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Cleveland Metro Parks

Blogging? What is that? After a week off, I am rusty! But it's been a good break--no blogging, no commenting on blogs, and very little interaction on my other platforms. I think in three years of writing this site, that's the longest I've ever gone. But I'm back, batteries recharged and ready to dig into 2013. We spent part of our … [Read more...]

Happy holidays!

holiday running

We never need an excuse to get together and run, but my running crew and I have done a bang up job of late making ones up. Our holiday themed runs have included the Celtic Solstice 5-miler, a night-time run through neighborhood lights (followed by a cookie exchange), a Christmas Eve morning run, and finally, a boxing day run (and brunch!) … [Read more...]

Are runners really that obnoxious?

Naked Foot 5k

I read, from time to time, Gina Kolata's articles in the New York Times. A science and health writer, and a long-distance runner herself, Kolata often offers up articles of interest to us runner types. The other day she wrote about how runners draw lots of ire from non-runners. As a lead-in, she mentioned the recent study citing … [Read more...]

Altra Zero Drop Intuition 1.5 (review)

Runner's World half marathon

I am admittedly a bit of a hoarder when it comes to minimalist shoes. I've tried most of them now, from the New Balance Minimalist (both road and trail versions), to the Merrell barefoot line, to Skora, and everything in between. Some have worked for me, some have not. When I spent my weekend in Bethlehem, PA, for the Runner's World half … [Read more...]

Holly jolly weekend of running

Capitol Area Runners

Saturday and Sunday's running events might have topped my list for fun runs this year. Saturday my friends and I headed up to Baltimore for the Celtic Solstice 5-miler. We didn't bother with our chips and simply ran the race at a nice comfortable pace. With a few miles thrown in before and after, we probably topped out around 10. … [Read more...]

Off to the races

Awesome premium as always from this race

I'm on a roll this week, let me tell you. To summarize: I let my daughter go off to school with her pants on backwards the other day (unbeknown¬†to her) because I noticed it as we walked out the door that morning and turning around would have cost us another 10 minutes as she removed coat, backpack, shoes, etc. to change. Mom of the … [Read more...]

What’s on your shoe?


Ok, anyone who knows me as a runner knows that I am a low-tech kind of gal. But I can certainly appreciate technology that enhances running, and when I come across technology that's as simple as it is smart, then I am impressed. I was quite impressed recently when local runner Jason Kaplan introduced his very cool new product to me, … [Read more...]

Tell me about your 2012

Running review

It's year's end and if you're like me, you're taking stock of the year on many levels. Because this is a running blog, however, I want to hear about your year of running. I did something similar last year and it was a ton of fun, so let's go for it again. I want you to answer the following questions about your 2012 year of running. Do … [Read more...]

How to avoid hitting the wall during a marathon

Does running a marathon mean hitting the wall? Not always and here's how to avoid it.

As I spend time recovering from the California International Marathon, I have time to think about what right and what went wrong.¬† I do know I hit a wall and hit it hard. Which brings up the question: do you have to hit a wall in a marathon? Ideally, no. Let's clarify this a bit--in a perfect marathon you will reach a wall, but not … [Read more...]

So, so tired

Looking forward to running a relay again with this awesome partner!

I can say in all honesty that no race I've ever done before has knocked me down the way this one has. I have been pretty worthless all week. No energy and no enthusiasm for anything physical. Just finding the energy to get to the grocery store has been a challenge. So I'm not going to fight it. I've been "sleeping in" until 6:30 every … [Read more...]

What did work at CIM

Rainy run the day before, which was really the calm before the storm

A big thanks to all the kind comments, tweets and messages I received from you all regarding my cruddy day at CIM. I'm still not over the emotional sting, but the big virtual hugs I've received certainly help with the healing. One thing I wanted to touch on about that day is the rain factor. I've always run in the rain--that will … [Read more...]

Not my day (year?)

Post-race fun

Is it possible to be 0 for 2 in one year for marathons? Why yes, yes it is! I was terribly off my game yesterday, and the hardest thing is, I'm not really sure why. The weather was pretty rough at a few points, but I honestly don't think that played a factor in my performance. What happened was a good old fashioned bonk, but I'm not … [Read more...]