#10 Things I don’t get

If you’re on Twitter (some of us are, ahem, on it quite a bit), you might have noticed that something called #20 things I don’t like has been trending lately. I’m going to put my own little twist on this with 10 things (’cause who wants to read through 20?) I don’t get, the runner’s version.

As girly as I get for running

Now please don’t think I am judging you if you like some of these things–my perspective comes from someone who has been running a long time. I sometimes feel quite out of touch with today’s newer runner because some of the things that appeal to that category just miss me entirely. I’m a bit old-fashioned and a whole lot untrendy. Here’s what I mean:

  • Paying $150 (or more!) for a half marathon. Nope, no swag in the world is going to get me to that start line.
  • Running races with 40,000 other people.
  • Disney races–yep, I just don’t see the appeal to dress in character or as a “princess” and run a half or full marathon.
  • Nuun. I know, it’s the best thing ever, but it’s not for me.
  • Running seven or eight marathons (or even one/month) in one year. I’d rather focus on one or two each year and make the most of them.
  • Belts for stashing phones, keys, gels, etc. I just don’t want to carry all that much stuff.
  • Sparkly skirts. See note on Disney.
  • Headphones at races. Or when running with friends (seen it more than once).
  • The appeal of treadmills. I loathe them!
  • Lululemon. I know, I know. They have really cute stuff. I own a piece. But it’s overpriced. Period.

By now you have probably decided that I am an old curmudgeon, and maybe I am. Like I said, I don’t think any less of anyone for whom these things appeal. I am merely pointing out what I’ll dub a running “generational gap,” between old schoolers like me and newer runners.

Maybe you can make me see the light on these things? What running related things don’t you get?


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  1. says

    So I guess now we all know what to get you for Christmas?? LOL. Some Luluemon tights with a nice sparkly skirt to wear to your next Disney Marathon?

    I think you just “disliked” the most common women runner things out there. I have to admit, I love many of them. But we all have things we like and things we don’t.

    I don’t like races that only post your gun time and not your chip time. That’s happened to me twice recently. I’m slow enough on my own, I don’t need another minute or two added to my time cause I start in the back.
    Michael recently posted..December 5K a Day ChallengeMy Profile

  2. says

    I’m not a “serious runner” by any means, but can understand and agree with most of these.

    The only one I’ll defend is the disney races. :) Not that I’ve ever done one, but having grown up as a “Disney Princess” myself, I imagine it’d be fun.
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Keep upMy Profile

  3. says

    haha I definitely hear you on the running a ton of marathons in a year thing – for me it’s about quality over quantity. Also my body just can’t handle that! I love lululemon, but mostly for yoga and I think I own like 2 pieces of clothing from there.
    Caroline recently posted..Gifts for a RunnerMy Profile

  4. says

    I can definitely see where you are coming from because I am definitely “old school” when it comes to running. I started running in the 1960’s when runners were targets of cars and derisive comments by people in the streets. This was before it became “popular” to run. We used to run in those gray sweats. My one concession was buying Adidas sneakers and people especially my students would laugh at them because they had never seen them before and they were not stylish at that time.

    Nowadays it is “in” to run and you are laughed at if not dressed in fancy running attire with the “mandatory” ear buds. I do like music but I also enjoy listening to the sounds of nature when I go out for a run. I also enjoyed talking to other runners during races and cheering each other on. This is now hard to do with most people tuned in to their playlists.

    Just keep doing your thing and don’t worry about what others think or do. If others like those costumed races so be it.

