California Dreamin’

The last time I raced in California was a half marathon in 2010.

Whew. Well at least a few of you are sticking around to read after I offended half the running world with yesterday’s post. Thank you. And so today’s topic is well, the topic you’re probably sick of by now, my marathon! (cue the clapping and cheering). I’m leaving on a jet plane today for California. Sunday, it appears, I’ll be running in pouring down rain […]

#10 Things I don’t get

As girly as I get for running

If you’re on Twitter (some of us are, ahem, on it quite a bit), you might have noticed that something called #20 things I don’t like has been trending lately. I’m going to put my own little twist on this with 10 things (’cause who wants to read through 20?) I don’t get, the runner’s version. Now please don’t think I am judging you if […]

Looks can be deceiving

Don’t judge a book by its cover. I could go on with these painful cliches, but the fact of the matter is, they’re true. How many times in life have you lined up next to someone at a race, looked him/her over and decided there’s no way he/she can beat you–and he/she does? How many times have you looked at a relationship, admired it for […]

Cyber Monday

Hoping to make it all 26.2

Black Friday. Small-business Saturday. Great deals, yes, but soooo not for me. I loathe going out and shopping with the masses–there is no deal good enough to make it worth the aggravation in my mind. So Cyber Monday fits me to a T. I plan to knock off just about everything on my list today. Cyber Monday for me this year also means I’m less […]

Holiday thinking (and linking)

Great ways to avoid feeling like the Grinch this holiday season

With Thanksgiving upon us and the madness of the holidays now officially in full swing, I’m going to check out for the remainder of the week. But before I do, I want to share with you some of the good things fellow bloggers have going on right now–ways to combine healthy living and in some cases, giving. I encourage you to use these opportunities to […]

What I’ve learned from glycogen depletion runs

Let's sit down and share a cup

I’ve written a few times about my experimentation this training cycle with glycogen depletion (GD) runs to teach my body to tap into fat for fuel. Without having run my marathon yet, the jury is still out on the results. However, I’ve learned plenty new about how much and what type of fueling my body prefers from this trial and error. I think in total, […]

Count to 10…

Here I am, two weeks out from a marathon and just about six weeks left in the year (tell me how that’s possible). As the year draw to a close, I’m hearing all about other runners’ plans for the coming year. Believe me, I’m tossing lots of possibilities around in my head, too. Do I want to run a spring marathon? A 50k? Or maybe […]

School of hard knocks

Yesterday I spent the day (all day) in middle school with my son as part of American Education Week. Have I mentioned that sitting through a day of middle school is exhausting? Yes it is. But fun also, to have a day to see your child’s typical day away from you. I’m thrilled that at 11, my son still likes having me there with him […]

Skora Running shoe review

minimalist running

It’s no secret that I’m, ahem, a bit of an Imelda when it comes to natural running shoes. You name the brand and I’ve probably tried it (note–it’s good to be a blogger!). The latest shoe I was fortunate enough to try is the Form, by Skora Running. I like what Skora is doing with running shoes. Their philosophy:¬†At SKORA, we look at things differently. […]

Pacing is the bomb!

My pacing partner from last fall gave me the go ahead to  join the course run.

The miles are in the bank now for #CIM thanks to yesterday’s 22-miler, 16.3 of which consisted of pacing the 9:00-minute pace group through our running club’s Metric Marathon. And I have to say, I loved pacing! I was fortunate enough to be paired with a great, experienced pacer. So while I did have to pay attention to pace along with him, I let him […]