Miles of Shame–Super Bowl Style

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Are you in?

During the playoffs, my friends Michele at NYCRunningMama and Brian from PavementRunner came up with the brilliant idea of hosting “miles of shame” contests for runners with teams in the NFL playoffs. Now, many of you are familiar with how things turned out–we’ve got ourselves a Harbowl, meaning that PavementRunner’s beloved 49ers are going up against my Ravens in the big dance. As a result, PavementRunner and I naturally had to carry on the miles of shame one last round.

Here are the rules for those who want to play along:

Pick a team. If your team loses, you have to run the point differential in miles.

49ers beat the Ravens 34-28. Loser would have to run 6 miles.
Ravens beat the 49ers 21-17. Loser would have to run 4 miles.

Mile Limit:
We know that not everyone can go out and run a bunch of miles in the case of a blowout, but it does HAVE to be challenge. We’ve limited the MAX miles to be 20. If that many miles still seems too high, we still want you to be part of it and you can cap your “bet” at 10.

To be run by:
Miles must be run within a week (Sunday, 2/10). It can be broken up into multiple runs, but this is meant to be a challenge so try not to break it up into more then 2 separate runs.

Prove it:
Loser has to tweet out (or Instagarm) an AFTER photo with their Garmin or treadmill (or whatever you use to track) and tag it with #MilesOfShame

So are you in? Who are you betting on? 

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  1. Good luck, honestly not a big football fan unless the Giants happen to be in it.
    Toni Church recently posted..Happy 2 Year Blogiversary to Running, Loving, Living Plus an @Active_Products GiveawayMy Profile

  2. This is a hilariously awesome idea :)
    Jen @ ConcreteNCoffee recently posted..Tuesday Night Spin – You Say It’s Your BirthdayMy Profile

  3. What a fantastic idea. As I am sure I have stated to anyone that will listen (or read), I am a die-hard Steelers fan and want neither team to win so I can’t possibly choose. Good luck to your boys, though.
    Amy @ Writing While Running recently posted..My Double LifeMy Profile

  4. Don’t do Football, but I’ll just go out and run 10+ miles every weekend just incase!!!
    Coach Dion recently posted..THE SILENT ASSASSINMy Profile

  5. I picked all but one game wrong for the playoffs…
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..Mobility WODMy Profile

  6. Oh gosh I love me some purple.
    Marcia recently posted..Look What the Cat Dragged InMy Profile

  7. Football really isn’t my sport much and neither team turned out to be relevant for me personally, but I’ll probably root for the Ravens for this bowl. Just glad to see Andrew Luck had a good year this year :)
    Christina recently posted..A new Korean cookbook, tea, and Brooks Pure Flow 2My Profile

  8. OH MY GOSH you are too funny.
    and me?
    all the way.
    which means I may NOT be watching this year :-)
    Miz recently posted..BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP!My Profile

  9. I love this so much! I am suddenly a hard-core Ravens fan (honestly, I was just happy the stupid Atlanta Falcons weren’t going to play ball in my dome, but I still can’t cheer for the 49ers – the Saints and 49ers have a long and bitter history dating back to the Montana days). I’ll run miles INJURED if the Ravens win!
    But I do like Kaepernick.
    Gracie (Complicated Day) recently posted..In which my feet drownMy Profile

  10. Awesome Idea. Count me in. I take the Ravens.

    The Kidless Kronicles
    Nicole@TheKidlessKronicles recently posted..No longer a virginMy Profile

  11. The title of this post drew me in. Cute idea!

    I honestly had no idea who was even playing this weekend until now….I’ll flip a coin and go with the Ravens for the win.
    runblodnie26 recently posted..Quick Hello – Welcome 2013My Profile

  12. Being a Lions fan, I will never get the chance to hold a contest like this
    Scott recently posted..The Rotation – Brook’s Shoes EditionMy Profile

  13. Haha great Vlog full of smack talk! I don’t do football too much but will have to root for Baltimore because that’s where my family is from!
    Kat recently posted..I’m Afraid to Post this Blog: Dun Dun DunMy Profile

  14. I don’t have a horse in this race, so won’t be participating, but I think you should throw in some crunches and pushups as part of the wager. I had a wager with another running blogger for the Rose Bowl and it was a high scoring (but close) game. I ended up doing 200 pushups and running 7 miles LOL.
    MCM Mama recently posted..Surprising run + Foodie Pen Pal RevealMy Profile

  15. Is football the sport with the black and white ball? JK This is a cool idea, I completely understand football fans, but I not one of them. I’ll have fun watching ya’ll paint your face and get crazy. Have a great day!
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..3 Quick and Easy Vegetarian RecipesMy Profile

  16. I love this idea. While I’m not a huge football fan, I always love a good reason to bet! In fact, my 7 year old nephew and I already have a bet going for the game too! I’m going for the 49ers in this game!

