Holly jolly weekend of running

Saturday and Sunday’s running events might have topped my list for fun runs this year. Saturday my friends and I headed up to Baltimore for

Capitol Area Runners

Meeting Cheryl from Dash’s Bites/Capitol Area Runners

the Celtic Solstice 5-miler. We didn’t bother with our chips and simply ran the race at a nice comfortable pace. With a few miles thrown in before and after, we probably topped out around 10. We also got to meet up with the Capitol Area Running gals, which was a treat. And of course there was the brunch–a perfect day!

Sunday I teamed up with my daughter to run the local Rudolph Run 4-mile relay, while my son ran the relay with his speedy friend. This race is a ball–you each run a two-mile loop on trails through the woods. I let my daughter take the first leg, but ran alongside her. She was in 8-yr. old, take-no-prisoners mode, I’ve gotta say. I loved watching her pick people off as we went along though the woods. She really worked her tail off and I could tell she was having a great time doing it.

When she finished her loop, I headed out. I didn’t really intend to run hard, but that’s what I ended up doing. I knew my daughter had run well enough that if I pushed it a bit, we might sneak into the awards (it was admittedly a small race!). I was pretty happy with my splits when I finished and I loved being on the trails. I know a 50k is calling my name–I’ve gotta listen to it one of these days.

The boys–let me tell you about the boys! Those two hammered the course and beat us by a solid five-plus minutes! I was really proud of their effort. In the end, the

Bullseye Running

Clockwise from top left: The boys’ team; my neighbors getting into the spirit; the popcorn tins; the girls’ team

boys’ team finished second overall male team and my daughter and I managed to be the third overall female team. In the kids’ world, there was nothing better than this simply because of the prizes available–big tins of popcorn. Ah, to be so easily pleased!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to run both these events over the weekend. Mood boosters when mood boosters were needed.

Anyone else participate in holiday runs this past weekend?


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    I ran a holly jolly half marathon which was also small but allowed me to get my first win which was so much fun! Your kids sound like rock stars! I bet you were one proud peacock

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    Congrats on the placing (and popcorn)! What a great time. My daughter and I were registered for the Jingle Bell Run a couple weekends ago, but had to skip it because of the flu. She was just coming off of it and I was in the middle of it and neither of us had any business doing a chilly morning 5K. She was mad, but I promised we’d do a holiday themed run just the two of us before Christmas. Maybe Friday since they get out of school at 1 and it is supposed to be sunny and 48.
    Christina recently posted..Dangers of TrailsMy Profile

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    Isn’t it great how trails and impromptu races can lift the spirits? Nothing like a no-pressure social race to boost the mood. :)

    Hope you do the 50K! I bet you’d love it. I am considering one this year, and certainly am planning on more trails in my future.
    Raina recently posted..Short, Sweet Trail RunMy Profile

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    Welp, you know me. The only holiday run I’m gonna do is the run to grab more cookies off the plate before someone else does. And besides…my toe is still broken. O_O

    Your Rudolph Run reminded me of when we watched the Rudolph movie the other night. The kid kept grillin’ me about whether or not that Red-Nosed-Deer creature is currently married. WTH?
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Daisy Dukes Legs and Booty WorkoutMy Profile

  5. says

    SOOOO Great to finally meet you!! I already have a promised CB transfer!

    I love that you ran a relay with your daughter, and that the boys participated as well. It’s so nice to be able to share what you love with your loved ones!!! My dad was a runner and used to MAKE me run with him when I was younger. Who knew back then I’d embrace it so much!

    Merry Christmas and here’s to a wonderful 2013!!
    Dash recently posted..Four Things Friday: Army | Richmond Pictures | Updates |Ashburn Farm 10k Race ReportMy Profile


  1. […] and I have done a bang up job of late making ones up. Our holiday themed runs have included the Celtic Solstice 5-miler, a night-time run through neighborhood lights (followed by a cookie exchange), a Christmas Eve […]