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The "after" from last year's 50k.

The “after” from last year’s 50k.

I think I’ve told you that I plan to do my first 50k this fall at the Rosaryville 50k. I’m really excited to switch gears after all this time and try my hand at a trail race. Well, a real attempt at racing a trail race–I did the Willy to Billy Bush Race in Australia almost three years ago. It was a 35k crazy run in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney where I was totally out of my element and not trained for the conditions in the least.

But anyhow, with a trail race coming up in November, I intend to spend more time on the trails this year than ever before. Most of this trail time won’t happen until post B & A marathon on March 16, but I do get a chance to play in the mud this weekend.

Along with my friends, I’m going back to the Mid Maryland 50k, put on by local race organizer Bullseye Running, this Saturday. The race is split into five 10k loops, making it ideal for relays. Last year I ran three loops, but this year I’ll just tackle two, plus a couple of miles on the road (this has been a blissful cutback week).

I can’t wait. We had SO much fun last year with this one. Three of us ran our loops together and the laughs never stopped the entire time. The conditions were ridiculously muddy, and if the weather prediction holds true for today (ice followed by rain) we should have more of the same. The muddier the better!

Last year, my shoes were so muddy when I came home that I ditched them in the garage and didn’t even face them again for months. I’ll try to do better this year with that, but no guarantees. I’ll be sure to get lots of pictures.

Anyone else hitting the trails this weekend? Or do you stick to the roads? 

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    My feet look like that after taking the kids to school! We live in the country and I do the school run, running. The kids on their bikes, and me huffing and puffing alongside them. Every morning is an adventure, wondering what the dirt track will be like this time.
    Mom’ s Home Run recently posted..What do you do during a run?My Profile

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    I bet it’s nice to switch gears from what you’re used to and try something new (e.g. trail running). Do you have a different pair of shoes you save for super muddy runs? I recently moved and have been doing a lot of my outdoor runs on a crushed gravel trail that’s near my house and am loving that. I’m going to try to do my long run on that trail this weekend if the weather holds out. Good luck with your relay this weekend!
    Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..Really Great DayMy Profile

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    35KM TRAIL RACE FOR ME should be out for 3+hours but it’s a new race and we will have to see what happens, hope the legs are ok to run hard for that far…

    Have fun out there on the trail, and remember 50k is a long way…
    Coach Dion recently posted..HARD WORKMy Profile

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    Trails are the best! I feel completely myself out there, mud, dirt and rocks, that is my true love. My greatest running moment was not qualifying for Boston but finishing my first 50K, so you can imagine my excitement as I read that you are doing one this year. I miss running back there, it is so lush, green and beautiful critters to look at.. Enjoy every second of you training, can’t wait to live vicarious through your 50K race recap! Have a wonderful weekend Amanda!
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..Book Review: Think Like ZuckMy Profile

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    Have fun this weekend! My shoes got muddy/wet/trashed in a warrior dash couple of years ago so I just donated them at the end of the race. I figured it would be too much work to get them clean again. They were at the end of their “life” anyways.

    I am not much of a trail runner, but so many people are. I would need someone to run with because I think I would get freaked out if I was by myself.
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..Friday Favorites: NuunMy Profile

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    Have fun! Wow, those are some muddy shoes. I don’t do trails much since most are a bit of a drive and remote. I can’t even find someone to run with me on a sunny day nearby, much less drive 45 minutes to run trails. So sad:(
    rachelle q (hikermom) recently posted..Free Rant FridayMy Profile

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    Have fun!

    I love trail running, the more remote the better!

    Next Feb I am signing up to do 100miler – and I am going to try and race it too – either an epic finish or epic blow up, no in between!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Racing Weight …My Profile

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    OH, I remember last year’s race! Well, your post about it. Sounded like a blast!

    I’ll be on the trails this Saturday with friends. Any weekend run these days is a trail run. Streets and TMs are just for during the week…and only bc I can’t get away for long enough in the light to hit trails.

    Have fun!
    Kate recently posted..Super Century IIMy Profile

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    That should be a whole lot of fun. I used to do some trail running but it was always counted in the hill section of my training. Trails around here invariably involve hills and I’m still not running hills. I used to enjoy the trail part but not the hill part.
    Char recently posted..Things I FearMy Profile

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    I’ve been sticking to the roads again this year, but really it’s because I’m a klutz with trail running and can’t afford to injure myself before Ironman. I’m planning to go back to trails again later this year and maybe try my hand at another 50K.

    By the way, that Blue Mountains race sounds awesome! My company is based in Sydney and I always hear how beautiful that area is. :)
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..Eating on the Run {Fitness Friday}My Profile

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    Do a little extra trail running for me! I would love to get more trail running in but when I do get to run, I usually have to squeeze it in which means running from my house. Not great for trail running.

    Have fun! Love that you’re doing another 50K. You’re my hero. What an amazing accomplishment.
    katie recently posted..Featured Blogger: Sarah CanneyMy Profile

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    Sounds like so much fun!! I too can’t wait to see your muddy pictures. Have fun!! I would love to do more trail running although my doctor isn’t so keen on me doing that just yet with my knee and all. Hopefully sometime this year!