So, so tired

I can say in all honesty that no race I’ve ever done before has knocked me down the way this one has. I have been pretty worthless all week. No energy and no enthusiasm for anything physical. Just finding the energy to get to the grocery store has been a challenge.

So I’m not going to fight it. I’ve been “sleeping in” until 6:30 every day. I’ve taken a couple of naps. I’ve barely worked (probably not such a good thing when you consider upcoming deadlines!). I’ve caught up with the kids, and I’ve spent time catching up with friends. Two lunch dates and two coffee dates. Not such a bad way to spend some time!

As for 2013 racing–I’ve got a few ideas swirling around in my head, but as I said in this post, now is not the time to act. Any move I make will be going on raw emotion right now. I need time to really think things through, really decide how I want to spend my next few months. Of course part of me wants to run another marathon and get it right. But the other part of me just wants a break and wants to concentrate on a couple of choice halfs and 10-milers. First world problems.

Looking forward to running a relay again with this awesome partner!

My plan for next week–to start easing back into activity. Swimming and cycling for sure, but not so sure about running. That is until Dec. 15 and 16, when I have two “races.” One is the annual Celtic Solstice 5-miler in Baltimore, where I definitely will be running easy with no chip (and going to brunch with my friends after). The next day I am doing a 4-mile trail relay with my daughter, a tradition we began last year. This is the kind of running I need right now.

In the meantime, you can probably find me on the couch!

Ever have a race knock you for a loop? Do you listen to your mind and body or push through?



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  1. says

    Yes, I definitely have had a race that’s just wiped me out. My marathon in 2010 left me a bit knocked around for a couple of weeks. I didn’t run at all for the first then just kept it light for the next couple until my legs started to feel normal again. Just let your body dictate the pace. You’ll know when you’re ready to do more.
    Char recently posted..One Week DownMy Profile

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    Because I tend to go into big races woefully untrained, YES. Both Dirty Kanza and the 12-hr bike race I did last June knocked me on my butt. My June activity looked like: race, recover for 2 weeks, race, recover for 2 weeks. Granted, your body is in a lot better shape than mine, but I do think sometimes you just have to give it a break and regroup. Sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing.
    Kate recently posted..2012 Castlewood 8-Hour volunteer reportMy Profile

  3. says

    I’m right there with you! I’ve been 100% useless this week (sick, too) but after reading your post I feel better knowing I’m not alone 😉 Sounds like a nice week, though.
    That’s so sweet that you and your daughter have such a fun new tradition running the 4 mile relay together.
    GreenGirlRunning recently posted..CIM Recap & The Bright SideMy Profile

  4. says

    After my first 1/2 marathon when my twins were 4 1/2 months old, I needed a break. I was just wiped out from training and sleepy. My body needed it and I’m thankful that I listened. Otherwise I might have hated running at some point.

    Enjoy your rest! I love that you are running the relay with your daughter. Can’t wait to do that with my kiddos!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Abs and Buns Workout + 2013 ChallengesMy Profile

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    Sounds like a perfect way to spend a couple of weeks before the holidays. Doing fun runs with friends and family, lunch dates, and time to your self. Maybe there is a reason it knocked you out….to give you time to enjoy other stuff with out thinking..”I should be running”….

    Enjoy it….You are still pretty amazing.
    Kathy recently posted..What I am soooo over….My Profile

  6. MJ says

    I hope you feel better soon….is it possible you were coming down with something even before the torrents and turmoil of CIM, which could explain part of that day’s unpleasantness and this unexpected fatigue? Gotta know when to take it easy, sounds like you’re doing the smart things.

  7. says

    I think a rest is in order! Plus, the holidays are here, it is time for all of us to re-group, just have some fun runs, and take time to think the next year through before making too many decisions. I am actually in this mode myself. I always see myself taking December as a lower-key running time as well as some of the summer vacation. It seems a nice time every 6 months to re-group, re-focus, rest, and remind ourselves to also enjoy running just for joy :) For myself, right now I am doing 3 milers every other day and that is about it. In a couple weeks I’ll be kicking training back up, but for now it is a easy time. :) Rest and enjoy family time and have a wonderful holiday season!
    Christina recently posted..What are your running goals for 2013?My Profile

  8. says

    I was just thinking about you last night and about to check on you. I can imagine bein drained after that race both physically and mentally/emotionally. But I think that you are doing what you should be – resting and spending time with family and friends. After I did the NYC Tri oh so long ago, my body completely broke down. I was in the best shape of my life and literally the next day, I couldn’t breathe and my pulmonary function dropped to like 50%. I think that really shook me up and is part of the reason I stopped running races and running much in general for a while. But I have a feelin you don’t get spooked so easily. Enjoy your two upcoming “races.” I love the tradition you have with your daughter.