  5. says

    With the exception of Disney, because I’m just not a Disney person, I absolutely am the COMPLETE opposite of you! I looooove Lululemon, Nuun, my SpiBelt, my headphones, don’t mind paying for races I want to run no matter how much they are, and most certainly hands down LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my treadmill. It helped me shed 85lb when I was too scared to go out in public! 😉 But to each her own, haha!!
    Cherie @ Cherie Runs This recently posted..Mizuno Running giveaway winners!My Profile

  6. bethp262 says

    I don’t get/don’t participate in women’s-only races. Too pink, too sparkly. The whole you-go-girl thing just annoys me, not to mention that it is sexist. I mean, can you imagine the uproar there would be over a men’s-only race?!
    Plus, I love passing guys in races! 😉

  7. says

    I agree with you about many of them. I’m planning a Disney race sometime in the future, but I grew up in Orlando so it’s kind of a running rite of passage for me. I really don’t get the sparkly skirts. I have no idea about the tights. For me, the treadmill is a necessary evil. I have times when I can’t run outside, so I have to deal with the treadmill. I HATE it.
    Alyssa K recently posted..My First 10-miler and cross trainingMy Profile

  8. Pat says

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have said and I think many of the items on your list aren’t trends as much as they are marketing tools. Make people pay a lot of money for something and it must be special, right? I must admit, though, that I do have a few items of lulu running clothing. I bought them, on sale, to see if they were worth the hype. Nice stuff but, quite frankly, not nicer than the other brands I buy at a lesser price.

  9. says

    Yes to all of this! I feel like it’s worse when you are in your 20s. Most of these 20-something running bloggers LOVE all that stuff so I feel weird that I do not. I don’t want to dress up or wear overpriced sparkly skirts either.

    I never use headphones outside or at races. Only on the treadmill.
    Holly recently posted..Monthly Training Update: NovemberMy Profile

  10. says

    With you on most all of these except I don’t know what ‘Nuun’ is and the treadmill one. With 3 young kids and a hubbie that sometimes has to be away from home (he’s been away for almost 4 weeks at this point!) I couldn’t run without it so whilst it’s most certainly not running up a trail in….oh Colorado for instance, it does afford me the opportunity to reach my 90+ miles a week I currently need so I kind of….love that damn thing 😉
    The skirt thing kind of gives me the *****, maybe it’s silly but I feel so empowered by running, strong and independent! Why on earth would I want to put a skirt on that?! 😉

  11. says

    You know, I am actually with you on most of these. I admit that I did the Disneyland Half in 2010 (with a sparkly skirt), but that was enough for me. First and last Disney race. I also own no Lululemon and don’t plan on buying any anytime soon. I was on a Nuun kick for a while but now, “Meh.” Actually, my husband and soon use all the Nuun around here for swim practice. I also HATE the treadmill!

    I can’t kick my headphone addiction though.
    Allison Johnson recently posted..Phoenix 3TV 10K Race ReportMy Profile

  12. says

    I agree with almost all of these! I’ve been running for over 17 years, and I really miss the days where races were cheap and running was a minimal sport. All you really needed was a pair of running shoes and you were out the door. I do enjoy the latest in running fashion, hello Oiselle!, but I also love a run in an old cotton tee! I don’t run with anything of the extras and I like it that way.
    Way to preach it! :)
    Jen B. recently posted..CIM Marathon Week!My Profile

  13. says

    DISNEY!! I dunno, I guess it’s just a Disney thing. I love going to DIsney world, so doing a race there is an excuse to go. =) No doubt, their races are overpriced. Lulu is overpriced, too, but I’m a sucker for cute clothes, so I buy it anyways. I definitely think a lot of that stuff is “everyone else is doing it and I want to be cool, so I’ll do it too”, though the SPI belt thing is more for safety than anything else.

    Steph recently posted..What’s going on?My Profile

  14. says

    I think in order to be “old school” you need to run in cotton t-shirts and Converse. I have run the Disney Marathon with my wife and it was one of my most fun races I have ever done. But we didn’t run it for time, we planned on having fun going in – which is the key to Disney; you have to run it with friends and not treat it as a normal race. Will I ever run it again? No.
    Jamoosh recently posted..Sipping the NarwhalMy Profile

  15. says

    I don’t get the tech shirt thing…cotton is so much better! I don’t get running with music…listen to your environment! I don’t get compression wear…it doesn’t make sense.
    I love my belt and always carry my camera, some race food and whatever in it. On a long trail race I carry about 4kg on my back and 0.7kg in my belt..
    Johann recently posted..Running LogsMy Profile

  16. says

    I agree with you on a lot of them. I hate running in groups, lululemon is waaaaay over priced, I hate races with 40,000 participants, running multiple marathons and packing a ton of crap with me when I run. I do like nuun and I have a couple of sparkle skirts that get exceptions for certain races. Once was for an all women’s 1/2 marathon and this weekend I am wearing red one for a jingle bell 5K.
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..Munching & Running: Turkey weekend funMy Profile

  17. Susan SRMS says

    I don’t get the whole Garmin addiction. I’m old school…what happened to listening to your body and feeling your pace?

