy Profile

  19. Bod bowditch says

    My wonderful wife of four children gets up at 4.45am every morning to go for a run before the kid get up and I go to work. She never takes the easy option! I would like to win these Oakley’s for her because she only deserves the best.
    Thanks… Bod.

  20. says

    What an awesome giveaway! i would love to win. i live in Florida and have no sunglasses. I run without them and do everything without them. I need them!!!

  21. LeeAnn says

    I would love to win the oakleys. The Oakleys that I have been using forever have finally been on their last run, and i am desperate for a new pair!

  22. Catherine says

    I’m a new/old runner, by that i mean, started c25k on new years (resolution) and im 54 yo. I have to wear sungasses outside all the time even when cloudy because the gare bothers me. I tried my wayfarers but they slip. I tried my son’s oakleys but just dont work for me. These look like they may be perfect for me. They have enough substance. Sign me up.

  23. Dawn Ven Huizen says

    I’m like you, I always have sunglasses on if I’m going to be outside due to sensitive eyes. But, I am cheap so I have never owned Oakleys. My husband has had them before and loved them. I would be ever so grateful for the opportunity, and I would be super excited because I never win anything!! :)

  24. Teresa Eskew says

    My husband and I had the best date night the other night. We stopped by the Oakley outlet while shopping around and tried on sunglasses. Classic rock was on the speaker, we had so much fun posing, flirting (with each other and just being goofy and having fun. I found the pair I wanted, but left empty handed. ( We still ahd to pay the babysitter, lol)

  25. Cami says

    I also have eyes that are very sensitive to sunlight. I think it’s their light color (like yours). I would love a pair of Oakley’s as my everyday sunglasses usually come from a dollar store 😉 !!!

  26. Terzah says

    I’d love to win a new pair of Oakleys! I wear/run in cheapies from Walgreen’s so these would be a big step up.

  27. Susan V says

    I would love a pair of these glasses! I wear prescription sunglasses and they are so heavy. I don’t NEED the prescription necessarily when I’m running, but it’s nice to get rid of that glare. They just fall down my face repeatedly once I start sweating. I liked the Sunglasses Shop on FB, too!