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The Form by Skora Running

It’s no secret that I’m, ahem, a bit of an Imelda when it comes to natural running shoes. You name the brand and I’ve probably tried it (note–it’s good to be a blogger!). The latest shoe I was fortunate enough to try is the Form, by Skora Running.

I like what Skora is doing with running shoes. Their philosophy: At SKORA, we look at things differently. We believe that running shoes should be built to encourage running performance that is as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference. Our footwear lets people run naturally. Run Real is our philosophy and we stand by it.

From my experience with the Form, I’d say they’re hitting the nail on the head. The shoes are different than anything I’ve tried before, beginning with the materials–the shoes are made of leather, which is so different from what any of us are used to these days. Then there’s the lacing–it’s asymmetrical, something Skora does for comfort. I liked this and do think it’s more comfortable.

Unlike many shoe companies that look for things to add to their shoes, Skora looked for things to take out, which I appreciate. The shoe is just simple: zero drop, wide toe box, a contoured last–in short, it is built like a foot. As for the ride itself: I felt that I could find and maintain good form quite easily with the shoes, something I can’t say about all of the “natural” shoes I have tried. I like that there is so little between my foot and the ground with these.

I’m going to say that the only drawback I can see with these shoes is the price tag: $180 for this model, although they have a less expensive model available as well. I’m betting, however, that the shoes last much longer than a mesh pair, and with little cushioning to worry about wearing out, the shoes can probably go well beyond what many people are used to getting out of their normal kicks.

Want to read more about Skora or other natural running shoes? Check out the newly released Minimalist Shoe Buying Guide #1–Fall/Winter. It’s a great way to compare and contrast the ever growing variety of shoes in this category.

Have you tried Skora Running shoes? Thoughts?

Disclaimer: Skora Running gave me these shoes for free. All opinions expressed are my own.

Interested in a pair? Skora is offering a discount now through Nov. 24:


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  1. says

    My work shoes are 0 drop, and I have NB 0 drop, and I pair of 5 fingers, but I race in NB 1010 (4mm) and on the road I have inovate 4mm.

    I can’t really afford to buy shoes, so I run in what I get given, and while I still have shoes Hi-Tec infinities, and Montrails, I’ve got lots of miles to go before I would need to buy my own shoe…
    Coach Dion recently posted..WHY AM I SORE?My Profile

    • says

      Take into consideration that I got 1050 miles out of my last pair. Their high density EVA outsole gets much less wear over time than a traditional outsole on almost every other shoe.
      Kyle at SkoraRunning dot Com
      Kyle Kranz recently posted..PainMy Profile

  2. jason says

    Do you know of anyone who has compared minimal running shoes to soccer shoes? My soccer shoes have been made in a very similar way for as long as I’ve played. Leather was always used, although i think some of the newer ones have synthetics, they have always had a minimal, zero drop sole and even asymmetrical lacing. They last, I still use a pair of adidas copa mundial’s from 12 years ago. Buy them a half size small and they fit like a glove in a few months. Take away the studs, and you’re in the ballpark of the way running is going. Look up adidas predators and you’ll even see the color direction. These shoes were perfect for running on grass.

  3. says

    I’ve never tried them and honestly probably never will with that price tag. But I’m glad you liked them! I know Asics tried to do the asymmetrical lacing and got a whole bunch of consumers sending them back as defects so they changed it back. So it’s good to see a shoe company doing that!
    Amanda @ Run Principessa recently posted..My Hair Is FlatMy Profile

  4. says

    So interesting to read this review as I was just looking at various minimalist shoes. I am currently transitioning out of 12mm heel drop Asics and into 4mm Brooks Pure Flows. I am undecided as to whether I will actually transition to a true zero drop minimalist shoe. Once I am fully adjusted to the Pure Flows, however, I may try out a pair of zero drop shoes to see how I like them. I’m looking forward to strengthening my feet in this whole process (and I’m currently wearing my toe spacers to help me along!) Ha!
    Kristen @ Happy Running Mama recently posted..Full CircleMy Profile

  5. says

    How are they for trail running?

    I prefer non-leather, but I’d still like to try those out.

    I have one pair of NB Minimus which I love, 2 pairs of Vibrams (KSO and Bikila) and 2 pairs of Merrell Trail Gloves. I love all of them for different reasons. My only argument with any of them is that I have gotten a few bruises on the ball of the foot or heel when trail running. The very thing that makes them minimalist (the thin, flexible sole) doesn’t protect very well against sharp rocks, which I seem to land on repeatedly.
    Jonathan Aluzas recently posted..Food For Fitness: Roasted Sweet Potato SaladMy Profile

  6. says

    Great review… I hadn’t even heard of Skora… but I love my minimal shoes. I run in Vibram Fivefingers Speed and the New Balance Minimus Trail, but I am looking for a pair that handles our wet, cold winters a little better. Thank you for the link to the shoe buying guide!
    Nicole Earls recently posted..A Run with My SonMy Profile

  7. says

    I have a pair! In a very lucky circumstance, I was given a pair the summer. I have slowly broke into them for running since I have not been much of a minimalist runner. But I must say I LOVE how they look and feel. They are super sturdy and I am sure they will last a long time so don’t get too concerned about the price.
    Amy @ Writing While Running recently posted..It’s Friday Already?My Profile

  8. says

    I’ve worn skora before and they aren’t bad. I need a lot more support and cushion under my feet so they aren’t a shoe I turn too for a lot of running. It’s interesting to me that they are so pricey because they are more minimalist and take less material to make. They are running the same price as a lot of those cushioned shoes.
    Hollie recently posted..Marathon GrillMy Profile