  18. says

    I agree with you on all but a couple of these. I have not been running as long as you, but feel that I am very old fashioned in general. However, I have to have music! Sorry.
    Travel Spot recently posted..RandomsMy Profile

  19. says

    You may be my new favorite person/blogger…..I agree with most of these too!!!

    (although, I would do Disney as an excuse to plan a trip to Florida and get out of MN…but, sorry no tutu for me…ha!)

    • says

      Ooh, I’ll answer this for me! I’ll run in the street (in our town, not on the busy streets but on neighborhood streets) when the sidewalks are broken up. I hate running on the shoulder of a road because the sideways cant kills my knees.
      Kate recently posted..Skippo 30K trail raceMy Profile

  20. says

    I must admit, I’m guilty of having a Disney race on my bucket list (not because of dressing up but I was born and raised a Disney fan), I own a sparkly skirt (just because sometimes I like to sparkle), and own a Spibelt (but only wear it on long runs to carry my phone due to past issues w/ safety)…but I agree whole-heartedly about most everything you said. Not a fan of Nuun (gasp!), and Lulu what? (I do not own a single piece). I guess what it comes down to is being yourself and sticking to it!
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..Creating My Book Of VisionsMy Profile

  21. Holly says

    Must be why I enjoy your blog so much! I agree with all but one – since I take my phone with me on every run (for safety) I have been thinking about getting a spi belt so I don’t have to be so picky about making sure my phone fits in my bottoms/tops. I have only been running for 4 years and am 37 so I don’t think it is entirely generational :)

  22. says

    Haha hysterical! :) I get it! I actually am refusing to even pay for 5ks (unless for charity) now. Half marathons need to be under $100. And I cannot do skirts. No matter how cute they are, I feel strange running in them. I do want to do a Disney race only because I enjoy having fun at Disney, but the races are never at a time when we are there, they don’t include a park pass (and the should!!!), and the cost is too high. And I secretly prefer Gatorade to the taste of Nuun, blasphemy I know, lol
    Christina recently posted..Runner’s Radar: hiking, Cyber Monday, MommyhoodMy Profile

  23. says

    This list cracks me up!! I help out a lot of newer runners and they always think they need to do everything on your list in their first year or two of running. Getting them to just go running with themselves and a decent pair of shoes sans a million accessories is hard. I think social media doesn’t help either. I cannot agree more on the high race fees. When I started racing they were affordable and now I pick and choose based on affordability.

  24. says

    Love the list. Everyone has their own list I’m sure. I loathe the treadmill too, but have to use it for most of my runs because of childcare….so a necessary evil for me. Would much rather be outdoors, even in -20C then on the treadmill. I also wear ipod in longer races and training runs (which I do alone) because i get bored. As for the race fees, I find they are going up and up especially for the shorter events…crazy.
    Robin recently posted..Christmas 2012My Profile

  25. says

    I own a couple of tutus, but both were hand-made as costumes for a Halloween race (the Monster Dash), and I have to admit, I love the idea of dressing up for a Halloween race. I’m also a fan of my SPIbelt because I don’t think I own any running wear with pockets at all (poor life choices, yes) and sometimes I do need to keep my keys on me.

    Other than that, I generally agree with you. Lululemon = definitely overpriced, and it’s nice and all but not $100-for-a-t-shirt nice. I don’t like treadmills, either, but I understand they’re a necessary evil sometimes. Headphones when running with friends just seems rude to me, and during a race I never do. (I will when running laps occasionally because laps are boring, but other than that I run places without sidewalks so it’s a safety issue.) And good lord, $150 for a half = no. I won’t even pay that for a full, but I’m a cheapskate.