  9. says

    Every marathon I’ve ever had has knocked me for a loop; now I’m to the point where I won’t stop until I have a good race (In a safe way… recovery between races, etc.) You’re so wise to just relax and enjoy right now… there will be a time to run but now is the time to recover. Love your attitude! Enjoy the small races you have planned. xoxo
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..Christmas Crackers for RunnersMy Profile

  10. says

    Boston this year :) Although I felt great throughout the race and managed to stay hydrated and (somewhat) cool…the 2 weeks post-race were just awful. I felt like someone kept knocking me down. I think the fact that I wasn’t acclimated to that extreme heat yet took a toll on my body.

    I think those extreme weather conditions take more of a toll then we think! Rest up and feel better :)
    Kristy@RunTheLongRoad recently posted..2 daysMy Profile

  11. says

    You’re so smart to not fight it– rest up as much as you can. My first marathon knocked me out for a few days, but then I jumped back in too quickly and paid for it with an injury. Lesson learned. I will embrace rest after this next one!
    Laura recently posted..Half Marathon Goals for SundayMy Profile

  12. says

    The CIM has always looked so appealing and beautiful to run. What a lousy hand you guys were dealt this year. I think the conditions were a bigger factor in your “off day” than you give credit.Great job on pushing through it.

    That’s the best part of November/December marathons. There are plentyof other things to fill your time this year. You can, and should, take a break from a running, and you can do it without a lick of guilt! The spark for running will be back again for the New Year :)
    runblodnie26 recently posted..Respectable 5K & Thankful DayMy Profile

  13. says

    Sounds like your treating your body right! I’ve been completely exhausted all week too…no race to blame it on though, so i’ll blame it on the weather 😀

    Giving yourself permission to recharge always seems like a good idea!
    TriGirl recently posted..Happy Birthday!!My Profile

  14. says

    You’re doing it right and allowing yourself recovery time. The enthusiasm for a good race will come soon enough.
    I have a couple of selfish suggestions: 1. Utica Boilermaker 15K in July. A great race due to crowd support. Reg. opens Jan.12 I think and closes pretty quick.
    2. Flying Pig in Cinnci. the first part of May. :) see you there? 😉
    Joanne recently posted..Tis That Season and A Rustic Pasta RecipeMy Profile

  15. says

    I think it’s also important to remember that you ran two marathons coming off of a year where you had been injured and weren’t running much. You are probably emotionally and mentally exhausted as well. The couch and some easy, shorter races for fun are probably the right places to be right now. After both marathons I’ve run, I needed a week or so to lounge on the sofa and recover physically and mentally.
    Raquelita recently posted..Thursday Threads: WorkhorseMy Profile

  16. says

    I’m sorry you’re still feeling so drained from the race last weekend…I think it’s so wise of you to wait to sign up for a race until this feeling passes…I have been so wiped out before as well. After the 3 long runs/races that I did last fall, I started running a couple of days after because I was on such a high. The 37 miler wiped me out a bit – but the problem was that I was so focused on running again that after a few days, I was done. I felt like I couldn’t even muster the energy to get out of bed. I had NO desire to run. I took about a week off and then signed up for a fun trail race…it was exactly what I needed to remind myself to have fun and enjoy running.
    I hope you have a relaxing, stress-free, enjoyable weekend. Disconnect. Drink lots of wine. Eat chocolate. Indulge – you deserve it =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..PR Spotlight: Katie (MsFitRunner)My Profile

  17. says

    I could have written that! Nasty cold is finally loosening its clutches on me today. But I missed three hours of work on Tuesday and all of it on Wednesday–I’m feeling really guilty about that, about how all of my mental energy went to this race and work has suffered. My family, too, though I’ve been better about that. I’m so up for some R-E-S-T.
    Terzah recently posted..Race Report: California International MarathonMy Profile

  18. says

    I have absolutely no problem listening to my body especially after a big race. I almost always take off a full week after a marathon and then lightly get back into it. I think recovery is as important as training especially as you get a wee bit older :).
    Robin recently posted..Imperial Glass Grey Cup 8KMy Profile

  19. says

    I’m behind on my blog reading – I’m sorry your race didn’t go well! Marathons are exhausting enough, but to have such a tough race, I’m sure your body is worn out. I think you’re being so smart though by resting up and not signing up for another race right away.
    Kristen recently posted..Challenged by my own challengeMy Profile

  20. says

    Your relay partner is adorable! I wonder if the cold/wet conditions of CIM stressed your body more than it already was? Nevertheless you are wise to rest up an d listen to your body.
    Marcia recently posted..Foodie FridayMy Profile

  21. says

    I felt similarly after Surf City. I had registered for a trail marathon that was to happen a few months after Surf City and decided not to do it because my body was just not having it. Every time I ran, I struggled. I remember stopping once on a trail run, sitting on a log and crying because my body just couldn’t do it.

