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Here I am, two weeks out from a marathon and just about six weeks left in the year (tell me how that’s possible). As the year draw to a close, I’m hearing all about other runners’ plans for the coming year. Believe me, I’m tossing lots of possibilities around in my head, too.

Do I want to run a spring marathon? A 50k? Or maybe just concentrate on shorter races, like 10 milers and halfs for the winter/spring, and then put the focus on another fall marathon?

So many options and I can make an argument for all of the above scenarios. Odds are, I’ll be happy no matter what I decide. No, I will be happy no matter which way I go, because as long as I’m healthy, running and racing, life is good.

But even though I am a planner, I’m going to wait to map out my 2013 until after the marathon on Dec. 2. Why? Because the outcome of my marathon will probably weigh on my decisions. Even so, I’m still going to give it at least two weeks post-marathon before I make up my mind. I don’t want the emotion of the marathon to get in the way of my thought process. Have a good race and I’ll be riding a high, ready to pull the trigger on the next one. Have a bad one and I might want a redemption race. So to my mind, it’s better to let the dust settle, count to 10, and then think about 2013.

Of course, with the way of today’s racing scene, I am potentially missing out on some races that will sell out quickly. The Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April is one I won’t let go by me–I’ll throw my name into the lottery in December for sure. Love this race and will do it no matter what my “bigger” racing plans are.

So that’s my undecided situation for 2013 at this point. Where do you stand on 2013 racing plans?


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    Right now I’m only registered for one race in 2013: the Vancouver Marathon in May. It’s harder to fill out my race schedule living in Alaska as it’s pretty expensive to fly out of here, so unless I can tack on a race to visiting family or some other kind of already planned trip, I can really only justify one a year. I’m still hoping to add a half to my calendar in March, but I’ll have to see how our spring break plans shape up.
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    I like the way you are thinking.

    I know that I will be running MCM in 2013, but I have to decide if I want to try for a BQ qualifier in the Spring, to try for Boston in 2014 or if I need to just run MCM and use MCM to BQ for 2015? That decision will help me decide my racing and training schedule for 2013. Oh I know I will run a few local 5K’s and our club’s January 4.5 mile race, but every thing else depends on that decision.

    I am currently in my down-time training phase, to let the body heal a lot, so I won’t make the decision until around 12/15 or so.
    Harold recently posted..Treadmills are Not Always Dreadmills for RunningMy Profile

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    That’s a good way of thinking, it’s smart. I have my races planned up until my first full in February (26.2 with Donna). Beyond that, I have to see how I feel. Sure, there’s a color race next April that I’m almost positive I’m going to do, but I too want to be smart. Two more half marathons and a full, that’s all that’s in my current schedule. :)

    I look forward to hearing all about your marathon!
    Shannon Chenoweth recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Church and Cooler TempsMy Profile

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    It is unbelievable how fast the year has gone. Your approach looks good and make sense. I have a big 2013 planned. Lots of big goals already lined up. I’m already registered for 7 very big races. I’m turning 50 next year so I’m making it a huge running year.
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    I like your reasoning behind not making any decisions. I was getting caught up in the marathon chatter on twitter a few weeks ago and was SO close to registering for a marathon in Dec. I made myself sleep on it for a few days and realized how foolish I was being!
    I haveno real racing plan yet other than NJ Marathon (I was able to defer for a yr!) =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..Race for Recovery 5k/10kMy Profile

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    I’m like you as well pondering what to do in the spring (half, full, 50K). So far all I’ve registered for is a 30K in March which is a running staple for me. I’ve also signed up to crew/pace a friend in her first 100 miler (I’ll do a 20K loop) at the end of May. Super excited about that. As for me, still undecided though. Good luck in your marathon! Enjoy your taper.
    Robin recently posted..Inaugural Downsview Half MarathonMy Profile

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    It’s hard for me to plan 2013. I know what I want to do but I know that planning really far out doesn’t always work. Last year, I lost a lot of money planning a full year out for things and then getting sick. Races sell out so quickly so it’s hard to plan if you don’t do it well in advance…
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    ohmygosh there are only 6 weeks left in the year??!?! How in the world is that possible.

    I too like your level-headed thinking and think that it makes so much sense. I get caught up in the all the race excitement on Twitter. So, since I don’t typically run races and I’m just getting back to it, I’m not sure what I want to do in 2013. I know that I do want to run a half which was my plan last year before I injured myself. Just a question of whether I run the half that I had intended to run, throw my name into the lottery for the NYC half or something else.
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    I like your plan… it’s too easy to jump into those decisions. I honestly haven’t thought beyond January’s marathon… it’s very out of character for me. I’m usually a huge planner and have things mapped out months in advance. There are a lot of Feb/March halfs and fulls here, but I don’t want to run them too close together, so I’m still thinking it through… then by April it’s crazy hot again, so I don’t have much time to squeeze those races in!
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    “I will be happy no matter which way I go, because as long as Iā€™m healthy, running and racing, life is good.” I like that thinking very much!