    I personally don’t do running skirts at all, but that’s because I’m a bit wide in the rear end area and the skirt just makes me look even weirder.
    avenging angle recently posted..November 12athon – RWBMy Profile

  26. says

    Oh my gosh I totally agree!!!! On all of those.

    The cost of a race (running or cycling) is a deal breaker. Some of them are super spendy and not worth it.

    Don’t understand the appeal of Disney. I’m not 12.

    I also think an endurance event is something special and should be trained for properly, and not just another notch on the belt! I do 1-2 cycling events a year and that’s plenty!
    Lisa Eirene recently posted..Coping With An InjuryMy Profile

  27. says

    I am so glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t get nuun. It is not for me. Or my husband. We tried, we did, but I ended up sending the tube to a friend who likes the stuff.

    I also agree with the race fees. I think it would be great to do a Nike Women’s race but there’s no way I can pay a $160 entry fee on top of travel expenses.
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..Ignorance is not blissMy Profile

  28. says

    I love this, put it out there Amanda! I’ve changed A LOT since being a serious runner to being a more recreational runner. I love lululemon for some things but definitely give it the side eye for the prices, and some of the current quality. The first time I had to PAY to race I was shocked. Running in high school and college and racing all the time I never even realizing that coaches had to PAY to get us into some of those events. But now I’ll plop down a good amount of money to run a half, usually because a friend is doing it or I’m already traveling for it anyway. Music has also been a big change for me. I would NEVER have thought I’d start listening to music while I run, we used to get in trouble for even thinking about it. Now I will race with headphones because it helps me get in the zone and motivates me to move faster. It’s somewhat of a crutch, and I’m unsure if I’m willing to give it up. Oh and 100% with you on the multiple marathons, couldn’t even imagine.
    MegG recently posted..In My Twenties Tuesday: I learned grief and support as an adultMy Profile

  29. says

    I agree with almost everything on your list, except for the treadmill running. You know how I love my treadmill. :) I especially agree about the Disney races. Not my thing, at all! I drink Nuun for electrolytes but I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the taste. And I also refuse to pay for a RNR race because of the outrageous cost. #nevergonnahappen :)
    Kate @ Run with Kate recently posted..Sisterhood and Positive ThoughtsMy Profile

  30. says

    Haha I love this! And I agree with you (look who’s talking–an even older curmudgeon) on all but one. I love me a stash belt.
    I think I still have PTRD (that’s post traumatic race disorder) from my first marathon that was so hot they ran out of water. I carried my own and was ok. The circle of trust was broken that day and now I carry enough of everything to feed and hydrate a small platoon for at least a week.
    I do have a sparkly skirt. But only for Girls on the RUn fun.
    Marcia recently posted..Speedloss Detox Day 2My Profile

  31. says

    If there were a way for me to like you even more, this post is it =) HA. I agree with all of them!
    I know it’s frowned upon, but I run with music all the time and feel that I don’t want to change anything on race day.
    I have run NYC before – I love the race – but only b/c it takes me through my hometown. I loathe the crowds.
    But everything else, I say AMEN =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..Yurbuds Inspire for Women ReviewMy Profile

  32. says

    HAAAAA. I’m laughing. I’m your worst nightmare.

    1. I love runDisney.
    2. I love sparkly things, and will be in a sparkly skirt at CIM 😀
    3. I also love Lulu – I don’t love the prices, so my pieces are limited, and almost all were bought on eBay (anything bought in store were on clearance and with a gift card)
    4. I love the treadmill. I love doing loooooong runs on the treadmill.
    5. I like Nuun for my long runs. Gatorade/Powerade for some reason give me cramps.
    6. I like to run a LOT of races. Most of them, I run with friends, and it’s just for fun. But I’m certianly not trying to speed or PR at all of them, so I guess there’s that?
    7. I DON’T like belts, but do love pockets for stashing all the things (hence my love for Lulu shorts :D).
    Heather recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  33. says

    Hi Amanda, I know I am an old curmudgeon also and a little older than you, but looking at your list hmmm

    Paying $150 (or more!) for a half marathon. Nope, no swag in the world is going to get me to that start line.