    I love that you run fun races and do brunch with your friends afterwards. I want running friends!!
    Kate @ Run with Kate recently posted..Happy Friday + Under Armour WINNER!My Profile

  22. says

    Sounds like a trail run w/ your daughter is a perfect remedy for what ails you! I’ve definitely had a couple races that have knocked the wind out of me. For me, I stop trying and instead focus on trying less hard. It usually does the trick :)

    Enjoy your non-running time while you’ve got it. Sometimes we have to miss something a little to remember why we love it so much.
    Lisa recently posted..TractionMy Profile

  23. says

    Big races don’t make me tired so much as they make me lack focus. After training for 3+ months thinking about a race every single day, it’s almost depressing the week after the race (or longer) not to have a big goal.

  24. says

    You gave everything you had to the course, you so deserve this down time and don’t worry about any further races, other than you cool relay partner :).

    I find as I get older, racing takes a LOT more out of me than they used to. Things just don’t rebound as quickly. Bleh!

    Enjoy your rest!! :)
    Jill recently posted..Moving Past Chicago: A New BeginningMy Profile

  25. says

    I am predictably sick after CIM. I travel so often, and I think that the race took out my immune system. I want to plan another marathon so quickly, but I am taking your approach and thinking it out. Also my physical therapist has instructed me to wait, so I get that out. Really great that you’re getting time to just enjoy some low key running.
    MegG recently posted..Being weaned off of Physical TherapyMy Profile

  26. says

    I ran 2 fulls within 7 weeks and the second was in the beginning of Nov. Only on my first run after everything did my IT band get cranky. Taking some time to hang out with the family and recover. I feel like I’ve lost my mojo for running. I guess that means I needed this break.
    Heather Winkler recently posted..Giving ThanksMy Profile

  27. says

    I’m just doing some catching up, sorry the comment is so late. I was gonna email you after your race, but I really had nothing positive or constructive to offer. You and I had EXACTLY the same experience. I trained differently and faster than I ever had before this summer. I was in the best running shape of my life. I was faster than ever. I KNEW I had a 3:05-3:09 in me based on all my training times. I did a 14 mile Tempo Run with 10 of the middle miles at a 6:40/pace for crying out loud. But I crashed at mile 22 of my marathon and ended up with a 3:48. I was literally down for about two weeks. I felt actual heart ache over the stupid thing. I was embarrassed. I was angry. I was confused at why I didn’t run the race I knew I could. I felt like I had wasted a whole summer of racing. It literally felt like a break up or something. And even today, when I think about that particular marathon, I still feel some heart ache.

    But it’s been about two months now and it is gradually feeling better. The only real thing I took from it was I’m never gonna plan an “A” race again. If you make your goal, great. But if you don’t – it’s just too hard to deal with the failure. Anyway – I guess this comment is just to express some empathy. I’m sure most runners have been there. But as I’ve read the accounts of your race – it just seemed like we experienced the same thing. Good luck – whether you know or not, even though we’ve never met, I still look up to you as a great runner! Have a great week!
    jim recently posted..Introducing Team RWBMy Profile

  28. says

    must say, anxious to know what’s up your sleeve, simply so we can maybe hang out again. :) i hate to say it, but i usually get sick after every marathon. i’ve never finished one without it happening. And I have no choice but to listen to my body. Yours was a big, emotional, tough race. Enjoy the mental and physical break.
    elizabeth recently posted..South Carolina and GoalsMy Profile

  29. says

    oh I am in that boat too….
    I ran a half marathon Sunday

    it was a hard hard course and it killed me
    I am not sick…knock on wood
    but I feel like I have nothing left in me…super tired…and dry…
    I was not prepared well for this race..
    I have rested Monday and today and I still feel out of energy
    not sure about tomorrow…maybe 3-4 miles…we will see….
    Caroline recently posted..GIVEAWAY TIME Ho! Ho! Ho!My Profile