    I have no plans for 2013 yet….but I’m okay with that because I’m happy and…life is good :)
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    I have a rough idea of what I might run in 2013. It is actually part of my blog topic today. Ideally I would like to register for some races now, but thankfully they are ones that don’t sell out quickly so I can wait until January or even February. I want to see how the rest of year goes and if I have progressed enough to where I feel confident and comfortable then I will register for a marathon that is on May 19th in Spokane.
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    We are moving to Alexandria, VA in May 2013, so I’m STOKED about that for starters! I’m planning on kicking off 2013 with a GOAL marathon here in Yuma (hopefully a BQ!) and then I’m going to relax for a bit and do some “fun” runs: Hot Chocolate 15K with friends and then a double-double with my college roommate in May (Indy Mini-Marathon on Sat. followed by Flying Pig Half Marathon on Sunday). Then we move and it will be a time of transition… Hoping to be back to it for a PR fall marathon… probably Marine Corps!
    Allison Johnson recently posted..Phoenix 3TV 10K Race ReportMy Profile

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    Undecided is totally great! Right now I’m leaning to just shorter races in the spring and then another fall marathon. But dang the temptation is always there, like a half eaten homemade cookie. Le sigh
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..Really!?My Profile

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    I’m right there with you. Almost 2 wks out from my 50 miler (still can’t stop smiling each time I type or say that!!) and although anxious to sign up for something, know I need a bit more recovery.

    But it’s still weird to have an empty racing calendar…..!

    Have a fantastic marathon!!!!!
    Lisa recently posted..I want a do-over!My Profile

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    I know for sure that I will be running Boston in April (as long as the body cooperates). I was supposed to do the Tucson Marathon in 3 weeks as my plan B after NYC didn’t happen, but am currently having some severe fatigue issues (from anemia and my MS). So, not sure what the immediate future holds, hopefully a race soon, because I have stored up race anxiety that I need to get rid of!
    Beth @ Miles and Trials recently posted..Happy DanceMy Profile

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    I have a spring marathon on the books and that’s it. I’d like to make 2013 the year of half marathons. I’m thinking of trying to run one a month…that is if I still like running after Eugene in the end of April! Have you ever run the Eugene Marathon?
    GreenGirlRunning recently posted..Posting SignsMy Profile

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    Smart, smart, smart! I think I’m going to do this after my big races next year…no signing up for anything until a couple weeks later once emotions (either happy or sad) are sorted out.
    I only have two big ones on my 2013 calendar- Ironman Coeur d’Alene at the end of June and Ironman Canada at the end of August.
    I don’t think I’ll put anything else on there unless something small pops up!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Cross training crazyMy Profile

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    No plans just yet. I’m 99% sure I’m doing the Vermont City Marathon in May. I may have to do a few local half marathons just because they’re my favorite and I love racing along the ocean. I’m taking it easy mileage wise for the next month before I start to ramp it up again.

    I’d love to do the Cherry Blossom. DC is a great place to visit! Plus maybe I’d actually get to me you in person then. :)
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Fun Friday: Last Chance SurveyMy Profile

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    I was just thinking about race schedules and how most everyone thinks in terms of January – December. Mine runs from July – June. But these days, do we even schedules broken down by 12 months anymore? With races selling out sooner and sooner, causing runners to register well in advance (even in advance of knowing whether they can do the race or not) I wonder if running has become less cyclical and more of an ongoing pursuit.
    Jamoosh recently posted..One First and Last Run at a GoalMy Profile

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    I’ve made a challenge of 13 13.1s in 2013. I figure after marathon training it should pretty easy. I’ve already signed up for my Spring “A” race of the Flying Pig 3 way. (5 &10ks on Sat/ half on Sun). Some of my 1/2s will be “virtual” since I don’t want to break the bank on entry fees/travel costs since there aren’t a ton in Ohio.
    Heather Winkler recently posted..Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

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    Ugh. I haven’t even started thinking about what I’m racing in 2013. (Ok… so I have a free entry to a 10k that I’m 99% sure I’ll use, but otherwise no plans.)

    I’m at a point, life-wise, that enough other stuff is up in the air in 2013 (big things like job changes and a possible move cross-country) that thinking about trying to set race goals just makes my head hurt.

    For a few months, at least, my 2013 running goal will be “stay sane.” šŸ˜‰
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..More races should…My Profile

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    I’ve already got a few things going on for 2013. Originally, since I can be so very inanely superstitious, I wasn’t going to do any races for 2013..the number 13 puts me off. That changed since my husband is looking forward to doing a “Tin Man”. This means he has to run a few half marathons YAY!
    So… we are doing Disney. We will run the half then I’ll run the full for completing the Goofy Challenge. Check if off the bucket list.
    I’m running Boston again. New goal: Run Boston 10 consecutive years. This will be my 3rd Boston.
    I’m running the Flying Pig, another one off the bucket list, in May. Why waste the training for Boston on just one marathon PLUS the hubby is running the Pig half. It should be a fun weekend.
    As for the rest of the year, the summer is filled with spectating hubby’s triathlons then planning one or two fall marathons.
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    I’m a planner too and had all my races and vacations planned by this time last year. My free time recently decreased significantly and my travel for work increased significantly so I’m holding off on 2013 race plans for a while. If my work situation hadn’t changed, I’d be obsessing about my first 140.6. I’m going to give it a few months before I make the call. It may be a year off racing, a 140.6 or something in between. Tough place to be when you are a planner :-)


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