    Completely agree.

    Running races with 40,000 other people.

    Doesn’t really interest me either, except for one MCM2013, but that is for a very special reason.

    Disney races–yep, I just don’t see the appeal to dress in character or as a “princess” and run a half or full marathon.

    No interest either

    Nuun. I know, it’s the best thing ever, but it’s not for me.

    Never tried, so I don’t know what I am missing 😉

    Running seven or eight marathons (or even one/month) in one year. I’d rather focus on one or two each year and make the most of them.

    One possibly two next year is more than enough for me right now

    Belts for stashing phones, keys, gels, etc. I just don’t want to carry all that much stuff.
    Sparkly skirts. See note on Disney.

    I cary my iPhone because I use it for the GPS App and where I run, I prefer to be able to phone home when I need to. Also if I am not at home it gives me a place to carry my car keys safely :-)

    Headphones at races. Or when running with friends (seen it more than once).

    Don’t use them either, unless running on treadmill

    The appeal of treadmills. I loathe them!

    I prefer running outside, but during the winter, I want to keep up my speedwork, don’t like doing it when it is 20 degrees out, asking too much for an injury.

    Lululemon. I know, I know. They have really cute stuff. I own a piece. But it’s overpriced. Period.


    We have a lot in common, but areas of disagreement. I guess I like my techie gadgets more than you :-)
    Harold recently posted..Do I Run Too Much?My Profile

  34. says

    I agree with you on a few but also love a few things on that list :) I’m obviously not going to try to change your mind though – your reasoning on not liking them are solid.
    I think the reason that some younger people put up with the more expensive races/running clothes is because we aren’t spending money on family stuff yet. I have a pretty solid savings account and can still drop money on some cute Lulu pants/an expensive race without feeling bad. Yes, that’s a little more money I could save but if I want to splurge on something I like that it’s tied to something healthy.
    Carly D. @ CarlyBananas recently posted..Hey Running…I’m Starting to Think We Should See Other PeopleMy Profile

  35. says

    The one running related thing i dont get is that i am going home after work in the dark and there are runners coming toward me by themselfs with no high vis on. STUPID!!!! not into sparkley dresses either. lol. I would agree with most of your list. i probably would pay $150 for a half depending on location etc. a big if though. i certainly am not into fashion running and think absurd to spend a lot of money for something you will sweat in. great post.
    kenley jones recently posted..Turkey Trot and Dancing on Ice!My Profile

  36. says

    Amen x 10!
    I do have to say that I have loved the Disney marathon and Goofy Challenge, although I did not dress up (and many runners do not). The corral system works great at Disney and every detail is taken care of perfectly which I really appreciate. They do a great job for runners of all abilities, whether you dress up or not. :) Nuun – I don’t get it! One of the top ingredients is sorbitol which is a laxative. Not what I want to put into my body before or during a run! And I am so not a treadmill fan, but living here I do have to be appreciative of the option, because there would be no way to get speedwork done on super icy roads. Great minds think a like though! Love this. :)
    Erin Henderson recently posted..BOLDMy Profile

  37. says

    i agree on the $150/outrageous fees, “fanny packs” (let’s face it that’s what they truly are) and lululemon. overpriced and not any cuter than most other brands… i agree for the most part on 40k+ races – but obviously have ran a few big ones here and there.

    i do love the disney goofy challenge though. dressing up isn’t a pre-requisite!
    lindsay recently posted..october 2012My Profile

  38. says

    Oh wow, we’re so alike! I don’t own a sparkly skirt or belt/pouch thing, NEVER run with headphones (like to be in touch with my surroundings), and I detest the dreadmill! But I did run Disney Marathon in 2006 and I have to admit it was a LOT of fun. I didn’t run in costume; I did get a BQ. :) And those expensive races – we stand together!!!
    Alison @ racingtales recently posted..A Tale of Two Races: #CUCB and #NWMDCMy Profile

  39. says

    I’m with you on pretty much everything. I don’t have a problem with any of that stuff, most of it just isn’t for me. And who needs a belt when you can stash everything in your sports bra? (OK, most of my friends would probably argue that I DO need a belt. :D).

