Miles of Shame–Super Bowl Style

Are you in?

During the playoffs, my friends Michele at NYCRunningMama and Brian from PavementRunner came up with the brilliant idea of hosting "miles of shame" contests for runners with teams in the NFL playoffs. Now, many of you are familiar with how things turned out--we've got ourselves a Harbowl, meaning that PavementRunner's beloved 49ers are … [Read more...]

What’s your (exercise) type?

For some, it's indoor cardio equipment that works.

Yesterday at CrossFit, we did a set of jump roping and Olympic lifting. I was bored, to be honest, with the lifting part. But every time we got the jump roping section, I wanted to do more than what was prescribed (I didn't). Checking in with my running partner who was there with me, she had the same reaction. We compared the types of … [Read more...]

A crossfit/running marriage?

I was originally introduced to CrossFit at the shore and loved it

If you're into healthy living, then you undoubtedly know that there's a bit of a war going on between endurance athletes and CrossFit/HIIT athletes. And as I've mentioned before, this drives me crazy. Mostly my annoyance stems from the fact that anyone feels the need to judge others for the method of staying fit they choose. As long as … [Read more...]

I did sign on for this


Anyone who knows me knows I loathe winter. I don't like the cold, the wind, the snow--anything about it. I am being completely honest when I say I'd be content to never see snow again as long as I live. Any year that I sign up for a spring marathon, then, I question my choice. Because the long runs need to be run, the speedwork has to … [Read more...]

Pack rules

running with friends

If you've been reading long enough you know I run with a group of friends several times each week. We've been meeting at dark o'thirty for several years now, and the group definitely enhances my running and my life. The upside to running with others is the camaraderie, without question. You've got pals with whom you can chat away the … [Read more...]

One run at a time

Facing my fears

I have a confession to make: my marathon training schedule intimidates me. Since hiring on Jeff Gaudette as my coach and following his schedule, I am doing more speedwork in a week (volume wise) than I have ever done. I'm also doing run combinations that I've never tried before. For instance, last week I did an eight-miler on Friday that … [Read more...]

Making deposits

Heading out to do some stream clean up

I live in a county of privilege, one where it's quite easy to let your kids slide into a world of entitlement if you're not careful. One of my biggest goals as a parent is not to let that happen. One way I work on this is to get the kids involved in giving back and understanding the importance of contributing to the world through service … [Read more...]

The year of racing locally

Runner's World half marathon

I didn't really intend this, but it is looking like 2013 is going to be my year of racing locally. I'm not sure, but I think having two big marathons (Boston and CIM) ┬átied to big travel last year have made me want to stay fairly local this year. For instance, when it came time to pick a March marathon (I zeroed in on March for better … [Read more...]

The shoe store model is broken

You all know that I am a proponent of natural running. I try not to get preachy on you about it because I know that for some people, traditional shoes and the gait they create works. But sometimes, I get really frustrated with traditional shoe stores and their old school thinking on the need for correction via shoes. This is all … [Read more...]

Want to run with the legends?

Let's see if we can design the dream relay team for a marathon, shall we? How about Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Bart Yasso, and you? A pretty potent combo for most runners, isn't it? Thanks to the Blue Ridge Marathon, that dream team can become a reality for two incredibly lucky runners. The Blue Ridge Marathon, billed as … [Read more...]

Off to a good start

From a couple years back...the Ravens seed was sown early!

Week one of marathon training is done. And it was good, albeit challenging. I know lots of people out there routinely turn marathons around one after the other, but I do not. This December to early March turnaround is completely new to me and requires that I jump right back into mileage buildup. So this week's training included tempos … [Read more...]

I run in Boulder

iron infusions

I do wish. But I'm down here at sea-level Maryland. My hematologist informed me the other day that essentially, that's how my body feels/performs--like someone from Maryland who tries to race at altitude. In other words, even after four IV infusions of iron, my red cell counts and iron stores are still in the basement. It was a … [Read more...]

Boys will be boys

Making sure they both learn to love the outdoors

I'm going to go a bit mommy blogger on you. Ok, mommy runner/fitness blogger, how's that? Before becoming a parent, I was a big believer in nurture vs. nature. I still think nurture plays a huge role in who our children become. But I also have to give a bit more credence to nature, as well, since becoming a parent almost 12 years ago. … [Read more...]