  17. This sounds awesome. Sadly, think I would have to do it 1/10th of a mile increments with my friends but I don’t think any of my friends would take me up on that :)
    Sheil recently posted..Jumping for JoyMy Profile

  18. I am a die hard Packers Fan…Heart pumps green and gold. I will pick the 49ers to win.
    LouLou recently posted..Track PartyMy Profile

  19. I’m all about some Ravens. I need them to not only win but avenge the loss my Packers took to the hands of the 49ers. Booo Hiss Colin Kapernick.
    Coy recently posted..Morning Person Potential AlertMy Profile

  20. Marc Serrano says:

    49ers, cap at 10 miles.

  21. HEHE. LOVE the bet that you and Pavement Runner have!! Makes it SO much more interesting =) =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..#MilesofShame – the Super EditionMy Profile

  22. Red is the color of speed….. so maybe you can turn your run into a speed workout. A REALLY REALLY long speed workout.
    Pavement Runner recently posted..Playlist Thursday: Hip HopMy Profile

  23. haha. I can’t wait. Honestly, this makes watching the Super Bowl much more bearable for me even if I can’t participate this year. But, ahem, Go Niners!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..What color are your capris?My Profile

  24. Good luck Amanda:) I guess it’s a win-win right?:)
    hikermom recently posted..Death By HillsMy Profile

  25. I LOVE IT! Now I have to get Ted to play along and PRAY my team wins. …leaving now to do some research …
    Joanne recently posted..Pizza Party: Sweet Potato Breakfast PizzaMy Profile

  26. lol! As a Niner fan, I’m in! I have confidence in my team – my prediction is a 27-20 victory for the 49ers. I will be running 7 miles regardless on Super Bowl Sunday, so if the 49ers do lose, I will have already taken care of my miles of shame, lol.

    Go Niners!!!
    Nelly recently posted..Melbourne day 8- running, 49ers win, ethical dilemmaMy Profile

  27. OK – I’m in – I pick the 49ers!
    Wendy Flynn recently posted..#RunnerPhotos Photo-A-Day Challenge!My Profile

  28. I am so in, going for the underdogs (because I am a GIANTS fan) and picking the Ravens!
    kim prytherch recently posted..RuntasticMy Profile

  29. Baltimore, hon! I’ll bet 15 miles.

  30. I’ll play! Go 49ers (sorry)!
    Taylor @ lifting revolution recently posted..Top 10 Thursday: 10 Secrets Road Runners Don’t Want Me To ShareMy Profile

  31. I’m in. Not a fan of either team but I’m going with the 49ers.
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..Fitness Friday || Devou Park Trail Run RecapMy Profile

  32. Did you see the puppies superbowl predictor?

    Maggie recently posted..New shoes – Pearl Izumi Iso transitionMy Profile

  33. I’m just not a pro football fan, no matter what I do. We needed a challenge like this for college football and I would have been in! Although anyone should have known who was winning the national championship too. ;)
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..February Fun: 28-Day Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  34. Well you know how much of a football fan I am…and despite how bitter I am after the AFC loss I will be watching Sunday ;)

    Given that I grew up a Niners and that no self-respecting Pats fan can cheer for the Ravens, I’ll take the Niners, capping my bet at 10.
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Goals – One month downMy Profile

  35. While neither of my teams are in the game (Packers #1 always, Patriots #2), I can’t say I’m all that excited about the game. With that being said, I’m going with the 49ers. Sorry but I can’t stand the Ravens! :)
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Go Red for Women + The Countdown WorkoutMy Profile

  36. Chris Giovagnoni says:

    I’m in. And I’m torn. As a Steelers fan I hate to root for the Ravens, but if the 49ers win they’ll have as many Super Bowl victories as we do. Which is more heinous? Thinking. Thinking. Weeping. Ah, this if for the birds! Well, there you have it. Ravens it is.

  37. This is the BEST idea!!! If I cared about who was in the Super Bowl I’d watch it… after the Falcons lost I lost interest. (I’m a collegeball girl!)
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Strange But Good FruitMy Profile

  38. Oh my gosh, I love this. I love to randomly pick teams anyway. Pretty much we never know what’s going on with football, and this is the first time I’ve even heard who’s playing.:) So I’m gonna go 49ers on this one. Fingers crossed that random choice works out.
    Yo Momma Runs recently posted..New Years New Rules giveaway!My Profile

  39. Let’s Go Ravens.

    Pulling hard for you and the boys tomorrow MissZ.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..5 Most Popular Stories Of January: Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Ingredients and Carrot Cake WafflesMy Profile

  40. Man, I had to run for this last year too! I was going for the niners so will be running three miles for you guys this week!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Failure to CommunicateMy Profile


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