    I don’t get expensive handhelds when a plain ol’ water bottle works just fine for me.
    Kate recently posted..Skippo 30K trail raceMy Profile

  40. says

    Haha! I love this! For some, I fully agree but I have to disagree on lulu. Yes, some of their stuff is ridiculously expensive. Others, though, I think are comparable to UA, Nike, Athleta, etc. Plus, it just fits me better!

    Nuun – not a fan.
    Disney – meh.

    Treadmill – would rather not but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. It’s better than no run at all! I’m kind of shocked when I learn some people have never run outside. That’s a little bizarre to me. Why would you do that to yourself?
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Kale Protein Smoothie & Chocolate Peppermint BallsMy Profile

  41. says

    Ha! I’m with you in everything but the races with 40,000 people. I’m a ham for those, live to be surrounded by 39,999 people that share my same love for running.

    Running used to be uncool back when I started and its hard for me to catch up and keep up with the trends. But that’s just how I like it 😉
    Britt @ Chicago Rinner Girl recently posted..just for laughsMy Profile

  42. says

    haha I agree with you on almost all of these! Only thing I disagree with are the fuel belts. I’ve never ran with music before, I may try it sometime on a long training run to break up the monotony.

    And main recent thing about running that I don’t totally get are the color runs or mud runs. Maybe because every race I want to set a PR, instead of doing something different.
    Nelly recently posted..Eugene, Stanford-Oregon, 10K race recapMy Profile

  43. says

    I have not seen that trending although I don’t read that many blogs. But I probably wouldn’t read them bc I don’t like posts that list things they don’t like, it just seems negative to me. I think as long as people are doing things that they like, they will be happy and all is good with the world. We will all never like the same things… luckily there is such a variety in running now that can all find things we like!!

    Good luck at CIM!!
    Kristy (@KristyH5) recently posted..Weekly Log & I’m BlankingMy Profile

  44. says

    I agree with your points and even with Lululemon being expensive but I do like the two pairs of shorts that I own.

    Another one I would add to the list are the copy cat races. The latest craze are the color races where colored corn starch is thrown. I’ve seen 3 or 4 new ones pop up this year.

  45. says

    We share common grounds. I’ve always bonded with your blog posts and character, and this list seals the deal. Though I do carry my cell in one of those ifitness belts (to call for help, if I roll an ankle while out on the mtn trails), I’m with ya on everything else on that list.
    Efo recently posted..How To: survive a long road tripMy Profile

  46. says

    I love this post! I have also been a runner for a long time (over 20 years) and I would definitely call myself “old school.” I am just learning of all the new trends, gadgets, strategies, etc.

    Race fees are ridiculous, especially since they used to be $5-10. Treadmills are the worst, even for 15 minutes. Racing with iPods is dangerous (I’ve experienced this in a race that I serve on the planning committee). Running with belts, or even a water system, is just not my thing. I run for enjoyment because it is an outlet from the outside world. I don’t do marathons, so I can’t comment on that…and dressing up as a princess isn’t something I would do either. Finally, I may be the only one in the running world who is yet to try Nuun.

    Thanks for this post..t made me chuckle! :)
    Tracy @ The Runners Palate recently posted..Quick Meals to Make in a JiffyMy Profile

  47. says

    I agree 100% on all but 2 on the list. One of the two I’m emphatically in opposite camps(headphones-I love music the latter part of a long run). The second is a take it or leave it for me(lulu pants are hands down THE best but I already own a few pair so I don’t need anymore). I mean running tights are usually $50-$80 and Lulu’s hover around $80-$100, although I got mine on sale for $59 and they rock.
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..Pulling the PlugMy Profile

  48. says

    1. Agree
    2. Some are the exception though… NYCM?
    3. But I would look damn sexy as a princess, right?
    4. I haven’t given it enough of a chance. Tried once or twice. I need to try new flavors.
    5. I’m all about always running. Maybe why I always miss my goal. But I love race day and want it as much as possible.
    6. I find i need them. Keys, phone, Gu.
    7. For some reason skirts also sound fun to run in.
    8. I wear my headphones when I’m alone, race and training, but never with friends.
    9. Agree. Give me a road or trail.
    10. I’m with you on that one. Although, I have never run in any of it. $ scares me.

  49. says

    Haha, so I can somewhat agree with you on this list. I don’t own a single piece of LuLu. Why? I can’t afford it. Even if I could, I can’t justify spending that kind of money on the same thing I can get for less. (That sounds so terrible. I know. It’s just me. I’d rather buy new shoes or a camera lens.) I would love to run Disney one day, despite the cost, because I’d bring my two girls with me. A family vacation type thing. And it’d be fun! But I have never run in a skirt. 40K people per race? Absolutely! The more fabulous runners and goal chasers the better. :) I love the company. Music while running? Depends on my mood…but not while I’m running with a friend. Company is better. And more distracting. # of races? To each his/her own. lol I didn’t do the run streak, either. Nuun? It’s good stuff. But I don’t obsess. :) I found this post great, in that we’re all commenting and finding out who likes what. I never would have guessed on some of these!
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..Just a few little changes here and there.My Profile

  50. says

    This was such a fun post to read. I agree with some and then am opposite on a few as well. I would have to add to your list your hatred for the Garmin. Us newer runners can’t run without one and am jealous of the experienced runners like yourself who can run an evenly paced race with a watch.
    Robin recently posted..Busy Runner + ShowerPill ReviewMy Profile

  51. says

    I’m trying to think what is the most I would pay for a half marathon. That sounds like a lot but I don’t seem to do marathons any more so I might pay that for a special race. I am also finding out that triathlons are rather expensive but I think in general all races near me are much less expensive than near you.
    Don’t love treadmills. Don’t hate them. They make it possible for me to run on days after work when it is too dark and cold outside. I’ll run in anything on the weekend but after a long day at work I don’t have the fortitude to run in the cold and dark.
    Andrea recently posted..I’m Not Giving Up YetMy Profile

  52. says

    ive been running for 20 years now,and i am so “old school”!!!loved it when it only cost $10 to race,$15 if you wanted the t-shirt!
    i agree with most on your list except for the treadmill–with 4 small kiddos,my home TM has been my saving grace when i cant get out the door to the gym or on the trails or with the younger 2 babies in the jogger!
    melissa cunningham recently posted..lessons relearned-harder than a front flip!My Profile

  53. says

    omg. you might just hate me :) i love so many things on your list. lululemon, nuun, more than 2 races a year, gotta use a belt to hold my medicine, headphones and music get my through my race, i love sparkly skirts. i do more than 2 races a year (half marathons, not fulls) to check off states. i love lulu because it fits well, NUUN because of the taste and gatorade hurts my stomach. i did disney for TNT-otherwise, not really sure i would have.

    i don’t get treadmills. or walking a half marathon. that would just take way too long and i’m impatient.
    elizabeth recently posted..What’s Really Going OnMy Profile

  54. says

    I agree with your list except for the running belt that can hold a phone. As a middle aged guy that runs techincal trails alone where I often don’t see anyone else, I like the safety of having a cell phone. It also allows me to take pictures and tweet them while on the trail :-).

    • Emily says

      Try the skirts! I love mine. They actually helped me transition to wearing running shorts because I felt my skirts had more coverage but still freedom. Have always been self-conscious about the way my legs look and love how they look in the skirts.

  55. says

    I’m with you on race entry costs! I can’t believe that IG half costs $95! To run in our backyard! I’m also with you on the headphones and random extra bags and pouches. I started that way 10 years ago, but I just needed to strip the extraneous baggage.

    I do want to be a Disney Princess, but I am also the girl with a tiara on top of her M-dot. And, I am a recovering Nuun addict. :-)
    Sarah @ RunSingTeach recently posted..idyllic runMy Profile

  56. says

    Great post! Although I completely agree with you on 1&2, I allowed myself to get wrangled into the Nike Women’s Half in DC next year. $160 for a half!!! 15,000 runners!!! The exact opposite of what I like in a race. However, I will be running it with friends who wanted to do it as their first half, so if they catch the running bug, its totally worth it (that said, I’m kinda hoping we don’t get drawn in the lottery!)

    I also dislike Nuun. Tried it for 3 months and always got stomach cramps.
    Ama_Runs recently posted..Stone Mill 50 Race ReportMy Profile

  57. says

    You had me laughing with this one!
    I’m so with you on the $150+ for a half marathon – which is why I’m not registering for Nike!
    A Disney race is on my bucket list but you’ll never catch me in a sparkly skirt/tutu or the like!
    I prefer my headphones for races, but never when running with friends (don’t get that)
    Love Lulu’s yoga stuff but agree it’s too pricey!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..November RewindMy Profile

  58. says

    I’m with you on 9 out of the 10. I do wear a belt for my long runs. The whole Disney thing annoys me. Another thing along those lines is any type of ‘animal print’ running skirt. It just strikes me as “cougarish” and desperate – esp when women my age (50+) are wearing them. I sure I’ve offended a ton of people with that comment…but with that said. If wearing a leopard print skirt or running in Disney floats your boat and gets you out there…more power to you!
    brg recently posted..4 phases of a 5k – Turkey Trot 5k race reportMy Profile

  59. says

    Love it! I’m not ok with the sparkly skirts either (though chances are I’m following them on twitter…I spend way too much time there).

    I’m a new runner, so I’m ok with a lot of it! I don’t like camelbaks in a 10km. I hate seeing such an over-emphasis on eating the right foods. I’m guilty this one. But really, no-one needs to carb-load for a 5km training run :-)
    Kate recently posted..Will run for cookies and group sexMy Profile

  60. says

    Actually agree with most of these points… except sparkly skirts. They add a touch of fun to my races that not intended to be PRs. They help me lighten the mood and not ‘race’ it. I have run a big a$$ R&R (but I got it free) and Disney race only to learn I dislike them. a lot.
    Run with Jess recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  61. says

    I totally agree with you on this one! I tried Nuun and thought it was OK, I like the lemon-lime one, but probably because it tastes like Gatorade. Ha. I will never run in a sparkly skirt or dress up. I just want to run. So I run cheap, local races that cost less and don’t require a flight and a hotel room. Lululemon IS overpriced. I buy my gear at target or on sale at TJMaxx. I do now wear a belt to carry my phone, but only to call my husband in an emergency. No music. no headphones. Keep is simple. Keep it pure. Just run.
    Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Holiday Gift GuideMy Profile

  62. says

    Hilarious! I’m so with you. If it wasn’t for my dear friends at Oiselle, the fanciest I’d ever get is “clean”… or at least non-offensive. My sweet friend is a fashion runner – lots of sparkle, lots of girly, princess-y stuff.

    Wouldn’t say we’re curmudgeons, just minimalists – minimal sparkle, minimal junk on your person, minimal fees…nothing wrong with that. I’ve actually gotten to the point of weighing entry fee in local races against whether I can negate the cost via placing. Cheap or motivating? Call it what you will.

    Have to disagree on the TM, though. If it wasn’t for my TM, my pre-6am dark runs would be a lot less safe. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s reliable. :)
    Rachelle recently posted..I think I might barf.My Profile

  63. says

    Ha ha, we should totally be friends! I don’t get lulu (have 1 piece as well) or glitter skirts/tutus while RACING. But whatever motivates you, right?

    I prefer an affordable race with a smaller field do I can find my space. But I’ve done the really big ones too!
    That Pink Girl recently posted..So It BeginsMy Profile

  64. says

    I don’t get headphones at all, listening to music, etc., but I’m pretty sure I’m almost entirely alone on that one.

    I don’t get wearing a costume to a race. I think it’s fun and spirited. And I don’t get it.

    I don’t get signing up for a race, not training properly, and ending up hands on knees by the side of the course within two miles. But I do obstacle course races, not marathons, and they are more likely to draw the group of co-workers who got hammered one night and decided it would be fun to do Tough Mudder.
    Jonathan Aluzas recently posted..Workout of the Week: Personal Training For College StudentsMy Profile